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Teenage obsession

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Short story:
Lee Watson was sitting in a dark corner at the back of the pub, sipping the last inch of beer in his glass. Through the loud music (“Come Out Swinging” by Offspring) he could partially hear the intense conversation that was taking place at the bar.
Lee was listening with interest to the conversation of the three men - a bunch of oldies in their thirties or forties (Lee was in his early twenties), who were ranting and raving about something they were watching on TV. It was a story about some serial rapist who preyed on young girls in the area, and the angry men were talking about what they would do to him, if they only had the chance. Yeah, right.

The three men, Bob, Joey and Dan, were looking angrily at the TV, when the reporter talked calmly about the method of the rapist, and the police estimations (they thought he was a white man since three of his victims were white, and a forth girl was black).

“How the fuck can they be talking about that like that?” Bob snarled. “Like they’re covering a fucking beauty contest or something.”
“Come on, Bobby,” Joey said. “They’re only doing their job.”
“Yeah. Job my ass!”
“Bob,” Joey continued “They have to do their job. They gotta stay objective if they want to capture this animal.”
Bob was not convinced. “They should hang him by the balls when they get him. If I had just 5 minutes alone with him, why I’d…”

Lee smiled. People always blab about what they will or won’t do. Everybody is a hero, until it comes to the real thing. He’s seen it before.
As Lee walked to the bar and paid for his drink he could hear the one they called Joey quietly talking about his cousin who is in the Force and the different methods practiced to catch this guy. Lee didn’t care. He was just a drifter and he will be gone in the next day. He straightened his Trench coat and headed out, not quite listening to the rest of the conversation.

“Danny, I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling. I mean, I got two boys, I’m safe, but you, with your daughter right at this age and all.”
“Don’t worry about it, Bobby. If anyone so much as lays a finger on my girl, I know exactly what I’ll do.”
“What would you do?” Joey asked naively.
Dan smiled. He talked quietly and calmly: “I’m going to hunt him down like a rabid dog. Then I’m going to cut him up until he’s drifting between life and death, then I’m going to suck on his last breath, and then I think I’ll have a beer.”

His two friends looked at him in shock. “We’re just talking here, right?” Joey asked, intimidated by Dan’s face.
“Of course. If it happens for real I’ll have a root beer.”


The man was standing in the bushes, camouflaged by branches and leafs from the trees and bushes surrounding him. It wasn’t the first time he had stood there. This area was where many rapes started out, and where most of them took place. A rapist spotted girls walking alone, and lured them to come with him, dragging them into the bushes or into abandoned buildings nearby.

The man was surprised to know that today another girl was walking by herself in the wooded area. How dumb can these girls be?

She seemed to be about 15-16 years old. Plain looking but pretty. She was wearing a short blue T-Shirt and Jeans shorts. Her red hair was tied behind her head. Sort of bluish-green eyes - the man couldn’t tell for sure. It wasn’t too hard to notice those perky big tits under the baggy T-Shirt. Just the kind of tits some psycho perv would want to suck on. How can this girl be so uncaring about the dangers that might lurk? How can anyone be so naive these days and walk alone?
The man knew exactly what evil lurked out there. He has witnessed it first-handedly so many times before.

As the girl walked past him, not noticing him, he slowly stepped out of the bushes and started jogging towards her.

“Excuse me! Young lady, excuse me!”
The girl looked behind her shoulder and stood still, waiting for him as he rushed towards her.
“Yes.” She said, looking up at him with her big blue eyes. “What is it?”
The man standing in front of her was tall. He was also a blue-eyed redhead. Short straight hair, clean-cut. His eyes seemed honest and sincere, yet the girl was startled, hoping he wasn’t a creepy pervert of some sort.

The man reached for his pocket and took out a badge, flashing it before the girl.
“I’m Detective Jerald White. What is your name?”
“Jamie Ralston.”
“Well, Jamie, you’ve just entered a restricted area. We’ve set an ambush here, so if you please accompany me.”
Jamie looked at his face with her eyes wide. Was this man joking? He certainly seemed serious.
“An Ambush? For who?”
“Come with me.” He said as he took her by the arm. “I apologize, but we just don’t have a lot of time. All was going smoothly until you showed up. What the hell were you doing here anyhow?”
“Well, I…”
“Doesn’t matter. I’m sorry, Jamie.”
Jamie suddenly realized she was led on by this man whom she never met before, without even knowing where to. “Where are you taking me?”
“Jamie, there are dozens of cops around here. You can’t see them because they don’t want to be seen. We’ve seen you coming from afar, so I was sent to make sure you wouldn’t enter this area. Once you did, I had to stop you. I’m taking you to one of our posts in the scene. I don’t want you to be anywhere in this area once our suspect arrives.”
“What suspect?” Jamie asked as they kept walking. Detective White did not answer.
“Wait a second!” Jamie said. “You’re not stalking that serial rapist or anything, right?” Still no answer.
“My god, you’re hunting him down!” she said enthusiastically.
“You’re a smart girl.” Detective White said as they got closer to an abandoned building. Detective White knocked on the door a couple of times in a very distinct manner, probably marking for whoever was in that it was him. Jamie saw in her mind dozens of cops with TV equipment, watching images from the woods, supplied by the cops who were ambushing the bad guy. She knew the reality of it was probably less high-tech and not as sophisticated, but nevertheless, she couldn’t wait seeing what was inside, as Detective White opened the door and let her in.

As she entered the room, Jamie was surprised to learn that there was nothing there. It was just an empty, abandoned building with some rods and debris lying around.
Where are all the cops? She wondered as she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head.

Jerald smiled as he slammed his fist into the back of Jamie’s head and watched her fall to the ground. He got on his knees, picked her head up by her ponytail, and smacked her face, knocking her to the floor once again. Before she could even grasp what was happening, Jerry turned her on her belly, and started unbuttoning her shorts as she was getting on her hands and knees.

“No! Please!” She begged.
Jerald smiled and grabbed her face, mashing her lips with his hand. “Shhh! Be good, little girl. Be good!”

Jerry left her head alone, and before she managed to scream, he bashed the front of his head against the back of her head, savagely taking down her shorts as she struggled to stay conscious.

He’s done it before. Four times already. Well, at least four REPORTED times. The precise number didn’t matter. It was the easiest thing in the world. Just flipping the fake badge and they’re all his. He usually built up the humiliation and pain, but this time he wanted to shave corners and start with the extreme right away. He lowered Jamie’s panties and unzipped his pants, taking his hard cock out, rubbing it hard against Jamie’s buttocks as he held her tight, forcing one arm around her waist and another around her neck, almost cutting out her air supply.

“Please, Detective. Please!” Jamie begged, just as she suddenly realized he was no cop. How could she have been so stupid? This WAS the rapist. He was no cop. And now she will join the list of vict ims. She could see her own eyes open in terror through a faded glass window as the reality of the situation sunk in, just as she felt the man’s cock slowly slipping in-between her buttocks. She felt herself losing her breath, and just when she thought she couldn’t breathe any longer, he clenched hard around her neck, and slowly let go.

Jamie coughed and gasped as Jerald slowly rammed into her ass, inserting his cock in inch by inch.
“Please, sir. Don’t do that. I can’t!”

Jerald laughed. His cock wasn’t even inside her, and she already moaned and begged him. Time to show her what real pain is all about.
He rammed into her anus as hard as he could. She shouted, begging him to stop. He didn’t care. He knew how rare it is to have people walking around this area, and he hasn’t seen anyone but that poor stupid girl all day.

He rammed into her ass twice more, burying his cock as deep as possible inside her, listening to her moans and cries with each thrust. The harder she screamed the more pain he inflicted, ramming his cock harder and harder while inside her, tearing her apart. He closed his eyes with each painful shout coming out of her throat, listening to the amount of pain in her voice. He felt as if he’s feeding on that pain. Sucking its juices out of the air and into himself, feeding his addiction.

He rammed and rammed, and the captive girl kept screaming and moaning, gasping and twitching, squirming and crying. God, how much he loved it! He was truly a god!

Jerald put his left hand onto Jamie’s right breast for leverage, and squeezed it hard through her blouse, as he moved his right hand on the girl’s beautiful red head of hair. She squirmed as she felt her breast being squeezed, so he held her tightly to him, thrusting with full strength, laying still as deep as he could inside her bowels. Jerry untied the ponytail and let Jamie’s hair spread all over her back and shoulders. “You’re hair is so fucking beautiful.” He said as he continued ramming into her, lifting her hair and dropping it back on her shoulders and the top of her back.

“Please, sir, you’re killing me.” The helpless girl whimpered softly. “Killing me… you’re killing me… you’re killing… me… killing… killing… killing…”

Jerald wouldn’t pay attention to what she said. He was too busy watching her hair bounce back and forth as he fucked her tight ass. God, he loved it tight! He loved spreading these bitches’ holes to the point of almost tearing them apart.
Still, he didn’t want her to pass out from the pain. He wanted her to be aware of everything that was to take place. As he continued to play with her breasts and fuck her anus, Jerry pulled up his sleeve, putting his arm to Jamie’s mouth, ordering her to bite on it.
“Bite it, you little bitch!”
Uncertain what was going on, Jamie gently sunk her teeth into his bare arm.
“Harder, bitch!”
At those words, Jamie let herself bite as deep as she could, hoping that somehow this action would ease some of her pain. At first she wouldn’t out of fear that it would give him an excuse to hurt her worse, but after all, he ordered her to bite him, didn’t he?

Jerald was so turned on by the feel of the girl’s teeth sinking into his flesh, knowing that each tiny ounce of pain he felt is just a fraction of the torture inflicted upon that little cunt.

He thought about doing it before, with other girls, but was worried that maybe the bite-marks would lead up to him. It’s been known to happen, only usually it was bite-marks from the victims compared to the perp’s teeth, not the other way around.
Jerald took his arm away from the girl’s mouth and rammed harder, kissing her neck passionately, biting it gently.
He held her hair firmly with his left hand, forcing her to turn her face to the right. He held her face with his right hand, his thumb squeezing on her right cheek while the rest of his hand was pressed against her left cheek. He slowly moved his face close to hers, and kissed her. He felt her fear again, sensing her total devotion to him. He knew she would do anything for him as she kissed him back.

Jerald slowly broke the kiss and looked at the girl’s face. She tried to turn away in shame and lowered her eyes, but Jerald grabbed her chin again, forcing her to look at him. For a few seconds that seemed like eternity for both of them, they stared at each other. His cock just laid still inside of her, like a nail in a piece of wood.

Jerry started withdrawing from her slowly, and then, with only his cockhead inside of her, as he felt her ass relieving and watched the relief on her face, he rammed in again. Jamie cried in agony: “Please! Please! Why are you doing this? Please! I can’t take it anymore!”

Jerry gradually withdrew from her ass again, watching her face. This time there was no relief, just terror. She had no idea whether this meant he was done, or if it just meant more pain for her. She hadn’t even thought of the fact that he did not cum yet. It didn’t cross her mind.

Jerry got off of her and waited a few seconds until Jamie started weeping again. Her red hair was wild, smeared on the floor, her blue blouse lifted, just partially covering her tits (which still had a bra on them), her panties and jeans tangled up on her feet.
He looked at this girl and smiled. He couldn’t believe she was really his. Whenever he had a girl at his mercy (as if he showed mercy) he took the time to look at them after breaking their spirits. For him it was like winning the lottery or some big bet. He just couldn’t believe it was really his.
She was so hot, he just had to start jerking his cock. He couldn’t bear to leave it alone for even a second. This girl was so hot that his cock needed to feel SOMETHING at all times. He laughed at the thought of jacking off while there was a beautiful, fresh piece of meat lying at his feet.

He grabbed her foot and started dragging her around the room. “Please!” She cried in despair as she realized it was not over yet.
He grabbed Jamie’s pants and panties and yanked them off her feet, throwing them away. he jumped on top of her and started kissing her, getting in between her legs.

“Please… please…” She moaned as she kissed him. His cock was harder than before. Her begging was filled more with passion than fear, almost as if she wanted to turn him on, as if she wanted him to make her cum. Hearing her pleading almost made him cum on the spot.
Nevertheless, he held it in, and slid himself inside her cunt. He won’t cum without making her remember. He slid himself all the way until he bumped into her hymen. Good, a virgin!

He kissed her lips softly, thrusting his cock gently inside her, moving faster and faster inside of her.
“Oh, my god, it hurts! It hurts!”
Jerry decided to calm her down. It would work out so nicely with her depended on him. He broke the kiss and stroked her hair gently as he looked into her eyes.
“Shh… It won’t hurt for long.” He assured her. “Okay?”
The girl nodded. She put her faith in him. As if she had any other choice.

Jerry began pumping his cock inside her again. He did it slowly, putting everything he has into each stroke, waiting exactly two seconds in-between to feel her squirming and weeping under him.
Jamie was exhausted. She wanted to scream so much but she just bit her lip and took it quietly. She didn’t want to make him mad. She didn’t want to scream. Nevertheless, the pain inflicted by perpetrator was so sharp, she couldn’t take it anymore.
“Please, oh, god! Not my virginity! Not that!”
“What do you want me to do? Take you up the ass again?”

Jamie turned quiet. No, she did not want him in there again. Just the thought of it turned her stomach. It was disgusting, and more painful than anything she ever experienced. Nevertheless, she did not want her virginity taken from her. she couldn’t make a decision. She just wanted it to be over.

She cried with pain and relief as Jerry tore through her hymen. She didn’t want to feel relieved, but she couldn’t help it. She knew it would lame this man of anything when sh e is no better than he was?
The guilt was sweating through her, and then it happened: She came. She actually came! This was her guilty verdict.

Jerry smiled as he felt her starting to cum. He felt her juices around his cock, her body twitching under him. He heard her moaning in his ear. She was satisfied. She’ll be a good girl.
Jerry looked at her eyes and stroked her hair. He held the back of her head, sinking his fingers in that warm, thick red hair, stroking it. “It’s okay.” He whispered. “It’s okay.”
She cried softly as he calmed her down. She did not want to be in an alliance with this person. She did not want him to like her, and was afraid she would grow to like him. He leaned forward and kissed her. She simply accepted the kiss. She was too tired to think about it. She would just accept anything that happens to her. She put her arms around him as she kissed him. There was nothing else she could do. The rapist broke the kiss and lifted himself off of the girl’s body. She wanted to be relieved by this gesture but knew it didn’t mean anything. Maybe it was over - maybe it wasn’t.

Jerry didn’t cum. The more rapes he committed, the more control he had over himself. He reached into his pants’ pocket and pulled out a condom, tearing the wrapper and putting it quickly and efficiently around his cock. Another thing he was experienced in.
Until that moment Jamie didn’t even think of the repercussions of having sex with this man, like diseases and pregnancy. The weird thing was, that now when she did, she was thankful that he did think of that. Instead of being worried about him continuing to rape her, she was thankful. What the hell is wrong with me?

The truth of it was that Jerry didn’t care if this girl had a baby or didn’t, as long as it wouldn’t carry his genes, as long as his DNA won’t be all over the place. He wasn’t a career criminal, he knew that no matter how careful he’d be, it would never be enough once the cops got the scent.

Jamie sat up and wrapped her hands around her legs, leaning her face on her knees, which were now held together. Jerry approached her and stroked her hair again. “Take off your blouse!”
“Please, Sir. Why are you doing this?”
“Shirt, bitch!”

With tears pouring from her eyes, Jamie slowly took off her baggy shirt, exposing her round breasts into view. Jerry broke the clasp on her back and started taking off her bra. He laid her down on the floor and started playing with her tits, twisting them and pinching.
“Ah, it hurts! Please, I’ll do anything! Anything! I’ll blow your cock!”

Jerry smiled. He did not want a blowjob right now. He already had his condom on, so he might as well get back to the other cavities.
“Beg me to fuck you!”
Jerry twisted her nipple once again, until she opened her mouth wide and moaned in pain. “Please fuck me! Please!” She felt so humiliated being forced to say these things, but what was really devastating that a part of her meant it. With all the pain, she truly wanted to be fucked.

Once again Jerry climbed on top of her and entered her cunt, while playing with her tits. She moaned in pleasure as she let this criminal, this murderer (yes, murderer), to grab her hips and open her legs further.
She moaned with a mixture or pleasure and pain as he thrust his hard cock into her. She felt different than before. She felt a woman. She hated this man. She hated hearing him moan, knowing he was enjoying himself, but was somewhat flattered by the fact that she, a little girl, is making this MAN horny. Was she really that pretty? Was she really that good of a lover, if that’s even the proper word?

At the end the situation was out of her hands. They were both lying one on top of the other, pushing themselves, moaning. Raping Jamie made Jerald feel like a man, and being fucked by an older man made Jamie feel like a woman. As much as she hated him, as much as he wanted to hurt her, they were connected in the most bizarre and perverted bond any of them could think possible.
Jerry felt he’s close but wanted to hold it in, to keep hurting her, as she suddenly screamed in his ear. She came again.
This scream took Jerry by surprise and he just released everything he had into the condom, while still inside of Jamie.
“Oh! God! Fuck! I love it!” This shout came out of Jamie’s throat. She did not want to think about what it meant. She did not want to think about anything. There would be plenty of time for that later.

Jerry lifted himself off of Jamie, positively surprised by her reaction, yet slightly disappointed she did not suffer more. They weren’t friends. They were enemies. His goal was to hurt her spiritually as well as physically.

Jerald got dressed, looking at the dazed girl lying on the ground, staring at the ceiling of the abandoned building. He took a broken broomstick, with a sharp edge, and held it above her.
“What are you doing?” She asked. Before he could understand what was going on, the sharp edge of the broomstick was already jabbed deep inside her pussy, making her scream in pain. Jerald took the broomstick out of her and broke it into two on his knee, making two shorter broomsticks, each one with a broken, slightly sharpened edge.. He then raised the bloody edge and licked Jamie’s blood off of it. He looked at her as she was staring at him with disbelief, jerking her head up and down, and jabbed one of the broomsticks back into her pussy It was so deep and painful that she wouldn’t allow herself to touch it, fearing it would just make it worse. “Help me.” She whispered. “Help me!”
Jerry lifted Jamie’s sweet little legs up in the air and swung the remaining broomstick. He then jabbed it right into the girl’s bleeding anus, which now ruptured.

Jamie’s head snapped back with a blood-chilling cry: “WHY?!” Jerald smiled, stroked the girl’s hair and kissed her forehead. Then he took all of her clothes as a souvenir. Jamie was paralyzed with pain and fear as she watched the rapist who called himself Jerald White walking away from her, closing the door behind him.


The man entering “Melton Memorial” was dressed casually. He was wearing a black leather Jacket and a blue pair of Jeans. He had a somewhat scruffy beard and his hair was matted out. He would have stood apart from the other people in the hospital even without the badge he pulled out as he presented himself to the receptionist. After getting the information he wanted, he walked towards the room where the girl was hospitalized. At the door there were two cops: a detective and a uniform. The detective approached him and extended his hand: “Detective Lee Watson, I presume?”
“That’s right.” Lee answered. “Detective Eisenberg?”
“Yeah. It’s good of you to come. Frankly, I was expecting someone a little older.”
“They all do.” Lee replied.

Lee was the youngest detective in the Monroe County Sex Crimes Unit. He was well known as a loose cannon that followed his instincts no matter what the consequences were. His attitude would have embarrassed his superiors if it wasn’t for his 100% success rate. So far, he had only one case that bugged him. He sensed in his bones it was a serial rapist, but he couldn’t link any other cases to it. Then he heard of the serial rapist in Grant County, and it all added up. The man who rape d five young girls in East Grant is guilty of at least six rapes, the first of which was in Lee’s Jurisdiction. He wanted to join the Grant investigation but he had no evidence that the rapes were related and his superiors ordered him to let it go at the moment. Their hands were full and they needed him as a secondary in another big profiled case. Lee had no choice but following the Grant investigation when one day he decided to use his sick days to go on a little trip to North Grant. He contacted Detective Eisenberg, explained the situation to him, and made him swear he will not contact the Monroe Police. At this point, Eisenberg was just about as desperate as Lee was, an d invited him over to review his case. About a day after Lee arrived at NG, the rapist struck again, this time more brutally than before. His fifth known rape in Grant County, or his sixth known rape if he truly was Lee’s guy.


Jamie was sitting in her hospital bed. The drugs eased the pain, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to die. She was dozed off most of the time, and she preferred it that way. When she wasn’t high they kept sending people to question her. Her mom protected her from them, and all Jamie could think about is how she had let her down. She was also worried about her father, who kept telling everyone what he would do when he’ll catch the bastard. She couldn’t take it. It was too much violence, and all because of her.

When Lee entered the room she looked into his eyes. Brown eyes. Different from what she’s seen in the past few days. Everyone’s eyes were so angry, frustrated. His eyes were different, calm. He was a man who knew exactly what he wanted. If it wasn’t for that scruffy beard he could have been a pretty handsome guy. She liked his eyes. They soothed her.
He sat next to her and looked at her with a thoughtful expression. Then, as he started talking, he pulled out a police badge and put it in front of her face. She didn’t hear what he said. She didn’t even listen. She looked away. She never wanted to see another badge as long as she lived.


Bob Fallon was alone in the bar the night they reported about the fifth rape in the area. He didn’t know where Joe and Dan were. He was so fucking pissed. He wondered how anyone could be so cruel towards another human being as he tried to imagine what it would be like to impale the fucking rapist on a sword.


Dan Whitman was seated on his bed, in the dark, staring at the TV, which was the only light source in the room. The reporter was going on and on about the rape spree in the area. There seem to have been a fifth victim who came forward. The reporter reminded the viewers about the rapist’s methods, how he would tell the girls he’s a police officer and take them to abandoned buildings and to the bushes, where he would rape and sodomize them.
Dan looked at his wife, Linda. She was sound asleep. He got out of the bed, and walked down the hall to the room of his daughter, Jennifer. The door was open. He didn’t see her face, just her beautiful brown hair. Oh, how much he loved her! She looked so much like Linda. He knew he would never let anything bad happen to her. He also knew he was a weak man, and could not stop himself from raping girls her age. He also knew that the police will start closing in on him real soon. According to Joey, they already hooked up with cops in another county for a joint investigation. Dan never raped anyone outside of North Grant, but that won’t matter if he’s caught. He did rape those five girls, and others, mutilating the last one in an unexplainable amok of rage. He knew he would have to disassociate himself from his family. He did not want to put shame on them once he’s caught. He knew what he had to do.

Dan approached Jen’s bed and stroked her hair gently. He wanted to kiss her forehead but did not want to wake her up. He went to the garage and pulled out a bag he had prepared weeks ago, put on his coat, and took the dozens of fake IDs he had, including the credentials of the nonexistent Jerald White.
Then he got out of his home, for the very last time.

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