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Violent Comix

This is the only site featuring ALL the works of legendary porn artist GARY ROBERTS, completely with his permission! Gary is the KING. The sickest. The granddaddy of rape fantasy comics and if you aren’t familiar with his work, you will soon discover why he is as revered as he is. There are hundreds of animations within… cartoons that are so sick and violent that you will not believe your eyes. Gary is no longer a public figure, and once you see what he has come up with, you will understand why!
Violent comix

Sample rape photos:

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Short rape story:
Lisa was in the middle of her boutique's store room when she heard the door chime. She looked at her watch and sighed. It was five minutes until closing which meant she'd be late getting all her work done. That meant she was going to be late starting dinner. Oh well, they would have to lose a bit of their supper time to business.

Not that her husband and kids minded. Business was good, and lateness was accepted.

Lisa did a quick check of herself in the mirror. She was wearing a simple dress that flowed down to her knees. At age 40, Lisa was a 5' 4" big blonde girl--size 20-- with great curves.She had been big all her life so her size never bothered her. She had had her share of men, and, when she undid the top buttons of the dress a little, she knew the clevage showing from her 44d breasts combined with little glimpses of nylon covered leg would be enough to get her husband to sit up and beg. Men were just stupid that way.

Lisa stepped out of the storeroom...and saw no one. She shrugged. Must have left, she thought as she turned the lock in the door. Maybe she would make it in time.

As she walked past the boutique's dressing rooms, a Man slide out behind her, put his hand to her mouth, a knife to her throat and dragged her inside the dressing room.

All Lisa could see was the knife, inches from her face. The Man clamped down hard on her mouth. Lisa tried to squirm free, but the Man pressed the edge of the knife to her throat. Lisa froze.

"That is a good Fuck Toy. If you behave, I won't have to slice you open. Understand?"

Lisa slowly nodded, very aware of the knife on her throat.

"Good." The Man released his hand from Lisa's mouth, and grabbed her hair. Lisa yelped in pain.

"What is you name, Fuck Toy?"

"Lisa...please don't hurt me...I have money..."

The Man struck Lisa in the temple with the knife handle. She staggered, her vision going black for a moment. Intense pain from the blow followed.

"I don't want your money. I want you, Lisa Fuck Toy. I am going to make you my Rape Victim. Now if you want to live through it, you better start obeying me. Do you want to live Fuck Toy?"

"Yes...", whispered Lisa.

The Man shook Lisa's head.


"I WANT TO LIVE," shouted Lisa, tears now flowing freely.

"Good, now put your hands on your head and stay very still."

Lisa obeyed. The Man ran his hands over her breasts, pinching her nipples cruely through her dress and bra. Lisa cried out.

The Man placed the knife against her right breast.

"Stay still, Fuck Toy."

Lisa gulped and forced her body to stillness. The Man kneeled before her and pulled up her dress. His finger slid between her thighs.

"Spread those big thighs, Fuck Toy."

Lisa shifted her feet to obey. The Man reached up, grabbed the waist band of her pantyhose, and yanked them--with her panties-- to her knees. Lisa began to sob.

The Man placed his mouth on Lisa's clit and began to suck. Even though she was revolted by his touch, her body began to respond to the Man. A gasp left her mouth as he slowly shoved a finger inside her. She began to get wet.

The Man pumped his finger in and out of Lisa's pussy as he sucked her. Lisa fought and fought...

"Oh God...stop..I'm CUMMING...NOOOO!"

The Man grabbed Lisa's ass and pulled her closer so he can taste Lisa's wetness as she came. He loved making his Fuck Toys cum. Made their rape so much sweeter.

The shame hit Lisa and she began to weep. She was still weeping as The Man pulled her to the floor off the dressing room, pushed her legs up and back, and rammed his hard cock into her.

The only sound in the dressing room was the grunting of the Man as he raped Lisa, and her sobbing until the Man shot his semen into Lisa. Lisa then let loose a long piercing scream as she felt his dirty seed enter her.

The Man smiled down at Lisa as her scream subsided.

"You are now My Rape Victim, Fuck Toy. You will always be."

The Man stayed on top of Lisa until his cock soften. He rolled off her and slapped her across the face.

"Shut up, Fuck Toy. You are my Rape Victim now. So behave."

Lisa took a deep breathe. That reduced her sobbing to a whimper.

The Man grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

"Strip, Rape Victim."

Lisa stripped off her heels, pantyhose, panties, dress and then her bra. She heard the Man intake of breathe has he admired her body.

The Man step forward and began to suck Lisa's nipples.

"Such a beautiful Rape Victim. I need to enhance your beauty. Sit on the bench."

Lisa sat, body shaking with fear. The Man unbent a couple of wire hangers and bound Lisa's wrists and ankles.

"Stay still. If I see you step out of this dressing room, I will kill you."

The Man stepped out of the dressing room. Lisa was left there, her Rapist's cum leaking out of her, thinking of her family, of the shame she and they would have to live with. The Man was right: she was just his Rape Victim now. Tears flowed down her face.

The Man returned carrying some clothes. He untied her and dropped the clothes into her lap.

"Dress for me Rape Victim."

Lisa untangled the clothes: a red short lace nightie and a pair of red pantyhose. She slid on the hose, and noticed he had cut out the crotch of the hose. She wiggled into the nightie. The Man smiled at her.

"So beautiful. Come here Rape Victim."

Lisa shuffled over to him. The Man walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her neck. His hands cupped her breasts. A hand slid down to her clit. His fingers began to slowly rub her clit.

Lisa tried to pull away, but he held her tight as he rubbed her clit. Lisa stop fighting and gave in. She was his Rape Victim. His Fuck Toy. She pushed her hips up to meet his fingers and came for him a second time.

The Man kissed her cheek.

"That was nice, Rape Victim. Now to complete you. Bend over and put your hands on the bench."

Lisa obeyed. The Man ran his hands over her back and ass. He spread Lisa's ass cheeks and drove his stiff cock into Lisa's anus.

Lisa screamed and screamed as the Man sodomized her. She had never had a man in her "backdoor" and this Man was brutal.

"Yes, scream for me Rape Victim. You are and always wil be my Fuck Toy. Always remember who took your ass."

The Man raped Lisa's big beautiful ass hard and fast. Her screaming added to the intense pleasure this big sexy Fuck Toy was giving him. When he came, it was with a loud scream of triumph that rivaled Lisa's screams of terror and pain.

When the Man's cock soften and slipped out of Lisa's ass, she collasped to the ground. The Man collected Lisa's dress,'hose,bra and heels,then took the unwired hangers and bound her ankles and wrists again. He shoved her panties in her mouth and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you Lisa Fuck Toy. It was a pleasure to make you my Rape Victim."

The Man left a sobbing Lisa on the floor of the dressing room.

Later, at a gas station pay phone, he told the 911 operator where they could find Lisa Fuck Toy. His Sixth Rape Victim.

The Man added Lisa Fuck Toy's clothes to his trophy case...

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