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Raped Bride
The darkest fantasy of all. Nothing is more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day. The perfect picture of innocence... until that innocence is violently shattered! Ravished Bride has thousands of video clips of brides brutally attacked and forced to commit acts of sexual deviation on their wedding day! Raped by the best man! Force fucked by the photographer... you will see gorgeous brides still in their white gowns screaming, with a stranger's cock forced into her ass just minutes before she is to walk down the isle. The darkest fantasy come to life...
Raped bride

Sample rape photos:

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About rape site:

- The beautiful bride on her wedding day... is there a more pure image of innocence in the world? What could be more arousing than seeing that innocence shattered by VIOLENCE? RAVISHED BRIDE features the only exclusive collection of brides being raped and abused by those closest to them, by total strangers, by people they trust. See as the bride is raped by her husband's friend, the best man, moments before she is to walk down the aisle. Too ashamed, too terrified to tell anyone, she faces him on the altar, knowing his best friend just fucked her ass as she screamed and cried! Watch as a stranger breaks into the bridal room, so enticed by the purity of this maiden that he cannot control himself. He has to tear at her dress, cram his cock into every hole, violate her beauty and innocence. This is the ultimate taboo... the ultimate blasphemy. You will see tens of thousands of photos, hours and hours of DVD-quality movies at RAVISHED BRIDE, and you will NEVER be the same!

- There is nothing more beautiful than a precious bride on her wedding day… except when she is being force fucked by a total stranger! At RAVISHED BRIDE, the ultimate image of innocence and purity is spoiled! Watch as brides are abused and humiliated, sexually assaulted, in some cases, just moments before they are to walk down the aisle! In some cases it is a total stranger… a caretaker, a deviant criminal, that breaks into her bridal room and tears the white dress from her body, spoiling her purity. Other times it is a trusted friend… the best man, a bridegroom, that decides to pluck this pretty flower just before she is promised to someone else. The movies are graphic, showing the bride sitting, smiling, preparing for her big day when, in some cases, there is a knock at the doors. She opens it to a masked man who immediately covers her mouth and forces her down to the floor, unable to scream. He tears at her clothes, spreading her legs wide and… well, you’ll have to see what happens next. A new level of perversity has been reached at RAVISHED BRIDE. This is one of the darkest sites I have seen in the entire niche of extreme porn and sexual domination. You will not forget this one any time soon…

- At RAVISHED BRIDE women at their most beautiful are made to fuck and suck! Brides preparing to take the plunge into marriage are force to do another kind of plunging… a huge cock rammed into their every hole! You will hear the bride-to-be’s screams, see her tears, practically smell the juices flowing out of her cunt as she is tied up, abused, humiliated, and force fucked in every conceivable fashion! The white dress, the white stockings, her lace panties and bra… all torn asunder just minutes before the ceremony as she is pounded like a piece of meat, held down, face fucked, ass fucked, and covered in hot, steaming cum, as she kicks and fights all the while. RAVISHED BRIDE features a massive archive of videos of brides being violated. I can’t imagine how much time and money they put into this stuff, but I can tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. I am a jaded fan of extreme porn, and this is a new perversion that really pushes the limits. Forget teen stuff, forget forced sex… what we have here is a new level of deviance! There are thousands of images, stories of brides being raped and abused… the moves are all downloadable or you can stream them, in full color and sound. If you want a taste, check out the previews. I guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.
RAVISHED BRIDE has arrived, folks, and the extreme porn world will never be the same!



Scream and Cream
PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED! This is the most violent sex site on the web! 100% unique content that you will not see anywhere else. Young and old women brutalized, fucked, fingered, tortured, and beaten. They are treated like animals and you get to see it all on video and in pictures. Read hundreds of unique stories about rape, domination, pain and pleasure. Choose from thousands of photos and movies that you can stream or download to your computer. 100% anonymous signup!! JOIN NOW!
Scream rape scenes
Sample rape photos:
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About rape site:

- Some fantasies are so sick, they approach insanity. SCREAM AND CREAM is such a site. This is the harshest, most violent, and vile rape content ever produced! It is all 100% unique and exclusive to SCREAM AND CREAM. Young and old women being force-fucked, beaten, tortured, abused... violated in every hole against their will. Watch in glorious full color... hear their screams as they are pounded like pieces of meat... see their tears and the terrified looks on their faces. Is it fantasy? When the women look this horrified, it is hard to know for sure, but what you will know for certain is that there is no other rape site on the web as extreme and realistic as SCREAM AND CREAM. Browse through their archive of thousands of videos, tens of thousands of photos, hundreds of stories and more. 100% anonymous signup. JOIN NOW.

- This is it, people. The most extreme “forced sex” site on the web. I am a seasoned porn veteran, which means I’ve “seen it all.” At least, I thought I had until I laid my eyes on the collection at SCREAM AND CREAM. This is, without a doubt, the sickest and most depraved rape fantasy content I have EVER seen. If you are new to the niche, be warned. This stuff might be too much for you. Even if you are a seasoned fan, like me, you may STILL come away shocked. In either case, I can guarantee that you will not find more extreme forced sex movies and photos ANYWHERE. It would also be tough to find a bigger collection of unique content on ANY porn site. The SCREAM AND CREAM team obviously put a lot of time and money into producing this stuff as there is a BIG collection and it is all really high quality. No grainy, fifth-generation video rips here. This stuff is pro-shot and pro-encoded in DVD quality. The images are all professionally done and nicely archived as well. If you like a certain girl, it is easy to find more content with her. If you are looking for a specific scenario, be it girl-on-girl domination, man-on-woman, group or whatever, it is just a click away. Consider yourself warned. Once you see SCREAM AND CREAM you may never be the same!

- SCREAM AND CREAM has a unique approach to the forced sex niche. Not only are the videos and photos more extreme than most, there is a special touch at the end: they all finish up with an internal cum shot! Not only are the girls dominated, they are forced to be cum receptacles! The ULTIMATE humiliation! So, what we really have here is two flavors combined into one. If you are into just domination and extreme sex, you get it here and then some. If you are into internal cumshots, you get it here and more… if you are in to both, well, get your wings ready because you are about to enter heaven! The video collection at SCREAM AND CREAM is excellent. Nicely shot with full color and full sound, this is just about as close to watching a DVD as you are going to get without actually putting one in. You can hear these girls fighting and crying as if you were in the room. They are categorized by the type of scene as well as the girl involved, so you can find more of what you want FAST. The picture archive is also great. Thousands of images that you can view in the browser or download to your computer. No grainy screen shots, it seems that the SCREAM AND CREAM team took the time to bring in a real photographer to document their video shoots as well as do some exclusive-to-photo content.



Uniform rape sex
See men and women in uniforms acting out rape and forced sex fantasies. Police, nurses, doctors, gardeners, criminals, garbage men, verterinarians... men and women with animals, being teased and tortured. Fucking and sucking! Hundreds of stories, thousands of movie clips, tens of thousands of photos all at your fingertips. This is the LARGEST collection of forced sex uniform content on the web and it is all waiting for you inside.
Uniform rape sex
Sample rape photos:
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About rape site:
- There is something about a uniform that commands respect. The outfit identifies an individual as a person of importance. Someone that can be trusted. But it also bestows a power and responsibility on them, and the cruelest results occur when that power is abused. See women raped by policemen, soldiers, doctors, nurses, gardeners, repair men... sick fuckers the poor victims are foolish enough to let into their homes when they are at their most vulnerable. Every scenario imaginable is brought to life. Gang rape, forced animal sex, one-on-one rape, women on woman, woman on man... you name it, it is happening inside UNIFORM DOMINATION. Over 20 hours of video, tens of thousands of images... enough stories to keep you reading for a month straight. This will not show on your credit card as an adult site. JOIN NOW!

- See the cruelest collection of uniform rape content on the web! Women raped by policemen, doctors, soldiers, mailmen... those in uniform that command trust and respect. Thousands of videos, tens of thousands of images, all of the most brutal uniform rape in the world. You will be shocked by what you see inside!

- There are some public figures that we should be able to trust. Policemen, firemen, postal workers and others… those in uniform that command respect. That is why it is so easy for them to abuse that respect to take advantage of gullible women! At UNIFORM DOMINATION, the people in uniform show that they can be as sick as the common criminal on the street. See as women let uniformed men into their homes to perform a service, and wind up paying more than just money! Repair men rape their clients once they gain entry to their homes. Women go to the police for help, only to be further abused and violated! Mail men force their way into homes, knowing the husband is not there, force fucking the wife while she begs for mercy. The tables also turn on men! Nurses take advantage of helpless, disabled patients! Female military officers sexually humiliate their subordinate soldiers. Anyone and everyone in a uniform can be seen in the act of sexual violation at UNIFORM DOMINATION. The fantasies are violent, sexually deviant and extreme. See the movies… the pictures… the terror on the faces of victims at UNIFORMDOMINATION.COM!

- We have a new approach to rape fantasy at UNIFORM DOMINATION that is quite refreshing to see. In a niche that has become oversaturated with the same old scenarios, it is nice to have a new subgenre! The site features all movies and images of people in uniform using their power to take advantage of others sexually. From soldiers and doctors to postal workers, repairmen, policemen, firemen and more, those in uniforms that make them trusted figures show what happens when that respect is abused. What is it that happens, you ask? Girls get cocks stuffed in every hole! They are force fucked, spit on, called names, abused, spanked, beaten and tortured while they are pounded like pieces of meat! And it is not just the women… the ladies take the power role here as well, making men fuck and suck (though how often does a man have to be FORCED to do that?), and heaping abuse on them the whole time! There are hours of videos exclusive to the site of every kind of sexual deviance being forced upon the unsuspecting victims. Thousands of images, graphic and crisp, of these sick fuckers in the act! There are stories, live chats, and a message board where you can post and share your own fantasies, as well as read the fantasies of other. Rape, BDSM, sodomy, torture, spanking, humiliation… it all awaits you, dressed for the occasion, at UNIFORMDOMINATION.COM



Violent Asians
THIS IS THE ONLY FORCED ASIAN SEX SITE ON THE NET!! Want to see tiny Asian women tortured, abused and forced to suck and fuck? Look no further. Violent Asians has TONS of content that you will not see anywhere else. Hundreds of stories. Thousands of movies. TENS OF THOUSANDS of photos, all that you can download to your computer or stream so they are NEVER on your hard drive for someone else to find. This is the most brutal, sickest Asian sex site in the world. JOIN NOW!
Raped Asians
Sample rape photos:
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About rape site:
- Ahh, Asian women... some of the most submissive in the world. They are obedient, attentive, beautiful, soft and sensual. THE PERFECT VICTIMS!! There is nothing quite like seeing these exotic beauties with dicks crammed in every open hole as they scream and beg for mercy! Watch as the beauty of the orient is violated and destroyed. VIOLENT ASIANS is the ONLY EXCLUSIVE ALL-ASIAN RAPE SITE ON THE NET! See Asian women raped in every scenario possible. By strangers, family members, friends, authority figures... if you can conjure up a sick fantasy in your mind, chances are the team at VIOLENT ASIANS has already made it happen, and captured it on video and photos to satisfy your darkest cravings. You will not see a collection of Asian rape content this massive anywhere else, GUARANTEED!

- The Asian female is a unique creature. Submissive, exotic, beautiful, refined. No woman in the world matches the sexual appeal of an Asian woman… which is why it is so arousing to see one being sexually violated without mercy! At VIOLENT ASIANS, Asian women are subjected to sexual depravities of every type. Rape, spanking, humiliation, bondage, domination, torture, face fucking, anal penetration, gang bangs… any scenario you can think of comes to life at this site! See gorgeous Geisha girls with dicks forced so deep down their throats that they choke. See raven-haired Asian women being double-penetrated as they beg for mercy! These women may be petite, but they can really take a pounding when they are made to… and they certainly are at VIOLENT ASIANS.

- If you have a fetish for Asian women, prepare to see it taken to a new extreme! The hottest Geisha girls, the most submissive, the most exotic… violated without mercy at VIOLENT ASIANS! The Asian woman is famous for being obedient, but sometimes even that is not enough for the men in their country. They aren’t happy unless the woman is screaming for mercy, and crying tears of pain as she is sexually abused and raped! These beautiful flowers are forced to submit to the most deviant sexual fantasies at VIOLENT ASIANS. Group rapes, forced blow jobs, ass fucking, eating cum, spanking, humiliation and more. There are thousands of images in the massive archive. Hundreds of movies, all beyond XXX in full color and sound, and crystal-clear DVD quality. You can search through the archives by the type of sex, or the girl involved, so it is easy to find your fantasy. New content is added every week, all exclusively made for VIOLENT ASIANS, and there is NO filler. What they promise is what you get: 100% sick and shocking violent Asian sex, and enough to keep you occupied for months on end. VIOLENT ASIANS is the only exclusive Asian forced sex site on the web, so if Asian women are your fetish and you like it rough, look no further.


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