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Violent Asians

Asian women are famous for their beauty, their obedience and their submissive nature. They are the perfect victims! VIOLENT ASIANS features hundreds of hours of DVD-quality Asian rape movies for you to stream or download. Tens of thousands of photos, hundreds of stories, and more. This is GUARANTEED to be the BIGGEST, THE SICKEST... the most EXTREME Asian rape site OF ALL TIME!
Violent Asians

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Short rape story:
Now I had this little high school chick in mind. She was about 5'6" or maybe 5'8' real trim. She had a real tight looking ass, and what looked to be a nice set of jugs. Small but not bad. I watched her going to and from school for about two weeks. I knew all about the little slut and her family. I knew that her parents both worked leaving the little cunt alone for about 1 1/2 hrs. each day. She was an only child so that would make it easier. My plan was simple, get in the house and be there when she got home from school. Subdue her as quickly as I could and take her out to my van. If I got that far I would be home free.

About 2pm on a Tuesday I made my move. I parked my van up the street and walked up to her house with my backpack filled with the stuff I needed to bring her under my control. I quickly went into the side and opened the gate to the backyard. So far so good. I found the sliding door and quickly jimmied it open. I was in. I soon found her bedroom. It was all pink and with lots stuffed animals everywhere. It was kind of fun digging around and snupin in her dowers. I chuckled to myself as I thought how I would soon be pulling the pretty things dowers off her. I got my stuff ready handcuffs, tape, cloth bag and my ether. I was ready... come home my little toy. The wait was not long. I heard the front door open and close. I backed into her closet and hid and waited.

The wait went on forever. I got real impatient. Where was that bitch? I thought about going looking for her. Maybe she was watching TV or Something. But then I heard footsteps. They were of my little girls all right, I could tell just by the sound. The bedroom door opened and she walked in. I watched her through a crack in the door

She was in her jeans and her hair was done back in her ponytail. She walked to her dresser. I was breathing really hard and hoped the bitch would undress for me. Instead she just took out a pink comb. Then she walked right towards the closet. Shit, show time I thought, and got ready. She opened the door and reached her hand for something. I saw her little hand grab a skirt, just inches from my arm. My cock was pounding and screaming for action. I moved quickly with a lunge I through her back on her bed. It was so fast that she lost her breath and was stunned. I quickly put the cloth bag over her head and titened the draw strings around her nick. Then the battle began as she got the grasp of what was going on. Her hands and feet were moving all over the place as she screamed and fought to get away. She almost through me right off her and on to the floor.

Dam! she was a fighter. I climbed on her and flipped her onto her stomach and grabbed one arm and slapped the handcuff on the wrist and then the other wrist. I was almost home, now for the fuckin noise. I set on her legs as I pored out a large dose of ether into the rag. Reaching down and pressing hard. I covered her face with the soaked rag. She struggled to free her face so I pressed down on the back of her head. Slowly she began to relax as the effects began to take hold. Now that was better. She was limp as a rag doll now. I took a big breath as I released my hold. Now I was able to think. I got off her and got the electrical tape and quickly wrapped it around her ankles and legs. I then took off the sack from her head. Man! she was lovely. But time was running out I had to move quickly. I got my ball gag and inserted in her mouth and tied it tight. I was done.

I moved quickly now. I pulled a large laundry bag up over her and tied the drawstrings. She was still out cold as I packed her to the front door. Quickly I went back and gathered up all my stuff. Now the tricky part. I had to get her to my van. But I had planed this also. The van was one of these panel type vans. I had slapped a magnetic type sign on each side. It read " Mighty Man Laundry" . My hope was if someone saw me they would be fooled in thinking that I was just picking up these peoples laundry. I went and got my van and backed into the driveway. Opened the back, my hart was racing, what a rush as I went and got her. I moved as fast as I could without running, that would draw attention. It was my day, no one was on the street.

I slid her into the van and slammed the doors. Got in and slowly drove off. I went about a mile and pulled over in an off street. I needed to check on my little plaything. I didn't want to have her die on me. Climbing in the back I could see that she was coming around. I pulled the bag from her upper body to let her breath. She looked up at me with confused and frightened eyes. Hi sweetie, I said. Now just stay still or I'll have to put you back to sleep. She muttered something like, let me go. I grabbed her face and glared down at her. Now bitch if you act up I will hurt you real bad. I squeezed her face hard as tears swelled up in her eyes. Do you understand? she nodded her head yes. Good!

I pulled down the laundry bag to her waist. I just had to see what I had gotten. She stared up at me with fear and anger on her faces as I slide my hand into the open spaces of her buttoned blouse. Then quickly I ripped open the blouse as buttons flue off. I spread open the now ripped garment. She tried to turn away but the restraints were too much. I then backhanded her across the faces. Hold still slut, I demand. She complied with more sobs. I lifted her bra off up to her upper chest. My eyes went wide as two of the loveliest breasts came to my lustful gaze. Even on her back they were standing out from her soft white skin. The nipples were just like another smaller set of breasts on top. God, I thought, she was better then I had hoped for. My dick was rock hard as I squeezed her hard. She whimpered as I pulled on the little nipple. My what tasty tits you have my Little Red Riding Hood, I laughed as I bent down to take one into my greedy mouth.

I was in the process of giving that tit a good going over when I heard voices out side my van. Shit I almost panicked. I put a hand over her mouth to mute any noise that came. She heard them too and tried to buck and fight in an attempt to make enough noise to get their attention. I fell hard on her stopping any future movement.

I whispered in her ear " You better fuckin stop this or I'll do you in. We laid there another minuet as the voices vanished down the street. That was to close, it brought me around to what I was up to. I had to get home, now! I got up and went up to the drivers seat and started the engine and headed off.


My place was about forty minuets away. I had a small house on 10 acres of wooded land. The house was right in middle and not seen from the road at all. I made certain that I obeyed all traffic laws, as it would be stupid to get stopped at that time. I had fixed up my place for these occasions so to speak. I was real proud of all the work I did on it. I had a small cellar, about 25 by 20 feet was the dimensions. In one corner I had built a room about 10 by 12 feet. The walls were of concrete blocks. The door was of metal, the type used as a fire door. I closed the ceiling with 4 by 4 beams and heavy plywood. It would take a body a week to get out. But I never left them alone for more then 24 hours. Also attached was a small bathroom.

I pulled into my drive soon enough. Pulling the van up to the back porch steeps I stopped. I went back to the girl and forced the bag up over her head. She whimpered as I tightened the drawstrings tight. Your home, I chuckled, as I opened the back doors. I slid her out and slung her up over my shoulders.

Up the back stairs and down to the cellar. I dropped her on a mattress in the corner. I pulled the large canvas bag down and off her. She laid there trembling. Relax sweetie, I said, your going to be ok if you be real good and please me. By the way I'm to be called " Master" , OK? And with that I left her and closed and locked the door. I went outside and took the signs off the van and cleaned up the inside. That was when I realized how tired I was. The whole experience had really drained me good. So I went in and hit the sack.

The Clashing

I awoke about two hours later and got up and fixed some food us. I couldn't let my little play thing starve now could I. Now for some fun, I thought as I opened the door to the cellar room. I flicked on the light and went over to were she was laying. She had rolled onto her side. I noticed red welts on her wrists where the cuffs had dug into her skin. So you were trying to get louse a? I said as I forcefully rolled her onto her back. She looked up at me with pleading eyes. I on the other hand looked down at her with pure lust.

I set her up, and took the ball gag from her mouth. " Please let me go plaeee.."

I cut it of with a hard whack to her face with the back of my hand. " SHUT UP! slut" I shouted. " Now listen to me young lady, I started. You can be a good obedient little girl and be treated nice most of the time" I chuckled under my breath, or, I grabbed her silky black hair, " You can be stupid and resist." But, I pulled her head back so she stared start up at me, " I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A PAINFUL HELL," I shouted. " Got that?"

She was crying now and did not answer. " GOT THAT," I demanded a answer.

Ya.....yes. " NO" I shouted, say " YES MY MASTER." I slapped her again but not as hard this time. I figured I had her attention after the first one. " Yes my master" she reluctantly replied. " Good girl, now lets get some food down you."

I hand fed her. At first, she was reluctant to except the food, but after another slap and the taste of my cooking, which is not bad if I say so, she ate the entire portion. I then removed the wrapping of tape from her legs. Now lets get you into the bath room. Its about time to relieve yourself. I helped her up and walked her to the adjoining small room. Her legs were wobbly at first but we made it. I stood her over the toilet and undid her jeans and slid them down to her feet. I did the same to her panties. Now she was truly exposed to me. I set her slowly onto the toilet and touched her cheek with my hand. Now my sweet, Go and do it all, I'll be just outside the door so don't be stupid and try something.

I went back into the bed room and got some rope out from the chest in one of the corners of the outer room. I strung it into a metal eyelet screwed into the sealing. On one end I fastened a leather dog collar. I then went back to her in the bath.

" Well are you finished" I asked.

She nodded, " yes" " WHAT" I shouted and lifted my hand as if to strike her.... " YES MY MASTER" she said loudly.

I pulled off her jeans and panties, you wont be needing these for a while. I told her to stand up and turn around. She complied and I bent her over the toilet and wiped her fine ass clean of shit. Then I told her to stand their as I went and got the rope and brought it to the bath room as it was over 20 feet long. I proceeded to put the collar around her nick when she decided to fight back with a kick at me.

" BITCH," I shouted and knocked her feet out from under her. She hit the floor hard. I straddled her and slapped her hard about the head several times. " So you want to fight AH? I'll show you CUNT," as I forced the collar around her nick.

She was in tears now but I was pissed so didn't care. After I got the collar on good I went into the other room and pulled hard on the rope. Get your ass in here slut I demanded. She fell over and the collar tightened hard around her neck choking her. I shouted again " COME ON SLAVE GET UP AND GET IN HERE."

She struggled to get up but with her hands still cuffed behind her she was unable too. I went back and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her knees. Now slut, get in there. I went back to the rope and started pulling again. She started to come over to me on her knees. What a sight, this young sweet cunt coming over to me all necked except for the open blouse and bra still clinging to her. I pulled another hard yank and she fell forward at my feet. I straddled her and grabbed her hair again and pulled her head up. Now my little fighter, you will learn your first lesson. I pulled her up to her knees again. With that I pulled on the rope, on your feet bitch I told her. She slowly got up. I pulled the rope tight until she was almost standing on her tipi toes. I then tighten it off. Their she was stretched up so she had no ability to move without strangling herself. I went behind her and whispered into her ear I ought to leave you this way all night and if you survive it would depend on you legs holding up. I licked her nick. Do you think you can stand up all night, and started to leave the room when she pleaded GOD please don't master, pleeeees God please help me. I smiled she called me master, a good start I thought. But I didn't let her know, I was going to let her stew that way for a short time.

I came back with a bottle of whiskey and a pair of scissors. I had left her their for about 15 minutes. I went over to her, how you doing, I asked. She started to cry again, let me down master please, ho god please MASTER. No not yet, my sweet little slave. I took a swig out of the battle and forced a big swig down her throat to. Now lets see about getting off the rest of this dam clothing off. I cut the bra and blouse up so they fell off her. Now that's better I said.

I stood back and admired my prize. She was whimpering and pleading with her eyes. You wont down I asked? Yes master please let me down. Not yet here drink some more, as I pored some whiskey down her again. I to had some and was now getting good and high. I rubbed my hands all over her necked body. Her breast stood out so fine, her ass was so firm and her belly so white soft I was in heaven. I squeezed each breast and watched her face wince as I pinched the nipples hard. Here finish this off I told her as I pored the last big swig in to her. she had to be feeling pretty good by now, I thought.

I was behind her then with my hands moving up and down her front side. So soft she was. So ready for what was to come was I. I slid my hand down to her pusy and rubber a finger along the gash. She slightly tried to pull away but I whispered " hold still or you will get hurt, understand?" . She mumbled a yes Master. Good I said as I continued to prod at her young love hole. I was so hot that I had to stop my finger action and I went out for a breather. I got totally naked. I went over to the chest and dug into it. I was looking for my strap on dildo vibrator. It was a 6 inched. I found It and tested it, it was working fine. I stepped back into the room and walked around her. She was startled to see me naked. She was mostly focused on my big 8 inched that was standing straight out. I noticed her stair and said " like what you see?" I came up to her and rubbed it on her. My love juices made her skin glassine. I stepped back and took my tool in my hand and pointed it at her. You want this ? Come on say it slut, SAY IT!! She whimpered a not so convincing yes. Yes what? I demanded, yes my master. Soon enough my sweet little slave I told her.

Now I went up to her, I'm going to loosen the rope but only if you promise to be a good obedient slut. I promise master, she said. You promise, what I asked, to obey master she stated. Good I touched her on the face.

I went and untied the rope and let it drop to the floor. She fell with it and set their head bowed and began crying again. I came over to her and set in front of her. I pulled her chin up. Its better to be good then bad now isn't it? I said to her. Yes master OH master please don't hurt me anymore. I wiped the tears from her face. I wont if you obey me. I will master, I will she assured me. Good I said. Then I helped her to the bed. I untied the rope. and replaced it with a chain about fore feet long which was anchored to the floor.

" Now about those cuffs, do you want them off too? She looked at me with pleading eyes. Please, yes please master. This slut was learning fast. Ok thin, I replied, but if you get stupid again it will be harder on you, GET IT. She nodded a yes. I went and got the key and undid the cuffs. She rubbed her swollen wrists. I got some ointment and put it on them for her. She thanked me.

Ok lets finish this for the night. Lay back I demanded and spread you legs wide. She complied without a protest. I finally had my first good look at her open pussy. What a grand site, so pink it was. It almost maid me want to clime between those out stretched leg and drive my picker in to the hilt. But I contained myself.

Now young lady, I started, play with your tits. She looked at me with a I don't want to stair. I started to get up and that was all she needed to comply. She reached down and cupped both tits with her hands. That's my good little slave, I said. Now squeeze your nipples . She complied. Ya, that's it pull on them. She pinched them with her fingers and pulled on them. Harder dam it, I demanded. Or do you want me to do it. With that she put a grate deal more effort in it. I watched her for a couple of minutes. It was a real turn on to see her working those fine breasts into a hard pair of peaks.

Now sweetie, reach down with one hand and play with your pusy. Her right hand went to the gash between her legs. she began to rub up and down the pusy lips. The way she did I could tell that she was will trained in self masturbation. You like to do it to yourself don't you I smiled. She nodded a yes. Say it I told her. YES! she shouted. yes what? was my reply. yes master, was her more timed response. Go on keep it up. I watched for another few minuets as she worked over her titts and pusy. I sensed that her efforts were starting to take a effect on her. Her eyes were shut but her mouth was slightly open and her breathing was quickening. Dam, she was getting hot. She was also putting a finger in side of her and without my commanding her to do it. Yep, she was a horny little bitch.

Now I went over to her and placed my face between her soft legs. I started to lick up and down the crack. her finger came out and I grabbed her hand and suck on the digit to turn her on more. She sighed, and moved her hand up to her breast again. I went back to work on her clit. My tong moved more rapidly now. Darting in and out of her open pusy. I got some pubic hair in my mouth and spit it out. This shits got to come off, I thought. Tomorrow first thing. I continued for some time and she was well on the way to a good old fashioned orgasm. She moved her hips up and down and from side to side to meet my tong. Oh, God?, what... No.... she mumbled in a soft voice. Ho..... Ho and she arched her back and reached down and pressed my head hard to her. Jack Pot, thought. And I tasted a river of her juices. God it was grate. I looked up at her from between her legs. Boy you did a big one I told her. She almost smiled at me. but I wasn't finished with her yet. Now for the dildo.

I took it and turned it on low and started by rubbing it on her belly just above her pubic hair. I went down on her again as I made slow circles on her tummy. This went on for some time. Until I felt her tense up again. I then moved the dildo to her clit. She really jumped then. That's it slut, you like it HA? She moaned HO.... yes, yes I do my master. Good, I said, as I slid it into her now very wet cunt. She arched as a shock wave went through her young body. I turned it up to half way. Now she began to squirm on the bed. I pulled the straps under her and fastened it like a baby's diaper. She now had the thing into her all the way. I reached down and turned it to high. She went wild and started to buck hard. She also started screaming. STOP...STT..OP PLEeEEEee STOP!! she went on. I got my belt and tied it round her knees. This way it applied more pressure on her. She was in real straits now. O God!.... PLEEasEEEe.. stop MA. Master please, she went on. No my little slave slut I replayed, you are going to take it and even more I sneered.

I got up and climbed on to her, I straddled her chest. Now slut its my turn to cum. I pointed my dick at her face. Take my dick and stork it. She hesitated, But a good slap did the trick. Her hands went to work sliding up and down my shaft. Too fast, I ordered slow down. I want to make this last. She complied, and I looked down at her, her eyes were tightly shut. Hay bitch, look at what you are doing. Open your eyes and I mean NOW! I demanded. Her eyes popped open and she starred at my prick as she slowly pumped with her hands. Ok now that's better, now pickup the pace, not to fast. Her hand slid easily now as my precum was all over it and her hands. The feeling was so good. I was in a heavenly bliss. Ya, that's it baby, make your master cum I stated. It was not long for this action to take it's toll, I was about to explode.

Now faster, slut do it. She stroked now at a fast pace. AAAa... I started Ga..OD.. man it felt so good. What a fantastic dream. This little girl was going to knock my rocks off. Shiii..t I slammed my first wad right across her face. then another, She tried to turn her head to avoid it. Hold your Dam! head still or I'll beat the living shit out of you, I shouted. with that she turned her head back just in time for my last big shot to hit her. Ya, you look so wonderful with my juices all over you. I had shot my load all over her face and up into her jet black heir. I then leaned down and rubbed my big picker around her face. The last of my cum oozed out onto her face. I reached down and scraped up some from off her cheek with my finger and put it to her lips. Open up I demand. She refused. OPEN YOUR FUCKING LIPS I shouted. She parted her lips and I put my finger into her mouth. suck It! she started to suck on my finger. That's better I told her. Not so bad is it. she nodded a no as my finger slid out to get some more. I did this until I had most of my wad cleaned off her face. You have been a pretty go girl, I told her as I stroked her face. I guess that's enough for today. I climbed off her and turned the dildo down to low. I went and got a set of leather cuffs and turned her over and pulled her hand behind her putting them on. I made sure that they were good and tight. I then went and got a blanket and put it over her. Have a good sleep sweetie. We have lots to do tomorrow. I turned out the lights closed and locked the door. I climbed the stairs very satisfied with the way the day had gone.

Lets Get This Strait

I went and set a wile watching some TV. At 10p.m. I checked the news, I wanted to see if there was anything about my abduction. I was disappointed, nothing. I went to bed.

I got up around 7:30ish and puttered around for a short wile. I then went into my bedroom closet witch was directly above the small room in my basement. I had drilled a small hole in the floor and placed a pep hole devise in it. it was situated so I could see most of the room below. I also had a light switch and in intercom installed. I never went into the room without checking what was up, so to speak. Flipping the light on I peered into the room below. Yep, just as I expected she was a resourceful little girl. She was not on the matters and I couldn't see her at all. My guess was she was in the small restroom. I turned on the intercom. Ok my pet I know your loose. What a bad little girl you are I snickered. Now get your ass back on the mattress. No movement. Did you hear me. GET THAT ASS OF YOURS ON THE MATTRESS NOW. Still nothing, one last time, and if I don't get a response I will come down there with a big fucking knife and cut you up into little peace's, GET IT. She sheepishly came out of the bath room looking around for a camera or something. Now get on the bed face down. She heisted, DAM IT ok I'm on my way. She ran to the bed....No master please, see I did it. she was face down. Good girl, I chuckled.

I went down to the room and unlocked the door. But before I could open it, the door flung open and she passed by me in a blur. Bitch!, I shouted. She slipped and almost fell as she reached the stairs. She scrambled up them. I smiled and watched her plump ass move to the top. She turned the knob. It was locked, she screamed and pounded on the door.

" HELP somebody help.... God somebody.......please."

I went to the bottom of the steps. " Nobody here but me I said," with a evil voice.

She wheeled around and backed up against the door. Her hands griped the hand rails hard. I looked up at her. " Come down" I said. She moved her head from side to side in a no motion. Tears swelled up in her eyes as she braced to defend herself. I started up the stairs after her. She kicked out at me with her legs just missing me. I stopped just out of reach. Your pissin me off I said. But she was determined to make a stand right there.

This was going to be tricky, I thought. I tried again but she finned me off with a good kick. I tried again and this time I judged the motion correctly. My timing was good as she kicked my hand caught her ankle. I pulled hard and she lost her balance and fell on her butt. I was on her in a flash. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down to the bottom of the stairs. It was so fast that she had no time to resist. I pushed her head down to the floor. I kicked her a couple of times. then pulled her up by her hair and backhanded her two good whacks across the face. I through her on her back and punched her in the midsection. She rolled over gasping for air. I went in and got the leather shackles. and came back. she was still rolled up in a ball and sobbing. I grabbed one hand and put them on then the other hand. This time they were in front.

I grabbed her hair and began to drag her back to the inner room. This was not a easy task so I took her wrists and pulled her back in the room. I then took the rope I used before and tied it to the cuffs. and hoisted her to her knees. I was breathing pretty hard by then. You really made me work I said to her. And for that your going to pay. I was again in control. Grabbing her hair I forced her to look at me. She was a mess, her eyes were swollen with tears, blood trickled from her nose and she had a little shiner under her left eye. But with all that she was still so beautiful. I got the ball gag and put it on.

" Now young lady the training begins. Stand up," I ordered and she complied.

I pulled the rope so that her hands were stretched above her head. I got the dildo and turned it on, but it was drained. " Dam," I said. I still put it on her and shoved it into her pussy. This time she let out a muffled scream. Her cunt was dry this time so it had to hurt. " Bitch! I shouted, you pissed me off and when Master is pissed its not good is it?"

She mumbled a week yes. I then got a riding crop from the other room. I stood in front of her. Now kick at me I demanded. She was confused with my order. I Wacked the side of her leg with the crop. Kick me slut. She gave a kick and I hit her leg again. Come on you can do better then that. She tried again and again she felt the sting of the crop. I then walked around her and hit her on her ass, legs and lower back. I did this for about ten minuets.

She was now getting week and was having trouble standing. She begged me to stop. When I sensed she would collapse I stopped Her body was now a mass of red welts. I went behind her and reached around her and began to rub my hands over her body.

I whispered into her ear. " I only want you to be a good little girl. You must know by now that I can be real nasty if you are stupid."

She nodded a yes. With that I went in front of her and removed the ball gag. I then stepped back and pulled out my dick and started masturbating in front of her. " I'm the master and your the slave. Got it?"

" Yes Master" she said.

" Now lets start over. What are you?"
" The slave," she said.
" And what do you do slave?"
" I obey?"
" Yes was my reply, and who do you obey?"
" You Master, you."
" By George I think you got it."

I then finished my masturbation as I shot my cum at her. It hit the floor just at her feet. I went over and loosened the rope.

I pushed her to the floor. Now clean it up as I rubbed her face on the floor.

" Lick it, bitch, every drop. From now on every drop of my cum goes in your mouth if not your cunt or ass-hole. One way or another."

I put my foot on the back of her neck, as she licked the floor clean. " Now bitch, declare me your Master, and yourself as my slave. Declare my right to do as I wish with you."

She stated in a faint voice, " You are my Master and can do what you want with me."
" Because?" I interjected.
" Because I'm your slave."
" No I demanded. Your ONLY my slave."
" I am ONLY your slave."
" Good girl, Now on the mattress and this time stay their. I'll go and fix us some breakfast."
I left her there on the mattress up against the corner. She was broken for now. I locked the door and went up to the kitchen.

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