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Violent Russians

Russian women are some of the most beautiful in the world, especially when they are begging for mercy after being gang-raped by strangers in the street! VIOLENT RUSSIANS features the most violent and extreme Russian rape content ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Thousands of movies, tens of thousands of photos... the sickest content, all in one place. 100% anonymous signup. JOIN NOW.
Violent Russians

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About rape  site:
Usually my stories are a little long. All stories are too long. You have to get through a boring exposition and look for where the action begins.

You want a speedy start? Fine!
I was on my way back from visiting a cyberfriend and it was very late at night. I picked up a random passenger and it happened to be a girl I know from school. She told me she’s back from an anti war demonstration and that really pissed me off because I hate the radical left!
Her name was Erin. Shorter than me, petite, small tits, short light blond hair that is long enough for you to put your fingers through or pull on. Facial features of an elf. Not an ugly little Santa’s elf, but a beautiful, graceful D&D elf. I’ve had a little crush on her at school and never told her.
She wore blue pants, yellow shirt.

Any questions? Good. It went like this:

I detoured into a side road, and stopped at what seemed like… how do I describe it… It was sort of like the bottom of a cliff or a crater. I stopped there before to take a leak. Three natural stone walls and one way out, in which we came from. There was also a small cave to our right.

“What is this place?” She asked.

I was thinking about that scene in Short Cuts” with this guy who tried to lure a younger girl into some bat cave. Only in that case, she went with him willingly. I doubted that would be the scenario tonight.
“Nothing. Wanna see a bat cave?” I asked, looking around at the monotonous view which included just sand and one poor little miserable tree.

“No, Tom.”
“How about taking a leak?”
“I’m fine.”

Come on, I wanna show you something.

I opened my glove compartment, pulled out the tear gas, and sprayed it in her face till she almost lost consciousness. Then I grabbed the laces and started tying them around the girl’s skinny hands, holding her wrists together. She moaned, and I punched her face. She moaned again, blood coming out of her nose. She looked so sexy this way. I felt my adrenaline starting to pump in, my cock turning rock hard, my face turning red with heat. I wanted this girl so much, and for so long. She was one of these girls you think about not because they are the prom queens or head cheerleaders, but because they are the girls next door. Girls anyone can delude himself about being with.
Of course, in high school I never had the guts to do anything. I was just a boy then. Now Erin is gonna taste a real man, when I’ll take a piece of her!

I turned off the lights and got out of the car. I dragged Erin out of the car and started to undress her over the hood. I started by taking off her pants and throwing them aside.

She was starting to come to so I sprayed another dose of gas on her. Then punched her face, then hit her between her legs. Again she moaned and cried. I, however, was laughing.

“You never thought it would be me, did you? You never thought I would be the one who would victimize you.”
I just assume all women think they might be victimized at some point. Erin was a smart girl. She knew the statistics. But who would ever guess it would be the cute little nerd boy?

I grabbed her hair and dragged her towards the cave. By the time she recovered from the second dose of gas she started weeping again.

I laid her down on the entrance to the cave, on sand and rocks, and pulled my pants and underwear down. She opened her eyes in shock as she saw my hard cock.

Be quiet, Erin, and it’ll be over soon.

I took the box cutter out of my pocket and opened it. I put it on her throat.
“No fighting, and you will live through it.”
She looked at me silently and nodded. I was thrilled to discover I’m once again in control. I did not feel in control when I started this. This was not a part of my pattern. I did not hunt for her. She was a victim of opportunity. So unlike me. Then again, being too organized often made me feel like a coward. From Jenna till tonight, I was like a hunter killing farm animals in a controlled environment. But tonight it was different. I was in a jungle, and did not know how to clean up the traces and silent the wounded beast I was about to pork.

I put my hand in my pocket again and took out a condom.
“Do you know what this is?”
She nodded.

“Unwrap it and put it on me. No games. If I so much as think you’re shitting with me I’ll cut your fucking throat.”
“No! Please, don’t kill me!”
“Be a good girl, and I won’t.”

I handed her the condom, and got the box cutter out of her face. She tore the wrapper open with her teeth, and took it out. Then I bowed over her. She put the condom on me carefully with her bound hand. I moved the box cutter on her arm as she was doing so and slowly got it closer to her neck.

“Good girl!” I said as the condom was on me. “And now…”
I lowered the box cutter to her shirt, cutting it from her neck through her chest, in between her tits. I stopped there, observing these small perky tits covered with a pink bra and what was left from the shirt. Then I put the knife on her panties, planning on revealing some more pink.

“Hello!” I said politely as I saw her shaved pussy lips staring at me. She gasped and trembled.
“Don’t worry, Erin. It won’t hurt a bit if you’ll cooperate.” I lied.

I put the knife in front of my face so that both of us would see it. Then I threw it away, behind me. I didn’t want too much in my hand, especially since she was already bound, and already mine, paralyzed with fear.

I opened her legs and started putting my cock in her. I watched her while I was doing it. She had her eyes closed. “Look at me!”

She looked at me as I played with her clitoris. Her eyes told me no, but at the same time told me yes. She was staring into my eyes and gasping at the same time. Again, saying no and yes in the same time just by the sound of her voice, with words unspoken.

I took my hand out and climbed on top of her, grinding my cock head against her lips. I was aroused, and wondered if she felt the same. I grabbed her bound hands and put them behind her head as I got into her. I have wanted to make love to this woman for years, and now I’ll have my chance. If she didn’t feel attracted to me, even before, then she deserved this.

I started pounding inside of her. I felt once again the adrenaline oozing through my porous, and rammed harder. We both looked into each other’s eyes as I did this. Her body shook every time I entered her. We kept looking at each other for what seemed like forever but was probably shorter. It was different. We knew each other before that, and now we were in a situation we never thought we would end up being in. It’s amazing in what circumstances people can find themselves when their ways cross repeatedly.

I’ve raped a lot of women who trusted me, so how come this woman’s look was different?
It was almost like she was accepting me. It never happened to me. Not to this degree.

I kept on fucking her pussy. I could almost feel pain in my cock, and on my cheek…

On my cheek? How the fuck could I have gotten pain on my cheek?
I put two fingers on my cheek and it turned out to be blood. I was wondering how it happened and returned my hand on her neck… Her neck? This hand was the one that was on her wrists. I didn’t put any hand on her neck. So why were my two hands on her neck right now? I don’t remember doing it!

Then I looked at her again, and her eyes were empty. Vague. I got my hands off her neck and saw my finger marks and some blood. The blood was mine, from putting her hand on her neck. I must have held her down as she tried to scratch my face with her nails. I turned her head aside and saw a blood stain on the back of her head, and another one on the rock where it was laid.

I remember her looking at me this way when I first put my cock in her. Is it possible we struggled in between? I now remember holding her throat but I don’t know if I killed her. Did she suffocate, or was it that nasty fracture in the back of the skull? Which happened first?

She looked so fine this way. Her blue eyes more beauti ful than ever. My first urge was to run away, but the second one was to continue fucking her.

As I fucked her I struggled with the laces on her wrists, untying them. I smacked her face. I wanted to punish her for doing it to me. I closed her mouth and started licking her lips. I wanted my tongue to touch these lips so long ago. I kept on pounding in her, licking and kissing her, with her mouth closed the entire time. I just wanted to taste those lips.

I got out of her pussy. There was a little blood there and I realized I was a little too aggressive, although I hardly even felt pain myself. I should have. She should have. But none of us did.

I tipped her over and started fucking her behind, regretting that she couldn’t feel the pain. Then again, if she had stayed alive, I would have came in her pussy. I wanted her to feel me fucking her pussy, cumming in it. Now with her gone, there is no way.

Still, it was fun to fuck a girl knowing she’ll do anything you want. It was like consensual sex, but the woman was willing to do anything. She felt no pain, and she had no choice.
I did not want to kill her. I did not think I would enjoy it, but it was an accident, and I cannot control my primal urge to fuck.

I went on fucking her ass, grabbing that blond hair. Just looking at the hair made me want to cum, but I didn’t. I stayed in there, and continued to fuck her senseless.

I kept looking at the hair, thinking of her smile. Tears were rolling down my eyes as I kept on fucking this beautiful creature. My puppet. I did not know if these were tears of joy or remorse, and I did not give a fuck. I just kept on fucking, opening her ass, demeaning her, making her mine. Then I kissed the back of her neck, slid my tongue to the back of her head and her hair.

I was careful not to lick the bleeding wound, but just the hair. I still had her hair in my mouth as I finally came.


I sat there for a while, unsure of what I should do. I didn’t really grasp what had happened. I kept stroking Erin’s hair, and mumbling bullshit to myself. I was still wondering whether it was the strangulation or the head bashing that killed her. I don’t even remember doing any of this. Is it possible she died out of some kind of allergy or fear? Maybe she was convulsing or something and I just happened to grab her neck and bash her head in when she was already dying.
Oh, crap! I killed her!
“I killed someone... I’m a rapist… I’m a serial rapist who’s sitting next to a dead body… I’m a serial rapist... Erin is dead... She’s dead... I killed someone…”

It was just an accident, but it was a punishment from slipping out of my safe little pattern. I wanted to be an adventurist, and ended up killing someone. I thought a lot about what I should do with her.

Should I leave her here? Should I take her with me? If I leave her here no one would connect me to it, but maybe I’ll forget to clear the body and leave a partial finger print or other clues. If I take her with me and get pulled over for speeding I’m dead.

Oh, crap… I picked her gentle little body up, and put her in the trunk. As I shut it close I thought of the first time. The time when I sealed Jenna up in a big wooden trunk.

As I walked to my car I started humming music from “Steal This Movie” and “Buffalo Soldiers”. I got into my car, closed the door, and started crying.
The night with Erin was one of the most arousing experiences I have ever had. And you will always wonder whether or not this story is true or bullshit.

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