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You are alone in the office and late when I bust in and grab you. Hand over your mouth and a knife
to your throat. I gag you with duct tape and bind your wrists behind you. I bend you over your desk, and with my knife I slice off your panties. I molest your ass, kneel behind you and begin to lick your clit. I ram finger inside your ass as I lick your clit. You struggle and squirm, but you are helpless.
I feel your pussy getting wet, and against your will, you cum for me your rapist. Tears are flowing down your face as I ram my hard cock into your wet pussy. I take you with hard quick strokes and grunt as I shoot my semen into your tight pussy. You belong to me now. I yank you to your feet, throw a hood over you head, and drag you to my van. I bind your legs together and toss you into my van. Time for more fun...

Arriving in my house, I drag you into my bedroom and slice off the tape binding you. I force you at knife point to strip down to your thigh high stockings. I force you on my bed and tie you spread eagle to it. I run my tounge over your huge titties and bite your nipples. I enjoy your tears and your moans of fear. I reach across and slap your titties. You are my play thing now. I lick your clit and get it good and wet. I take my hand and spank your clit, watching your back arch from the pain and pleasure I am giving you. I force you to beg me to rape you. I mount you and slowly shove my cock inside you. As I pump you, I rub your clit. You start to cry and beg me to stop....then you scream as you cum for me again. The humliation you feel must be deep. For me, it is a turn on. I pump faster inside you until I let go inside you for a second time....

After cumming in you a second time, I untie your legs and tie them to the head board so they are over your head and you are spread wide. You cry out in pain. I decide to give you something to cry about. I take a belt and whip your exposed ass and pussy. You scream in pain. I give your titties a couple of lashes. I enjoy abusing you.

I feel my cock growing hard again. I stop whipping you, climb between your legs, and ram my hard cock into your ass. The scream you let loose is so sexy. I sodomize you with slow strokes, making my pleasure last. I push a finger into your pussy and rape your pussy with it. Your tears and screams are great. You beg me to stop. You offer me your mouth. You offer me anything, just stop raping your ass. I laugh and pump faster inside you, reaching up to slap your titties to add to your pain.

I cum in your ass. It is great and you are broken. I untie you. You just lay there, eyes open, catatonic.
I strip you of your thigh high stockings and lead you back to my van naked. You move like an robot. I
take you back to your office park lot and push you out the door naked. I watch in my rear view mirror as I drive away just stand in the parking lot in your stupor.

I add your clothes to my trophy case...

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