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Ravished Bride

The ultimate violation! See brides raped by the best man! Force fucked by the photographer! See as a gorgeous young bride in her pretty white dress is gang banged against her will by three strangers... she screams and cries as they laugh, fucking her without mercy! The most extreme content of the most forbidden taboo awaits you inside RAVISHED BRIDE.
Ravished bride

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Short story:
Let me preface this by stating that the society depicted here is merely a reflection of the way things were in the south in the 1950s, NOT the way I think it should be nor do I in any way condone racism.

It was 1954 and Katie was an attractive young black woman in the heart of the deep south. Since graduating from high school she had lived with her widowed and ailing mother. For all that time she had also worked in the Mason cannery as did most of the town. She was most grateful for her job for the owner, Paul Mason, provided low rent housing and a clinic where her mother got care and medication free of charge. One morning Mr. Mason himself conducted a tour of the plant. He stopped at Katie’s station.

“What’s your name, girl?” he asked.

“Katie Sir,” she answered. Blacks (or ‘colored people’ as they were called then) had no last names as far as whites were concerned.

“Well, Katie,” Mason went on. “You’re a mighty pretty girl.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“You aren’t one of those uppity colored gals who think they ought to be getting paid as much as the white girls are you?”

“No Sir! I appreciate what I get. I don’t want to cause no trouble, Sir!”

“Good girl. You’d better get back to work now.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

That was the first time she had ever seen the owner and thought it would be the last. How TERRIBLY wrong she was! The following Sunday, as she and her mother were getting ready to walk the short distance to church there came a knock on the door. When her mother opened it she was surprised to see Paul Mason himself standing there.

“Why Mr. Mason,” she exclaimed. “We is honoured, Sir!”

“Does Katie live here?” he inquired.

“Yes Sir,” she replied. “I is her mother, Beverly. We was just fixed to go to church.

“Well Beverly,” he said as he walked past her and on inside without waiting for an invitation. “You go on alone. Katie and I have some visiting to do.”

“Oh Sir,” she started to say as Katie entered the room. “I don’t ----.”

“Run along,” he interrupted. “Katie won’t be going.”

“Y-yes Sir,” she stammered as she walked out the door closing it behind her.

Mason walked over to a couch and sat as the surprised Katie stood there in her best yellow Sunday dress.

“It’s hot out,” he told her. “Go get me something cold to drink.”

“Please Sir,” she began. “I really don’t think -----.”

“I didn’t ask what you think,” he told her. “I told you to do something and I don’t want to have to tell you again.”

“Yes Sir,” she replied leaving the room. Katie had been taught from childhood that white people, especially white men, were always to be obeyed, even in her own home. In a moment she returned with a glass of iced tea which he took from her with no word of thanks. Instead, after sipping the tea and setting the glass down on the end table at his side, he patted the couch beside him telling the girl, “Come sit.”

“I’m just fine standing here, Sir, but thank you anyway.”

“It wasn’t a request,” he told her. “Now, if you don’t start behaving yourself a little better I might have to rethink whether or not I want you to go on working for me. You know, Katie, there are plenty of little nigger gals who would like to have your job.”

She immediately went and sat beside him. He put his arm around her and she got nervous but it was when he placed his other hand on her knee that she began to become really scared. She reached down and placed her small hand on his and gave it a little shove, hard enough to let him know she didn’t appreciate that sort of attention but not enough to make him angry.

“You’re touching me,” he told her. “Do you know what happens to a nigger who touches a white person without permission?”

“Oh please Mr. Mason!” she begged as she removed her hand and his hand crawled a little farther up her leg.

“ Katie,” he asked her. “Do you like your job?”

“Oh yes Sir.”

With the arm he had around her, he pulled her a bit closer to him. She tensed.

“And do you appreciate living in this house for as little rent as I charge you?”

“Y-yes Sir.”

The hand on her leg was now slowly lifting the hem of her dress exposing her shapely coffee-with-cream colored legs.

“And do you appreciate the free medical care and medicines your mother gets at the company clinic?”

“Of course Sir but ------.”

“But nothing,” he interrupted her. The hand on her leg was now gently squeezing her thigh while, with the other, he had begun playing with her long ebony hair, “Well I’d think you would show me a little gratitude then.”

“Th-thank you Sir.”

“Oh, Katie,” he said in a mockingly hurt tone. “I’m disappointed in you! Can’t you do better than just words?”

“Wh-what do you want S-Sir?” She was trying to pull away from him discreetly but he held her firm.

“Here,” he said as he grabbed her by the chin. “I’ll show you.”

With that he mashed his mouth on her delicate lips and leaned into her forcing her down onto the sofa on her back. She tried to twist her face free of his grasp but he held it firmly in place. Frantically, she tried to struggle but he was considerably larger and heavier than she and he kept her effectively pinned beneath him. She could feel one of his hands under her dress tugging at her panties and, in a panic, she began flailing at him, her small fists ineffectually pounding at his back. Finally, in an act of sheer desperation, she raked her nails across the side of his face. He sat up with a howl of pain and surprise. For a second he sat there holding his injured cheek then he growled, “You impudent bitch!”

Then the back of his hand SLAMMED into the side of her face. Her head seemed to explode and she tumbled off the couch and onto the floor. She lay there half dazed as she felt but had not the lucidity to do anything about her dress being ripped from her body and torn into strips which were then used to bind her wrists behind her back. Mason grabbed her by the arms and roughly yanked her to her feet then threw her over his shoulder. Katie was carried into her bedroom and tossed onto the bed just as her mind cleared.

“Please Sir,” she mumbled as he grabbed her ankles, pulled them wide apart and tied them to the bedposts with other strips torn from the bed. “Please don’t!”

“Shut up!” he snapped. “No little nigger cunt scratches me!”

“Let me go!” she insisted. “If you don’t I’ll ----!”

“You’ll what?” he asked. “You’ll scream? Go on. Once people see my car outside you think anyone is going to dare interrupt me? Or maybe you are thinking of calling the sheriff when I’m done. You really think he’s going to do anything? Hell, he’s force fucked his own share of colored pussy!”

She knew that what he said was correct. With a moan of despair tears began spilling from her eyes.

“Stop blubbering,” Mason commanded. “Everyone knows that you dark cunts live for fucking.”

He left the bedroom and returned in a moment. When Katie saw the sharp butcher knife which he had gotten from the kitchen in his hand her eyes went enormous with fear. Roughly he grabbed her bra and cut it from her, exposing her lovely twin mounds and dark nipples. Next he cut free her panties leaving her totally nude and spread out before him.

“How much cock you, had?” Mason asked as he lay the knife down and began loosening his belt.

Katie said nothing.

WHAP! He slapped her across the mouth. “A white man just asked you a question nigger!”

“N-none Sir,” she murmured in return. “I’ve never done it Sir.”

SMACK! He slaped her left breast. “Don’t lie to me! Aint a nigger bitch alive who hasn’t been poked by the time she’s twelve!”

“I swear it Sir! It’s the truth!”

“Well, I’ll just have to see about that myself.” He was completely disrobed by then and was holding his erect cock. Katie stared at it in terror. Mason climbed onto the bed between her legs. Reaching down, he grabbed her crotch then shoved a finger inside. Katie yelped in pain and shock for which she was slapped on the other breast and commanded to keep quiet.

“Goddamed bitch!” Mason complained. “You’re fucking dry! You are about to get the honour of having a white cock shoved up your worthless black pussy and you’re too ungrateful to get wet!” He held his hand in front of his face and spit on the fingers several times. Then he stuck them back inside her and rubbed it around her pussy lining proclaiming, “That’s good enough.”

Following that he literally RAMMED himself inside her all the way to the hilt. His saliva lubrication did little to protect her and she shrieked in agony.

“Dumb fucking cunt!” he snarled as he hit her yet again. “I TOLD you to keep quiet!” She bit her lip in order to stifle her screams of pain, not wanting to be beaten further.

After a few minutes of thrusting and pounding he breeched her hymen announcing, “Well, well I busted me a nigger cherry!”

His assault on her seemed to her to last forever but finally he stiffened, groaned, and pumped his cum deep within her. A few moments after that he got up and dressed then he untied her from her bonds.

“You tell anyone about this,” he warned her. “And you’ll be out of a job and you and your mama out of here in a day, you understand that?”

“Y-yes Sir,” she mumbled between sobs. Who would believe her or do anything about it even if they did anyway?

“You belong to me now,” he told her. “I won’t be coming here anymore but you’ll be anywhere I tell you anytime I tell you to be there, got that?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And no matter what I do to you or which hole I stick my cock in, I don’t want anymore back talk like this time, understand?”

“Y-yes Sir.”

He reached up to the scratch marks on his face, “These are going to cost you. Next week you work for free, no paycheck.”

“Yes Sir.”

Without further comment he left and Katie drew her sore, battered, violated body up into a ball and wept pitifully!

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