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Violent Anime

The darkest fantasies, the TRULY darkest fantasies, can never be achieved without someone going to prison, or HELL. Until now. In Anime, anything is possible, We guarantee you will be shocked by what you see in VIOLENT ANIME. Not only has the VIOLENT ANIME team scoured the world for the most extreme content, but the ace team churns out new images and cartoons constantly. Finally, every single fantasy can be brought to life...
Violent anime

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Shortrape story:
Another day had passed and time was drawing near for another Christmas party with the company. This time the party was to be held at my partner house. He was always good at throwing parties and was recognized for it widely throughout the city. Born of a rich set of parents who had passed away when he was young, he had money in reserve and spent it freely during the holiday season for friends and family. Parties were no exception. His name was Derek and he really didn't need the job but still came in and worked as hard as the rest of us less privileged.

As the days went by, John Cadgey's wife, the bosses wife, came around more and more, seeing to the details of who was bringing what and helping to insure that everyone came to the company party. She was a beautiful woman who was well aware of her charms and took every opportunity to show them to full effect. It was hard to understand why she was married to John, since she could have had any man she wanted, but married she was and that was that. Though Mary was a tease and flirted a lot, she never as far as anyone knew, ever cheated on her husband. She always drew the line and no one ever tried crossing it. She was firm that she would not do anything to trash her marriage or reputation.

I always admired that in her, though I wanted to posses her as much as any man. Her body was full and ripe at 28 years of age. She stood at 5'7" tall and possessed long legs, which flowed up to an immaculate full heart shaped ass. A small hourglass waist over which a pair of full 36 c cup breasts hung, defying gravity. A small round face with full lips and a cute perky nose was framed by long brown hair that didn't see any hair dye as of yet. She always wore skirts that hugged her body to perfection, but flared at the waist ending at the knee. Her skirts normally had slight slits in them to give tantalizing glimpses of her legs at the thigh level before stopping at the respectable height. Her shirts or blouses were always tight at the breasts and form hugging to the waist, but always in a classy manner. Even her shoes were seductive and classy at the same time. High heeled sandals or pumps. Always with a strap around the ankles, high enough to warrant attention, but never anything to scream whore. I think that she was almost the perfect woman.

John was not anything like his wife. A beady eyed squirt of a man with no sense of direction and always ready to disgrace and humiliate a person. He had no leadership or manager skills and couldn't deal with people very well at all. His constant badgering and complaints were a source of irritation that disrupted the work place. Only his keen sense of predicting stock outcomes and financial prowess in the banking field kept him in place.

It was time for the party and I had dressed casually in slacks and shirt, carefully making sure that I looked as good as I could and then went to the party. Derek was having a great time playing host in the huge house and everyone was having a great time. Later on that evening as the wine and liquor flowed like water, I watched as John was fixing a drink for his wife. He carefully was pouring wine and then I watched as he dropped a small pill in it which dissolved almost instantly. He then took in to her and watched her as she began sipping the contents. What he didn't know was that he had dropped the container that he had pulled the pill from and I had picked it up.

It was obvious that Mary had a few drinks because she was loose and relaxed, talking to everyone and having a good time. She was beautiful, wearing a black skirt and a white top with red trim. Her black nylon covered legs looked excellent and well shaped, with the high heeled black sandals strapped around her fine ankles. As she sipped her drink, I figured tit for tat and put two pills in a drink and gave it to John. He thanked me and downed the whole thing while watching his wife. Eventually she began to lose her balance a little and got a confused look in her eye. John rushed to her and led her upstairs and out of sight. I waited for a few minutes then went up after. I looked in several of the rooms until I found an out the way room with the door slightly open. Walking in I saw that John and Mary were both out cold. I checked pulses and tried to wake them both up but they were out of it.

As I stared at the two of them laying on the bed, I saw that John was trying to get his wife's clothes off before he passed out. His pant were undone and her skirt was up, but he was out of it. I started to laugh to myself because of the ludicrousness of it all. This man was married to a beautiful woman and he could only have sex with her when she was passed out or unconscious. Reaching out I took him off of her and let him slump to the floor. Then I took a close look at her.

Her legs were open wide and hanging off the bed with her skirt pulled up high enough to show off a long expanse of smooth thighs covered in sheer black nylons. I turned around and closed the door behind me then locked it. I attempted to wake her by shaking her roughly but her head just lolled about loosely as her breathing still went strong in slumber. I pinched her fingernails but to no avail, no response. Here was a woman whom I fantasized about in front of me and unknowing. She would never know what happened and I couldn't resist just taking a little advantage of it.

Slowly I raised her skirt up, exposing her legs and then up till I saw that she didn't wear underwear. Still going higher, I pushed the skirt all the way up till I exposed her nylon waist band. The I knelt down and breathed in her scent. She smelled slightly musky and clean. Moving around, I pulled her the rest of the way onto the bed and then pulled her legs wide apart, exposing her hidden treasures.

I eased down the top of her hose and began a taste test. As I worked my tongue up and down her rapidly moistening slit, began to push my fingers into her, feeling the inside of her warm wet hole. She was tight and it felt as if her pussy was milking my finger as it made its way in and out of her. Still stroking her with my hand, I used the other to unbutton her top. Laying the material to each side, I was greeted by a white lace bra that barely covered her breasts. Uncupping one breast, I sucked on the nipple and then bit it slightly, watching Mary as I did it.

Still no response, so I bit a little harder and then watched as her nipple swelled. It was pink and full and I played with it for long moments, revelling in its hardness contrasted by the firm but soft feel of her breasts. Soon I felt ready to take the plunge, so I undressed and lifted her legs up on either side of me. I could feel the warm slick feel of her nylon clad legs on my arms as I moved in position to push my dick into her. Slowly I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit, feeling the slickness of her pussy before I began to penetrate.

She was very tight and velvety soft and slick as I moved in and out of her. Gaining rhythm I pushed harder and stronger as I felt her pliant pussy taking me in. Soon I was pumping her hard for all I was worth as I watched her one breast bouncing up and down from the movement. Stopping I reached up and freed the other breast and then again started stroking hard as I raised her legs up higher and pounded into that warm wet hole. Soon I was cummin, filling the hole and having it come out to run down the crack of her ass.

Satisfied, I pulled back out and lay there, waiting for round two. As I was recovering, I then pushed her over on her side into the fetal position and began rubbing my cum into her ass. The small brown hole was very tight and it was difficult even with the aid of my and her juices combined to get my finger in. Eventually I got not one but two fingers in her ass and began to twist them around to insure that she was ready. Once done I was again hard and again I flipped her over and picked up her legs. Sliding again in between them I lifted her legs up high and them forward till her knees were almost up to her face. Driving forward, I pushed my dick slowly into her ass. Slowly pushing in and out I could feel the tightness and heat from her ass, it was incredible. I then began just pounding in and out as hard as I could as I felt the hot boiling coming from my balls. I pumped more semen than I could ever remembered pumping before into Mary's ass as I came. Releasing her, I wiped my dick in her hair and then got dressed. I threw the pills down where she would find them and left the room, locking it behind me.

Later days after the party, I heard that she had filed for divorce from John. Sounded like a good move to me. May be she will date me sometime.

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