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Sick and Weird
WARNING! This site contains videos & photos of the most extreme nature. View only at your own risk! Violent freaks - the lowest forms of humiliations!

- Crying bitches brutally raped!

Sick and weird
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Sick story:
A security officers uniform gives you the best opportunities. Like the Lane Bryant Girl in the Mall.

She was closing when I walked in and told her that Mall Security wanted to keep an eye on women workers alone at closing. She smiled. She was 5' 1", hippy, with a large round ass and breasts that stretched across her blouse that where 44d at least. She wore a skirt that came down to her knees, heels and no hose.

When her back was to me, I made my move. Had over her mouth, knife to her throat. I forced her to bring down the gate the mall stores use for a door, grabbed pair of coffee colored pantyhose, and took her to a dressing room.

I ordered to take off her heels and panties. She protested. I slapped her twice to get her attention. I grabbed her hair and threatened to gut her if she didn't obey. She took off her heels and panties. I tossed her the pantyhose and told her to put them on. There is nothing like watching a BBW put on hose. My cock grew harder.

The blouse, bra and skirt came next. She begged me not to hurt her. I pinched her huge nipples, and ordered her to put her hands behind her head and close her eyes. She obeyed.

I sucked her nipples and manhandled her huge breasts. I wrapped my arms around her and bit her neck, geting lost in her smell. She cried, begging me to stop.

I walked behind her and ran my knife up and down her back. Nothing like a BBW's sexy back. I put my mouth at the back of her neck, and licked all the way down her spine. I grabbed her hose covered ass and forced her to bend over.

I spread her legs and rubbed her crotch. I told her to be still and sliced open the hose and pushed my finger into her pussy. She tensed, and cried out as I began to violate her. I loved her terror. Time to get to work.

I ordered her to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth. I faced fucked her until my cock was good and wet, then pushed her onto the floor on her back.

I mounted her and rammed my hard cock into her. She was tight and warm. She cried out and began to sob as I laid my body on top of hers and began to pump her pussy.

I whispered in her ear how I loved to rape big women. That she was my Big Bitch to use and take. She begged me not cum in her. Offered me her mouth. My response was to put her legs over my shoulders and ram her harder. As I shot my long stream of cum in her, she lost it. She screamed and sobbed. When I pulled out, she curled up in a ball and cried.

As she wallowed in her humiliation, I stroked her ass. It was large and curvy. Normally, I'm out quickly, but her big ass and sobbing turned me on again. My cock started to grow again.

I rolled her to her side, lifted on leg, and straddled the other. She decided to fight me then. She tried to pull away from me, and hit me with her hands. But I was too strong and I drove my cock back into her pussy.

She howled and thrashed under me. God, what a turn on! When I pulled out of her pussy and rammed into her ass, her scream of pain was delicious.

I banged her ass for a long time. About halfway through, she submitted and went limp. She just grunt with each stroke of my cock into her tight ass. I shot into her ass.

She laid there. I stripped off her hose, and tied and gagged her with some scarves. I collected all her clothes and put them in a Lane Bryant bag. I wanted every trophy from this sexy tidbit. I even took her heels.

I made sure the alarm was on when I left the store. I wanted to make sure she was secure...

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