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Uniform Domination

See the cruelest collection of uniform rape content on the web! Women raped by policemen, doctors, soldiers, mailmen... those in uniform that command trust and respect. Thousands of videos, tens of thousands of images, all of the most brutal uniform rape in the world. You will be shocked by what you see inside!
Uniform domination

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Short story:
*this is a dream I had a while ago - I've posted it on rape dungeon and I thought I'd share it here too.

I'm forced to become my boss's sex slave - I stand before him in his locked office as he eyes me up (I'm 5/6 120lbs long brown hair and eyes 34c25/32. I'm wearing a pink pullover top, grey slacks and black shoes that have clunky heels).

He orders me to take my top off. I pull it over my head and drop it to the floor and stand before him in my white lacy bra.

He stands and walks behind me. He makes me put my hands on top of my head and arch my back. He fondles my breasts over my bra and makes my nipples hard. He caresses my breasts and belly for a few minutes then trails his hands around to my ass and squeezes it over my slacks.

He reaches slowly around my waist,undoes my pants and lowers the zipper even slower. I feel the pants go slack around my hips and then they slide down my legs puddling around my ankles exposing my white panties to him. He kneels and unties my shoes taking them off one at a time while I support myself with a hand on his shoulder. He makes me step out of my slacks and tosses them into a corner.

He walks around me again looking at me in just my underwear and white ankle socks. He picks up a pair of scissors from his desk. Carefully he pulls and tugs my right bra cup away from my breast. He cuts the cup out and lets it snap back over my now exposed tit. He does the same to the other cup. Im crying lightly now as waves of shame and humiliation over take me. He smiles.

He tugs on my exposed nipples,pulling on them and squeezing until I gasp. His hand slides down my belly and he cups my pussy over the thin cotton of my panties. He strokes me down there,his other hand goes to my hair. He pulls my hair back arching my neck while rubbing the gusset of my panties. Helplessly I feel myself grow damp. He feels it through my panties and laughs out loud.

He calls me his slut... whore and bitch. He makes me call myself his slut... whore and bitch. I squirm and say the words as he strokes and fondles me. He tugs at the waistband of my panties and looks inside them. He lets the waistband snap back then pulls them out again from the back. He peeks at my ass and lets the band snap back again. Gently he grabs the waistband at both sides and pulls my panties down. He taps my ankles and makes me step out of them.

He puts the panties to my face and makes me lick and suck the crotch while I stand there in nothing but my little white socks and cupless bra,legs spread like a shameless whore. He forces me to the window and has me lean against it palms raised above my head and on the glass. I wonder if people across the street are watching.

He pushes my legs farther apart and I hear him removing his pants. His hands are on my back again trailing all over my skin. He slides a finger to my pubes and works it in and out. I writhe and squirm as it penetrates me. He slips his finger out now wet with my juice and slides it up my puckered ass. He works it in my ass while I push myself against the cool glass streaking the pane with my tears and pussy juice.

He seizes my hips and I feel his cock at my pussy. He enters me from behind and slams himself inside me pushing me hard against the glass. He fucks me hard sliding his cock in and out. Im covered in sweat, gasping,shaking and moaning as he takes me.

After a while of this he pulls out of me. i feel his hand grab me by the hair and he guides me to his desk. He bends me over it and parts my legs again. His finger goes to my pussy... then my mouth. He makes me lick my juices and soak his fingers. He takes his hand from my mouth finally and works the wet fingers in my ass. Again he makes me lick them clean.

He grabs my hips again and I feel his cock at the entrance to my ass. I grab the sides of the desk and hold on my face set in a tight grimace as I know whats coming. He put his cock to my tight little opening and thrusts it hard up inside me.

He rides my ass hard slamming me into the desk. His hands hurry to pull at my hair forcing my head back and making me arch as he takes me. He thrusts repeatedly one hand in my hair the other squeezing my tits over my ruined bra,pinching my nipples.

Finally his hands go to my hips and with a huge thrust I feel him start to cum inside me. He collapses on top of me and we both pant gasping for breathe.

He pulls out of me and forces me to my knees. He makes me lick his cock clean,his hands in my hair the entire time. He pushes me to the floor and sits in his chair watching me as I gasp for air,shaking and weeping.

After a while he rises and comes over to me standing above me hands on hips. He reaches to the desk and brings me a bottle of water. He makes me drink it all,his hands toying with my tits as I guzzle it.

When I finish he pulls me to my feet by my hair and has me stand legs spread over the waste basket. He makes me squat and orders me to pee. I want to resist but the hand in my hair tightens and I comply. it takes me a few minutes but finally I feel it building inside me. I pee for him and he watches my shame. My entire body is flushed red in humiliation.

He pulls me to my feet and starts to dress me. I have to stand passively as he puls my top on,then my slacks(no panties. . these he keeps) and finally my shoes. He makes me feel helpless like a little girl.

He goes back to his desk and I am dismissed.

(I got wet writing this - Hope you all enjoyed it as much as me).

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