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Teenage Assault
This slut tried to be popular in her school, saying that she had been having sex with 2 of the most popular guys around campus, one day it knocks on the front door, and the 2 guys is standing outside, confronting her with the lie's, when she still hangs on to that little lie of hers, the guys decides to give this little sluts what she deserved ! DON'T LIE BITCH!
Teenage assault
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Short rape story:
He had always considered rape an art form with the rapist as artist and the woman the subject (albeit an unwilling one). Now, all rapists have their preferences just as every artist has his favorite medium. For him, doing the bitch in her own home, in her own bed was always the most satisfying. It added to her feeling of violation and vulnerability. It also helped keep her quiet about it afterward. It gave credence to his threat to come back and kill her if she told anyone. After all, could she be ABSOLUTELY sure he would be caught? And he DID know where she lived and how to get in!

He had been watching this particular subject for some time, knew her comings and goings and when she was most likely to be asleep in bed. He had even gotten into the house a few times when she had been gone just to be certain he could do it without being detected by the neighbors and to familiarize himself with its layout in the dark.

Now, the time had come. He was in her bedroom standing by her bed in which her sleeping form lie on her back, the covers pulled up to her chin, her bare, slender arms on top of the covers. Taking the knife from his pocket, he pressed it against her bare throat as at the same time he thrust his hand down over her mouth. She awoke surprised and confused. When she saw the outline of a man above her in the unlit room she tried to scream and struggle but his hand muffled the sound and, when he made her aware of the knife blade against her flesh and told her, “Be quiet and still or I will cut your throat,” she quieted down and let her arms lie limply by her sides where they had been.

“That’s better,” he told her. “I’m going to take away my hand and turn on the light. You are to keep still and quiet, and keep your eyes closed. Is that clear?”

Beginning to tremble, she nodded. He smiled. Step one had been completed. He had established TOTAL control of the situation and rendered her completely powerless.

He turned on the table lamp by the bed. Her eyes were closed as he had commanded. Taking a roll of duct tape from his pocket, he taped them so that they would remain that way. Next he took hold of the covers and peeled them away. The woman stiffened but dared not move or make a sound as he surveyed her shapely body clad only in a short nightie and skimpy panties, her bare legs quivering with fear.

“P-please!” she whispered through dry lips. “Please don ----!”

SMACK! He slapped her across the mouth. Her head whipped aside and the shocked look on her face delighted him. He LOVED slapping bitches! It had a lot more effect than just the pain it inflicted. They always looked SO surprised, like ‘how DARE’ anyone have the impudence to do that!

“I told you to keep quiet,” he reminded her sternly.

She made no more sound.

Reaching down, he slowly pulled up the nightie until it was gathered beneath her armpits and her magnificent tits were exposed. Next he slid the panties down to her knees, ordered her to raise them, then removed the tiny garment completely and, commanding her to keep the knees up, he told her to part her legs. Now sobbing and clawing at the sheet with her hands, she obeyed. God, the power he felt! It made him slightly giddy and made his cock swell!

“I’m going to take away the knife,” he told her. “But I still have it, so lie still and behave yourself. Do you understand that?”

She nodded.

WHAP! He slapped her again and growled, “Show some respect! Answer aloud!”

“Y-yes!” she murmured. “I understand.”

The cunt was confused. A moment ago he had slapped her for making a sound. Now he had just slapped her for not doing so. Good! Next to pain and fear, confusion and disorientation were the most useful tools for keeping a cunt in line.

“Here are the rules,” he told her. “If I ask you a question or tell you to say something, you comply. Otherwise you don’t make a peep. Is that clear?”

“Y-yes,” she whispered.

“Of course, I know you really can’t help it,” he went on as he began to undress. “Being born female you’ve been hopelessly stupid since birth. Aren’t you ashamed of that? I think you ought to apologize for being so fucking stupid, don’t you?”

Now, most people think rape is just about fucking and that IS all the amateur cares about. But, in reality, to the true artist, it is about power, control, and humiliation of the subject as much as the actual sexual act. He knew she was a teacher and had a college degree. How humiliating this must be for her. He LOVED it!

At first she made no reply.

“I ASKED you a question!” he reminded her sternly.

“I- I’m s-sorry I’m so --- so ---- st-stupid,” she finally managed to choke out.

“You should also be sorry you were born female,” he went on. “If you had been born with a cock and balls instead of a slit between your legs you might be worth something but, as it is, being a cunt, you are nothing but a collection of fuck holes for men to stick their cocks in. Let’s hear you also apologize for being born a cunt.”

“I-I’m sorry I w-was born female,” she complied.

SMACK! Another slap. God, how he loved slapping bitches around!

“That’s NOT what I told you to say!” he berated her. “Say EXACTLY what I told you!”

“I-I’m s-sorry I was b-b-born a c-c-c-c-cunt!” she obliged.

He could sense her shame and humiliation. PERFECT!

Lying there with her knees up and her legs spread at his command, she expected to be fucked momentarily, he knew. That wasn’t his style, though. He liked to drag it out, prolong her anxiety. Now naked himself, he reached down, took hold of one of her nipples, began pulling upward, and told her, “On your feet.”

She complied, getting up.

“Raise your arms,” he commanded. She obeyed and he lifted her nightie up and off her, tossing it on the floor. Then he took hold of the breast again telling her, “Come on. Give me a little tour.”

With that, still holding onto the breast, he led her out of the bedroom. He liked leading captive sluts around by the tit. It was much more degrading to them then being led by the wrist or even the hair. In addition, if she started to get out of line, a good, hard pinch was EXTREMELY useful in making her straighten up.

“I am really disappointed in you!” he scolded her as he led her throughout the house. “Look at this pig sty! Clothes not washed, dishes in the sink. Doesn’t it ever occur to you that unexpected guests like myself might drop in? What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I-I’m sorry,” she stammered once again. How humiliated she must be apologizing to her rapist for not having her home neat enough to please him!

“Where do you keep your liquor?” he asked her.

“I d-don’t have any,” she told him.

He pinched her nipple. She whimpered in pain.

“God, but you are one shitty hostess!” he yelled. “You don’t even keep any hooch around for your guests? I might just as well cut your worthless throat and drop in on some other dumb cunt, one who can offer me a drink!”

“P-please!” she begged. “Please don’t kill me!”

“What are you willing to do to make up for pissing me off?” he asked.

“Anything!” she professed.

“How good are you at sucking cock?” he asked.

“I’ll be good for you,” she replied. “I PROMISE I will!”

“Down on your knees,” he commanded. “And let’s see.”

Obediently, she sank to her knees. He placed the blade of the knife against her left cheek just below her ear. Her shudder of fear pleased him.

“Tell you what I’m going to do,” he told her. “I probably won’t kill you if you do badly at this after all. I still want to fuck you and I’m not into necrophilia. However, you don’t need both ears to be fucked. If this blowjob isn’t the best I’ve ever had, I’ll slice off an ear. Do we understand each other?”

“Y-yes,” she murmured as she started to cry.

“No tears!” he shouted. “Dry it up NOW!”

He really didn’t mind her crying. As a matter of fact, he liked seeing sluts cry. It showed their weakness and how terrified they were of him. In this case, however, he didn’t want moisture loosening the tape over her eyes. Obediently, she choked back her sobs.

“Open up,” he commanded. “And I expect you to swallow every drop.”

She complied and he shoved his hard cock in all the way to the back of her throat. He had to admit that the cunt really put her heart into it. She licked and sucked like a pro. After a moment’s hesitation, not certain whether or not she would be punished for it, she even reached up and began fondling and stroking his hairy balls as she sucked. Looking down at her, on her knees, orally worshipping his cock, trembling, he felt like a god! He rubbed the knife blade against her cheek just to remind her what was at stake and was highly satisfied at the little shiver of terror which passed through her. Finally he grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face tightly against his groin as he shot his load. She dutifully swallowed each glob which was pumped into her mouth and down her throat. When he finished and withdrew he wiped the last drop off onto her cheek. She was afraid to wipe it off. Just to torment her a bit further, he put the knife against the base of her ear. She whimpered. He said and did nothing, enjoying her agony. Finally he removed the weapon and told her, “You get to keep your ear ----- for now.”

“Thank you,” she replied in a small, humble voice, this time not having to be commanded to express gratitude.

He put her on her feet and took her into the living room, stood her in front of the couch, and sat down upon it.

“You liked sucking my cock, didn’t you?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she lied, anticipating what he wanted to hear.

“Of course you did,” he went on. “All bitches like sucking cock when they are MADE to do it. It’s in your female genes. It turns you on a lot more when a man treats you like you were meant to be treated, FORCING you to do what he wants rather than asking and begging. Bet you can’t wait to be fucked by me, can you?”

“No,” she dutifully replied.

“Open up your pussy for me,” he commanded.

Blushing, she reached down and used her fingers to open up her lower lips.

“It doesn’t look very wet to me,” he remarked. “I don’t like fucking dry cunts. Get it ready for me while I get myself hard again.”

He started stroking his cock as he watched her finger fuck herself in front of him. The shame and humiliation he knew she was experiencing helped him get hard that much faster. As for the woman, she was desperately thinking of every erotic thought she could conjure up, not believing that she was actually standing there naked in her own living room preparing herself for her own rape on the command of the man who would perform that rape!

Finally, he stood up and, without warning, pulled her hand away and shoved two of his own fingers inside her then began probing and exploring. “Not bad,” he observed. “But I still like the cunts I stick my cock into to be a bit wetter. Guess I’ll have to grease you up some.” Removing the fingers, he grabbed her tit again and walked her into the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, he surveyed its contents then remarked, “This should do.” With that, he removed a plastic squirt bottle of mustard. Then he walked her over to the kitchen table and put her on it on her back, her legs dangling over the side. “Spread your legs,” he commanded. She did as she had been told and, to her shock and surprise, had the end of the bottle inserted into her cunt and its cold contents squeezed into her most feminine area. When the bottle was empty and mustard oozing from her cunt, he shoved his cock inside and began pounding, the mustard gushing out from around his cock each time he thrust forward!

He pounded her mercilessly, battering her pelvic area. With each thrust, her small body shook and bounced. She had to bite down on her lower lip in order to keep from crying out in pain. He also mauled her breasts something awful, squeezing, pinching, twisting, and biting. When finally he shot his load into her and withdrew, he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

“Look at the mess you’ve made!” he shouted at her indicating the mustard, cum, and blood on his cock and the floor. “Get down and lick it all up!”

Obediently she used her tongue to clean his organ then, still gripping her by a fistful of hair, he moved her face from place to place as she licked up globs from the floor. The sight of his naked victim down on her hands and knees licking gunk up from the floor made him surge with a feeling of power. Just for the fun of it he gave her a good hard kick in the ass. Too terrified to cry out, she whimpered.

When she had swallowed the last of the mess, he made her stand once again and declared that it was time for bed. Leading her back into the bedroom, he took some scarves from the drawer. With one he tied her wrists behind her back. With others he formed a crude leash around her neck and secured her to the bed with the opposite end. “Wouldn’t want you to try slipping out or taking the tape off your eyes while I sleep,” he told her. He then spent the night with her. Three times during the night he woke up with a hard on and fucked her. Each time, he gave her no warning and said not a word to her. He just rolled over on top of her and did her. Once he had gotten his rocks off and was done with her, he just turned over and went back to sleep. She was of no more interest to him.

He slept well even though his victim slept not a wink throughout the night (something which was of absolutely no interest to him!). The following morning, upon waking, he got up, untied his prisoner, checked the tape over her eyes to make sure it was still secure, then hauled her to her feet and led her by the tit again into the bathroom.

“I have to pee,” he told her. “Hold my cock.”

She obeyed but, since she couldn’t see, she couldn’t aim correctly and some of his urine splashed onto the floor and toilet seat.

“You fucking clumsy whore!” he bellowed as he slapped her yet again. “You can’t even hit a toilet!”

“I-I’m sorry!” she apologized pathetically.

He made her lick up the splashes of pee and swallow them. It gave him an idea. Next time he had to pee maybe he would do it in her mouth and down her throat!

“Please,” she begged. “May I go?”

“Do it quick,” he told her.

She started to sit on the toilet but he made her do it in the tub standing up. Then he made her lick it up and didn’t permit her to wipe, leaving her bottom and legs wet. Lord, but what fun it was humiliating this bitch!

He fixed himself breakfast from the things she had in her frig, He gave her nothing, however. Why the fuck should he care how hungry she might be? He did, however, let her drink water ------- after she begged! Then he poured it in a bowl and put it on the floor making her lap it up using her mouth like a real bitch. After that, becoming horny again, he decided to use her one remaining hole. Bending her over the kitchen table he did her up the ass. He considered giving her a break and greasing her up first but decided he really didn’t give a shit and plowed into her dry. She yelped and howled with pain (for which he beat her ass until it was red as a beet!). When he was done he took something from his pocket and pressed it against her cheek.

“Feel that, bitch?” he asked. “That’s a badge. I’m a cop. You report this I’ll know about it. Hell, you might get really unlucky and I might be the one you report it to! Do that and you’ve just committed suicide. You understand that?”

“I won’t tell anyone!” she declared. “I swear to God I won’t!”

“Good girl,” he replied. In reality, the badge was a kid’s toy one but the cunt didn’t know that. He took her over to the window, made her get down on her knees so that her head was below the sill, and ordered her to place the palms of both hands on the glass.

“I’m leaving now,” he told her. “If I look back and don’t see those hands there or I see your head peeking out trying to get a look at me, I’ll come back here and kill you. Do you understand that?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I won’t move. I promise.”

How stupid cunts were, he thought to himself as he left. Did she REALLY think he would come back when she might have called the cops and they already on th e way there? The hands remained on the window and her head down, though. She remained an obedient little slut to the end. She had been one of his more enjoyable victims.

The woman remained there at the window until she was certain he was really gone. Then she took the tape from her eyes, curled up into a terrified ball on the floor, and sobbed for hours. Shortly there after she quit her job, sold her house, and moved to another state. She never told anyone about the rape, however. She believed his threat to kill her and, even in her new location, was never completely certain he couldn’t track her down and terminate her life. For the rest of her days she lived in fear and her dreams were haunted by that one terrible night!

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