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Violent Pleasures
This site contains extreme movies and pictures of girls getting forced in dirty sexual acts. This is the most brutal forced fantasy site on the internet!



Violent pleasures
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short story:
The time was planned for months. We need to coordinate our two busy schedules so that we get the most of our free time. And, for three years now, we've been able to 'keep the spice' in our relationship by going on 'love trips'.

Basically, 'love trips' are just an excuse to have sex two or three times a day in different locations no closer than a mile apart. Only one time per day can be in total privacy, and only the 'completed' times count. This presents some fairly formidable obstacles and we are bonded by team problem solving.

Anyway, this year was to be along the central coast because the valley was sweltering under triple digit heat. So, lightly packed (not much more than overnight bags and some changes of clothing), we headed west on I-80 and towards adventure.

I was driving the slightly restored El Camino past a lot of nothing when he said, "Quick! Take the next exit and hang a right!"

The idea is to just 'go for it', so I made the exit and he said, "The Wooze".

I started to laugh because this was completely ridiculous; there was no way we could escape getting caught doing something inside a large public maze in the middle of the day! There were scores of cars in the lot and I heard the sounds of kids from somewhere. (We had a rule that no kids were to see any sex act but that didn't mean that we couldn't try to finish prior to getting caught!) I did my best to discourage him but he'd have none of it, so we bought our tickets and went to the starting gate.

There was a time clock for validating your start time and you could win free tries through the maze if you finished quickly enough. We both read this and smiled thinking we were probably not going to 'finish' or finish soon enough! But, we punched the clock anyway and ran into the maze.

We were soon lost and started trying to find the way out until we realized that lost was the point! Quickly 'learning' a couple of switchbacks, which were meant to frustrate and delay participants, these provided the best locales for moments out of sight. They also provided a little warning; when someone approached, we'd hear footsteps on two sides of the cul-de-sac prior to someone blundering into us and a dead end.

In the switchback of choice, I took the initiative and offered to 'give' first. He was so excited; I figured I could get him satisfied easily and quickly before disaster struck. I gave him me best 'come hither' and he stood with his back to a wall and unzipped his 505's. Since he never wears underwear, I knelt and had him in my mouth, and, in seconds, I was stroking the shaft and licking the head of his fully erect cock. We heard footsteps approaching just once (and, then, we pretended to have run into the dead end just prior to the newcomer and whoever it was bought it and avoided the wasted time of making the wrong last turn, too.) I was nowhere near the deep sucking part that loves best when he grabbed my hair and shoved his cumming cock down my throat. Then I remembered why I hate to get him off orally the first time; I usually masturbate him before giving him head because he cums so damned much the first time! But, this time, I'd forgotten and he was pumping my face as he spurted alternately down my throat and onto the roof of my mouth. I braced myself by grasping his legs and he finished with his usual deep, final thrust and cum, forcing my face tightly over him.

He's completely docile after cumming so I closed his pants and guided him out of the cul-de-sac and into more of the maze. As he recovered, he guessed at a possible pattern and led us rapidly through the rest of the maze. When we clocked out, we still had 8 minutes left before our free repeat trip eligibility would expire!

Back in the car, we talked about 'the rush' of what we'd just done and agreed that it was a great start.

We didn't stop again until we reached San Francisco. The weather here was still very warm, but there had been clouds forming at an alarming rate in the Coastal Range. The thunderstorm caught us in the heart of The City and we were just cruising around when I saw a parking space and pulled in.

"Grab the overcoat and put it on", I said as we stopped. He got it from the back seat and we exited the car into a drenching torrent. I guided him to the covered doorway of an abandoned shop and told him to back against the glass door. I opened his overcoat and backed into his embrace as he wrapped the coat around both of us. When we were covered, I opened my pants, pulled them and my underwear down, and rubbed my hips against his rapidly growing cock. This time, he opened his own pants and slowly, gently rubbed his stiff dick against my hips, my butt, and, finally, my ass. With the patience born of 'the second cum', he slowly forced the head of his cock into my anus. It always hurts the first few moments, but I get so excited I almost always push back and impale myself on his stiff prick. Today was no exception and he very slowly but deeply fucked my ass, while people walked by, barely noticing our presence through the veil of rain. I was almost getting off myself when a drunken old man stumbled up to us and started to ask for spare change. I hadn't realized how close to cumming my lover was and, as I started to ask the old man to leave us alone, cum was pumped forcefully up my ass! Wave after wave was pushed up and into me. I must have had the most incredible look on my face because the drunk's eyes grew wide with recognition and he almost ran down the street! I tensed to laugh and was rewarded with an almost gut-wrenching orgasm. We held each other for support until we were able to move again, and then he eased himself out of me and I discreetly reset my clothing while he did the same for his. In a few minutes, the clearing sky left nothing but the drenched streets and an almost clean tang in the air. We kissed quickly and returned to the car to continue our insanity.

A short drive brought us to a good restaurant with reasonably priced food along the shoreline. With gulls piercing the quiet with cries for... whatever they squawk for, we climbed the two dozen steps to the ornate double doors of the establishment. As is often the case in the bay area, the patrons were dressed in all manners: there were couples in shorts and t-shirts; elderly folks in formal wear; and lots of people like us, just casually dressed tourists. 'Frisco, being the tolerant and forgiving place it is, accepted us 'as is'.

We were seated in a small alcove of the dining area, not too near the gentry, in all their finest, but not far enough away to raise suspicions of preferential treatment. The high lighting of the room was courtesy the complete wall picture window, allowing no need for artificial light from the numerous chandeliers of falling crystal. There was a long, curved bar at one end of the room and doors leading to the wait stations, kitchen, and restrooms at the other. Each table was covered with a large white linen tablecloth, draping nearly to the floor.

Seated across from each other, we perused the ample menu and decided upon steaks, shrimp and scallops. While waiting for our salads, good old 'Mr. Horny' raised a sly brow and confided,

"You know, I've never done it in a full restaurant before."

"And you won't today, either, you fool!"

"Aw, come on! There's nobody within 15 feet, there are enough people to cover the noise, we blend in well, and the tablecloth will make it impossible for anybody to see anything."

"I am hungry! What is it with you?"

"You know we need more bonding to build a strong relationship," he said.

Despite myself, I had to laugh. Those late-teen hormones of his were doing their job on me, and I couldn't really blame him for trying.

"Just let me get something to eat first, in case you get us in trouble," I begged.

His grin seemed to say, ‘o.k.’ but we barely finished salads when he 'dropped' his fork.

"No, damnit!" I hissed. "You will get caught, we will get arrested, and I will still be hungry!"

"I won't be, though!" And, with that, he slipped unobtrusively under the table. Resigned to fate, I waited while he quietly slithered around the table's large, round central pillar. He was actually trying to be discreet as he unzipped my pants, gently fondling me to arousal. Our waiter returned to remove the salad dishes and I gathered them (and one salad fork...) for him. If he noticed I was now alone, he didn't mention it.

The mood in the room was calm, with the usual background noise, nobody was watching me (us?) and he did it: the stupid little kid wrapped his mouth around my eagerly awaiting penis and damn near froze me to death! He must have slipped a handful (mouthful?) of ice under the table with him. (I remembered the high school experiment where the class watches a teacher heat a fork until it's glowing red hot while one student stands with his back to the teacher and an arm behind his back. The class erupts in laughter as a piece of ice 'burns' the student's hidden, unseen arm and he screams.) Well, I'll be damned if it didn't work here and now! It was just a short little yell, and, I did cover my mouth, but the room became totally silent. Our waiter rushed to our table out of grave concern for my health just as 'lover-boy' pops up (on his side again) and exclaims,

"So that's where my fork was!"

Utterly mortified, I managed to get myself back in my pants, then say the only thing I could think of,

"Check, please."

We didn't speak for a long time as I drove angrily through the streets of San Francisco. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him trying to apologize, trying not to laugh, doing everything in his power to try to cool me down. I finally pulled into a vacant lot, stopped the car, and tried to beat the shit out of him. At 6'5" and outweighing me by nearly 50 lbs., he easily fended me off, even took a few of my blows just to let me feel good. And, all too soon, he did have me feeling good again. "You stupid jerk! We were lucky to get out of there without a police 'escort'!"

"I have a surprise for you, Danny. Let’s go back to the beach, near the park."

I wanted to scream but, as usual, I was charmed into submission.

We walked along the beach until dark, picking up pieces of shells and seaweed. The beach began to clear of other people after dark and he led me to a place near an old pier. And, there, he made love to me. I have been with exactly two men in my life but I could swear he has got to be one of the best lovers in the world!

Afterwards, he said, "Now, Danny, for your surprise..."

What he meant was clear even before I felt the hands forcing me face down, my arms apart; my head held down and turned to the side in the soft, damp sand; my legs pulled apart and the prying at my hips. I started to yell (for help? for gentleness? come and get it?) but a large, heavy body lay across my head and plowed a fully erect penis into my mouth. I groaned in spite of myself as a tongue went into my anus. With hands holding me spread-eagle, chest down on the sand, and allowing me no movement whatsoever, I endured the rhythmic thrusting into my mouth until, suddenly withdrawing, he cums all over my face and head. Immediately, hands in my hair position my mouth and face for another man. The sand cushions the intensity of the pounding into my mouth but I feel the tongue withdrawn from my ass, only to be replaced by the overwhelming intrusion of a cock shoved deeply into me. Harder and deeper than anything I ever imagined possible, I am raped with the joint rhythm of two men. Hands on my penis, stroking me capriciously. Hands grabbing my hips, holding me firmly in place for the constant, violent, deep thrusting between them. And, again, my mouth is freed only to have my lips and mouth bathed in cum again. My ass is suddenly emptied and I see the withdrawn penis positioned to cum on the side of my face; instead, it plunges into my mouth and gags me with even more cum. Fingers prying my hips apart, just long enough for the next rape to begin. And, as soon as that one ends, another slides into me, this one so much bigger than the last that I can’t even scream. One and one someone pounds me, pulling my ass cheeks apart and grinding down into my bowels. This guy leans forward and lays on top of me, licking my ear and biting my neck but never slacking the horrendous rhythm he’s maintaining up my butt. He kisses my cum spattered lips and laughs as someone crams another stiff prick into my mouth. This one is so hard and long that I start to gag when it hits the back of my throat. It’s pulled back and a grab a breathe filled with the scent of sweat and urine. Two more hands are added to my face and my head is held in a viselike grip. Then as the man up my ass laughs and merrily fucks away, and guy in my mouth leans into me, spearing my face with his thick prick and ramming it all the way past my teeth and tongue and into my throat! I can’t breathe at all as the man mashes his rough pubic hair into my nose and fucks my head like a whore’s cunt: violently and lustfully. Just as I start to pass out I feel the rhythm in my ass starting to change and the cock impaling me begins to thicken impossibly! Now, that hard fucking has become the stuff of nightmares – tearing my tissue around my gang raped ass, grinding my hips apart and spearing so far inside me that I know I’m going to retain it’s cum for weeks! As the sweat begins to build between us, and the black spots dance before my eyes (blocking the true vision of a stranger’s belly and cock raping my face), my throat is suddenly coated with a steady stream of jizz. Now with my hair being pulled forward, my throat is cleared long enough for it to be pounded over and over as the cock continues to pump load after load after load of thick cum into me, coating my tongue and teeth, splashing off the roof of my mouth. Finally the cock is withdrawn, held to my closed lips and stroked almost lovingly. The man up my butt laughs and slips his tongue along my cum splattered face as the cock in my face erupts one last time. This time it goes up my nose, covers my mouth and cheeks and drenches the rest of my face. And the ass raping goes from rough to brutal with guys holding my entire body down into the sand. In and out of my ass the cock flies, now completely lubricated with the rapists’ pre-cum and my loosening bowels. He begins to grunt and moan and finally digs his cock so deeply into me that I know he’s going to rip me apart, kissing my cummy face and shouting, “Take it! Take my cum, Danny! Take it, you fucking bitch!” And the cumming starts with a torrent of jizz flooding my ass like an enema. The rapist pounds with complete abandon, crying out as he presses more and more of his cum into my swollen asshole. I am screaming as well but my ass is clutching his penis, trying to stop it’s furious friction but succeeding in only milking more and more of the cum into my ass. Trying to stop tightening up, I realize that I am actually working to goad him on, pushing my ass into his thrusts and opening widely to accept is liquid gift.
Finally he pounds down a final time and pulls back on my hair as he digs as far into my asshole as he can, spewing the last of his cum all the way into my belly. The guys all make appreciative sounds, showing that they, too, have never witnessed a fucking like the one I just got. And with a sudden plop, the half-stiff cock is pulled quickly from my ass and shoved into my mouth. Again gagging on the vileness, I am forced to suck it clean. I concentrate on the task, circling the head carefully to get all the mess from any and all the folds of skin. My concentration is so complete that I hardly notice the next cock entering my ass and fucking my cummy shitshoot. I am sucking and licking and swallowing as my ass is washed with cum once again and emptied but immediately replaced by another stiff cock. This one cums in me almost at once. It is replaced by another, then another, and another. Each leaves his cum buried in m y ass.

I am turned onto my back, my knees are lifted nearly to my shoulders, and I look up to see my lover. He is smiling down at me while he takes my penis in his hand and very gently pushes himself into me, saying, “I love you, Danny”. I couldn't believe that I was getting an erection and shouted into the hand covering my mouth as I came, spurting my wad all over my own chest and neck while two different guys bit my nipples. Somewhere, sometime during my lover’s familiar motion, with the care and love in his eyes, I made the transition. I still don't know when (or even why). But the firm hands holding me down became assisting hands, making all movements complimentary and effortless. And the raping ended as I became a willing slut, begging for more cock, more cum, and yet more cock – loving each and every single thrust into my now-willing body.

A bottle of wine was passed around and I was passed around, giving as freely as humanly possible.

-*- -*- -*-

I awoke alone ('No!') on the sand under the lightening sky. He was walking towards me, just strolling barefoot in the sand. When he was close enough to hear me, I simply asked,


"Danny, you left your journal out by the bed. I know you did it so that I would know what you needed, what you wanted. I don't want to give you up and you'd written..."

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, you fool! I don't even have a journal! You read the drafts from some short stories I was writing for The Free Rape Stories Board!"

The look of utter cluelessness on his face got me laughing until I cried. He continued to patiently sit there, in all his foolish, teenage innocence and proud sensuality and say,

"Hey! If we hurry, we can be the first people in the Wooze today and we've got free tickets!"

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