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Short story:
Who remembers high school? Me, I never forget. I was a normal average Joe in high school, not too popular, but not a nerd, just one of the masses competing for pussy. I had the major hoots for this bitch named Angel. She was a sophomore when I was a senior, but one of my "friends” dated her. I only say friend because I sort of hung in the same group, but I was at the low end of the groups totem pole. I knew Shane was fucking Angel every time he could (who could blame him), and god, I wanted her fucking body.

Angel was a cheerleader, blonde with a fine body, and a gorgeous face, every guys dream I guess, and man did she star in my fantasies, I would fantasize fucking her or even raping her. One time when we all went out, we stopped by her house, and I said I had to go to the bathroom, I found a hamper in the bathroom and masturbated on a pair of her jeans. Pretty sick I guess.

I was basically obsessed with Angel you could say. Once I overheard her giving her locker combination to Shane, and I used the combination to open her locker, and to steal her purse (I knew her id would be in there, and it was a picture to beat off to) plus she had a real nice leather jacket which I took, and beat off on many, many times. (Told you I am sick). Angel was pissed when she realized she was ripped off, but she had no idea it was one of her boyfriend’s associates.

One night we were all at a party, drinking, getting really drunk. Shane and Angel had this huge fight, I think because he wanted head right then and now. Shane got pissed off and left around midnight. Angel just stayed at the party, and got more drunk. I felt no pity for Angel. I figured she was a rich, hot cheerleader, and having a few hours of misery in her life was poetic justice. Well Angel must have drank too much because she puked, and then passed out. A few of us carried her into a bedroom, and kept drinking. I knew what I was going to do now. The eight people left at the party just kept drinking, and within a few hours all of the party was passed out, except for me.

Silently, I crept into the bedroom where Angel was passed out, and laid down next too her. I nudged her too see if she would wake up, but man she was gone. I moved my hands onto her ass and felt it up. This was like heaven. I was trembling fearing she would wake up from her drunken state, or one of the drunks in the other room would stumble in, but I knew I would never have another chance to fuck Angel.

I felt up her nice firm tits, but didn’t open her shirt. Then throwing caution to the wind I unbutton Angel’s tight jeans, and pulled them down to her ankles. Next I pulled her panties off, and prepared to mount this drunken bitch. My dick was rock hard, and I was so ready to rape Angel. Suddenly I heard a car pull into the driveway, and glancing out the window I saw it was Shane, Angel’s fucking boyfriend. Fuck! I thought, and I quickly pulled her panties and pants back up, and dove under the bed.

Shane came in, lay next to Angel, and began to try to wake her up. Eventually, Angel woke up, he apologized, and they made up, and then had sex, with me being forced to listen from under the bed. I was so fucking angry I vowed revenge against both of them.

Time passed, Shane and Angel got married, Shane inherited his fathers company, and Angel got hotter, and was now a rich women in her late twenties. I got a decent job and tried to work my way through college, and became an accomplished pickpocket. I had totally forgotten about Angel, until our class reunion. That day would change all three of our lives.

Angel and Shane showed up at our class reunion driving a 1999 Mercedes, and dressed like something right out of GQ magazine. Angel wore a tight red sundress, and her body was so firm, probably due to hours of working out. My mind raced back to the day where I almost raped Angel, and she even looked better now! I knew that I was going to have to have my day with that bitch. My "friend” Shane barely remembered me, and just gave me a token handshake (my guess is to appease this commoner), but what he didn’t know was, while he was shaking my hand, I was picking his pocket of his keys, and wallet from his suit jacket. (Man I was a real good pickpocket), I only stayed at the reunion for an hour, no one even realized I had left, and I headed for Shane and Angel’s house.

I parked my car about a mile from their house, to prevent discovery, and walked through the woods to the back of their property. Now crawling I made it to the dark side of the house, and moved through the bushes quietly, until I reached the front porch. The porch was dark and I used Shane’s keys to open the front door, half-surprised an alarm didn’t signal my entrance. I carried a bag containing a ski mask, a small crowbar, a role of duct tape, and a pair of gloves.

Wow what a house! I knew they were rich, but I didn’t realize how rich. I entered each room and shined my flashlight. They had the finest silverware, the nicest electronics; Angel had so much fine jewellery, which I put in my bag, and two mink coats. Yes they were coming with me when I left. I rummaged through Angel’s panty drawer, and found an envelope full of money (780$), isn’t that the last place you should hide money? I also stole a real nice nightly from Angel. The stealing was nice, but I was going to have to rape Angel to finally complete my revenge.

From what I heard later on Shane thought he dropped his keys and wallet getting out of his car, and never suspected someone had pick pocketed him. Therefore, they came home later in the evening not suspecting that someone was waiting for them in there own house.

Later that night, I heard their car pull up into the driveway, and I hid in the guest bedroom, and pulled on my mask and got ready. Shane came in first, and then Angel. I heard Angel. "I am going to take a shower, and go to bed. Be ready when I get back!” she said in a sexy voice. Shane headed for the kitchen, and once I heard the shower running, I crept up behind Shane and cracked him in the head with a small crowbar. Shane fell hard, out like a light. Quickly I took the role of duct tape I had brought with me and taped his hands, legs, and mouth, and dragged him into his bedroom. Next I put him in a high-backed chair and taped him into it. Shane, groggy, woke up, and tried to break his bonds. I leaned over and whispered. "Try all you like you aren’t going to get out, and I am going to fuck your bitch."

He struggled when I told him this, and I could see the anguish in his face. Not bad enough his wife was going to be raped, but he was going to have to watch.

I reached down and took Shane’s expensive Rolex from his wrist. "You won’t be needing this!" I whispered. "How pathetic, If you can’t protect your property from me, how can you protect your wife!"

Shane wanted to kill me I could tell, but he couldn’t get loose, and I continued antagonizing him. "Has you wife ever had a real man? Well she is going to very soon."

I heard the shower stop running, and I moved to my predator position outside the bathroom door.

I heard Angel in the bathroom calling to Shane in a sexual voice. You ready honey? Because I am feeling horny. Little did Angel know that she was making her soon to be rapist very excited.

The bathroom door opened and Angel started down the hall to the master bedroom. She was dressed in a white bathrobe, and looked so fucking hot. I grabbed her right before she got to her bedroom door, and for a brief instance I swore she thought I was her husband, but she quickly figured out I wasn’t.

Angel struggled and screamed for Shane, but I muffled her voice and said. "Scream all you want bitch! I have your precious husband!" I showed her Shane’s Rolex. Grabbing her by the waste I carried her into the master bedroom, and her eyes caught Shane who was bound in the chair.

"Now I am in control! If you want your husband to live, you had better do everything I say!"

Angel pleaded with me to let her and her husband go, but I didn’t want to hear any of her crying. I jumped on top of her, growling and laughing, my hands groping and squeezing her breasts as my mouth pressed down against hers.

"No! No!" she gasped.

"Shut up, slut!"

I backhanded her, then gripped the front of her thin robe and tore it open. She raised her hands, trying to push me away and I backhanded her again, making her cry out in pain. She sobbed and moaned in misery and terror. I began digging my fingers into the soft chest meat as her mind was filled with horror. Angel gasped as I shoved my tongue forcefully into her mouth. She sobbed helplessly as my rough hands mauled her breasts, and my mouth came wetly down on her own. She was stunned, by the touch of my hands on her precious breasts. I sat back, gripping her bathrobe in my hands and began tearing it down all the way the hem. She cried out in misery as my hands gripped her panties. She tried to grasp at them, but again my big hand cracked across her face, hurling her head back against the pillows. I jerked her silky panties up, lifting her legs violently and tearing the panties down and off, flinging them at Shane, and laughing maniacally. She whimpered in terror, trying to turn or twist away, to protect her vulnerable crotch, but I jammed my hands between her thighs and yanked her legs apart, then I dove between them. I gripped her hair and jerked her head back painfully, then bit down on her left breast as she sobbed in misery. I fumbled with my zipper, then drew out my now raging erection, pressing it against her still tight pussy entrance.

She screamed hysterically at the sensation, raising her hands and slapping despairingly at me. My cock pierced her tight entrance, then thrust into her, stabbing up into her belly like a rocket. She gasped, then moaned weakly as her pussy was violated, and my thick, bloated cock drove into her to even deeper. I began to pump, raising my ass high and thrusting into her again and again as she lay there sobbing. Her legs were wide, her arms lying flat beside her head. She had given up any attempts at fighting me, as Shane looked on helpless to intervene in his wife’s humiliation

Angel felt my big cock pumping inside her, going in and out, and stabbing up into her belly with cruel violence, but could do nothing about it. She moaned and whimpered and closed her eyes. I humped faster and faster, my hands groping at her breasts or tearing at her hair, then I let out a long, victorious moan, shot a load of cum like I had never before, and collapsed atop her.

I lay there for some seconds, then slowly pulled myself off. I got to my feet and, leered down at her as she lay spread-eagled below.

Come on, slut, I growled, bending and gripping her by the hair.

She cried out again in pain, grasping at my hand as I forced her to her feet.

I whispered to her. "Now say how good I was, how much better I am than your husband!"

She refused, but when I threatened to castrate Shane she did as I said.

Shane upon hearing this began crying and my dick raged hard again. I rolled Angel over on her stomach and now had a birds eye view of the ass that I had dreamed about forever. My hands trembled as I squeezed her ass again and again. I am an assman and seeing this thing of beauty I knew what was too come next, and judging by her look of fear, SO DID SHE!

Mounting her from behind I lined up my stiff cock with her tight ass hole, and violently I thrust my rod straight into her ass. The tight pink ring stretched as I stuffed my dick up her precious ass. Angel screamed a tremendous scream, and shuddered underneath each of my thrusts. I looked up and smirked at Shane through my ski mask. If looks could kill I would be dead. Shane was being forced to watch his wife being raped up the ass. I continued thrusting into this country club bitch’s ass, and finally the cum welled up in my dick and I fired into Angel’s ass. She shuddered violently, but made no move as my cock finished putting its creamy cum into her ass.

Now after two loads I needed a break so I bound Angel and proceeded to loot the whole house, the most fun was removing Angel’s huge diamond engagement ring and wedding band (What an invasion). Rich people’s houses have so much good shit; its tough to decide what to take, so I just loaded the Mercedes in the garage with everything I could find.

I really wanted to fuck those pouty little lips of Angels so I headed back to the master bedroom, rock hard. I ordered her to open her mouth, and I told her if I felt any teeth on my dick (to make sure she didn’t get any notion about biting my cock.), Shane’s penis would be cut off and put in her mouth. Subordinate, Angel became to let my dick into her fine little mouth.

I swear that Angel’s mouth was made to fit my cock. I thought about all the time I could have been raping her mouth, and regretted lost time. I pushed my dick all the way back into her throat and could feel my ball sack slapping against her chin. My cock pumped deep into her throat and finally the cum welled up and I shot jism deep into her throat. Angel choked as the cum just kept on spewing from my dick. Finally I pulled out of her mouth, and jism ran down out of her mouth.

Angel cried she was humiliated, and her husband was being forced to watch this heinous rape.

I looked at the now ravaged Angel and laughed; finally after ten years I had my revenge against this couple.

I had some more fun later on jamming different items up into Angel’s pussy, and fisting her ass with my hand (that really stretched her out).

Now I had to decide what to do with them. I am not a killer so I knew I couldn’t kill them. I don’t think they recognized me, but I wasn’t sure so after I loaded the Mercedes full and took the first load of loot out of the house. I drove back to the house, parked the car in the garage, and I carried both of them too the car and put them in it. I drove the Mercedes to a real bad side of town, and left Angel and Shane tied up in the car. As I disappeared into an alley, I saw a group of gang bangers had spotted the Mercedes, and were headed towards it. I can only imagine the fun they had with Angel, kind of wish I could have been there to watch. Not Surprisingly Angel or Shane didn’t make it too the reunion dance the next night, or were they seen ever again.

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