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All kinds of medieval tortures here! Lustful monks and their revealed desires! No pity on agonizing witches! Suffering witches will be punished! Young fairylike females went through unbelievable sufferings. Explore the fullest archive of medieval tortures! Fond of history? Do not mind some spicy stuff? Find it all in medieval times!
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At eighteen, Janet Cole was an attractive young lady. Although considered tiny at 5 foot 4 inches and only 98 pounds, her body and legs were well proportioned and shapely. Her beautiful, heart shaped face had the delicate features of a porcelain doll, with large blue eyes, full pouting lips, and an upturned button nose. She wore her blond hair long, reaching to the centre of her back. Somewhat self conscious about her height, Janet usually wore four inch high heels with short skirts to give the illusion that she was taller than she really was.

Janet was in the " Touch-a-Glass" night club with some of her girl friends. They had known each other for years, and it was normal for the four of them to go the nicer clubs in town on Friday nights if they didn't have dates. Not " on the make" , they were here to dance and talk and just have some fun.

Janet sipped her drink, only half listening to Christy's story about her date the previous Saturday. While Jenny and Denise were interested, Janet had heard all about it at lunch. The guy had seemed really nice at first, but later in the evening turned into an octopus.

" I swear" Christy was saying, " it seemed like he had eight hands. They were everywhere! I finally had to slap him to get him to stop pawing me. Then when I demanded he take me home, he couldn't understand why!"

" I know" replied Denise, " I've run into assholes like that. It's like they think you owe them something."

Unlike Denise, Janet had a hard time feeling sorry for Christy in this instance. She should have seen that the guy was a jerk before she went out with him. Janet drew her fair share of admiring glances from men, and she had also heard her fair share of pickup lines, some good, some bad. Although still a virgin, which she was determined to remain until married, Janet considered herself to be world-wise and capable of taking care of herself in any situation. After all, she considered herself to be a good judge of people and would never associate with anyone who she considered the least bit questionable. While she knew that bad people existed, she knew in her heart that her own good judgment would keep her safe. The fact that Christy didn't take time to really evaluate the guy before she went out with him was really her own fault.

Carl Morgan sipped his beer at the bar and once again looked towards the petite blond sitting with the three other girls. Although Carl was himself 6 foot and 195 pounds, he had always been attracted to smaller girls. There was just something so feminine about them. He continued watching her, trying to judge the best way to approach her. Different moves for different chicks. Carl knew that plenty of guys blew good chances just because they didn't evaluate the girl before making their move. This one for example. Carl noticed that she sipped her drink, consuming less than her three friends. She wouldn't be attracted to a heavy drinker. She smiled and talked with her friends, but she wasn't loud or boisterous like the red head with her. She would like a guy who was friendly, but quiet. She was nicely dressed without being showy. She would want someone with a little style, a little class. Carl, the consummate actor, began working himself into the role he would play.

Janet had noticed the young man at the bar who kept glancing at her. Not in a leering way; more like shyly, as if he were trying to work up his nerve to come over. Janet liked guys like that. They weren't pushy. Handsome, she thought, without the swagger of the conceited. Tall, well built with an athletic look about him. Dark wavy hair. Nicely dressed in a casual way; jeans and a really nice sweater. She noticed that he was nursing his beer, which was another point in his favour. Janet decided that if he looked over again, she would smile at him. Give him a little encouragement to overcome his shyness.

Carl glanced over again, and this time the little blond smiled at him. Carl glanced down at the floor for an instant with his best " aw shucks" look before looking over and smiling back. Her smile widened. He had been right. The " shy guy" ploy had been the right one for this chick. Carl acted as if he were hesitating for an instant, then slid off his bar stool and walked towards the table.

" Whoa girl!" Jenny whispered to Janet " Is he ever a doll!"

" No shit!" added Denise, " If you don't want him, let me know!"

" Come on, guys, knock it off!" Janet said. Sometimes her friends could be really childish.

" Hi" the good looking guy smiled down at Janet.

" Hi." Janet smiled back.

" My names Carl, and I was wondering if, um, you might like to dance?"

" I'm Janet, and I'd love to" Janet replied as she stood up.

Normally, Janet would only dance a few times with guys she met in clubs. Once she made it obvious that she wasn't interested in having a sexual adventure with them, most guys moved on to see what else they could find. Carl was different, though. While he made it obvious that he thought she was attractive, he didn't come on to her, didn't make any of the sly sexual remarks that guys for some reason thought were cool. He was a good conversationalist, and really showed an interest in what she had to say. Older than Janet, Carl was twenty three and a senior in college. Suddenly, the lights came up. It was closing time. Without even realizing it, Janet had spent the whole evening with Carl, dancing sand talking.

" Darn! I didn't realize it was so late." Carl said.

" I know," agreed Janet " it doesn't seem like it should be closing time already."

" You rode in with your friends, right? Well, I was wondering, um...." Oh no, thought Janet, here it comes! The line! How about if I give you a ride home. Yeah, right. " ....would you mind if I walked you and your friends to your car. It may sound silly and old fashioned, but I'd feel better."

Janet could hardly believe it! This guy was great! " Of course you can, Carl. I'd like that."

" You know Janet, well, I'd like to see you again, and I thought maybe we could go out for coffee or something tomorrow. Maybe a movie?"

" I'd like that. Let me give you my number, and you can call me tomorrow."

Carl escorted the four young ladies to their car, said good night, and watched them drive out of the parking lot. Another mistake too many guys made was pushing too fast. Carl was in no hurry, he had plenty of time. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He hadn't smoked in the club because it didn't fit the image he was trying to put forth to this sweet young thing. Yeah, Carl thought as he lit a cigarette, sweet young thing. Carl liked them young. Small and young. He took a deep drag on the cigarette and inhaled. Tomorrow night, he thought. Tomorrow night we open your package, sweet thing.

" I tell you, Jenny, this guy is just great! He called me today and we talked for nearly three hours. He is just so great! He's taking me to " Devotions" for dinner tonight! You know, that really cool place out in the country? Do you believe it? " Devotions" of all places! Isn't that just too great?"

" God, Janet, I've never seen you like this before! It's like you're gushing!"

" I am not! It's just that he's so different than the guys I'm use to."

" Well of course he's different, silly! He's not one of the high school guys you've dated, he's a college man!"

" I know! He's just so much more than the kids I've known. Even Danny. I mean, I thought Danny was just everything! But compared to Carl, well....Look, I've got to go. Carl will be here soon, and I still have to get ready. Talk to you later!"

" Okay, bye" Jenny said as she heard Janet hang up. As she put down the receiver, she felt a sudden worry come over her. Something didn't seem right. What was it? " Devotions" ! That was it! " Devotions" just didn't seem to be the type of place a shy guy like Carl would pick! Far too trendy. Jenny shook her head, shrugging off the feeling. Janet knew what she was doing. She could take care of herself. Besides, Carl was so nice!

Janet put on her high heels and buckled the straps around her slim ankles. She then checked her outfit in the mirror. A white ruffled silk blouse, a short black skirt with the wide black patent leather belt, natural colored pantyhose, and the black patent leather heels with the ankle straps. Stylish and good looking without being too showy. And it showed off her legs, of which she was justifiably proud.

" Janet!" her mother called from downstairs, " you have company."

" I'll be down in a second, mother!" Her purse! Where was her purse?! She hadn't been this nervous about a date in ages! She knew why. It was because she was already thinking that maybe Carl was the one! The one she would spend her life with. God, was it possible!

As she reached the bottom of the steps, she heard Carl's voice in the living room. " Oh, I think they'll make it to the playoffs, but they don't have a chance at the Super Bowl, not without a tighter offence."

" Agreed," came her fathers voice " but the owners don't want to lay out the money to get the right people. They want a winning team without making the needed investment."

" Daddy! Not football again!" Janet said as she entered the living room.

Carl immediately stood up, his eyes lighting up and his smile widening as he saw Janet. " Geeez, you look absolutely great! I mean, you're just beautiful!"

" Why thank you kind sir" Janet smiled back. " And may I return the compliment?"

" Well, um, are you ready, then?" Carl asked.

" Anytime," Janet said turning to the door.

Carl shook Mr. Cole's hand and said " It was a pleasure meeting you, sir. You too, Mrs. Cole. And don't worry, I'll take good care of your daughter."

As they watched the car pull out of the drive way, Mr. Cole said to his wife, " You know, dear, when Janet first told us about Carl, I wasn't too fond of the idea. You know, with him being older and in college. But now that I've met him...."

" I know, dear," answered Mrs. Cole. " I like him, too. A real gentleman."

Dinner had been like a dream come true to Janet. The waiter never questioned her age when Carl ordered them drinks before dinner, or when he ordered the bottle of wine with dinner. And what a great dinner it was. Nobody had ever brought her to a restaurant like this before. After dinner, Carl ordered them each a coffee and a brandy. Although the brandy was too strong for her taste, she drank it because Carl said it was to celebrate a very special occasion: their first date! She simply couldn't refuse!

Back in the car, Janet felt light headed, but completely relaxed as she leaned her head against Carl's shoulder. She wasn't completely drunk, but well into the tipsy stage. Carl turned the car off the main road.

" Where are we going?" Janet asked.

" Oh, there's someplace special I want to show you. Special to me. My father used to bring me fishing back here when I was a kid. That was before he died."

" I'm sorry" said Janet, " I didn't know."

" It's okay. No way you could know. But that's why it's special back here. And I wanted to show it to you because you're special, too."

Janet snuggled into his shoulder. " Thank you. I think you're special, too."

They were on a dirt road now that ran near the lake. Carl turned again, pulling onto a little used track that wound under and between the trees. Pulling almost to the edge of the lake Carl stopped the car and turned off the engine. With the headlights out, the only light came from the moon reflecting off the lake.

" It's beautiful back here," Janet said.

" Not as beautiful as you," Carl said as he leaned over and kissed her gently. Janet responded to the kiss, slipping her left arm around Carl's waist and her right around his neck. They continued kissing, Carl rubbing his left hand up down her side. Then the hand moved further, moving onto her right breast.

Janet pulled back. " Don't." she said as she pushed his hand away.

" Okay, babe," Carl said " okay."

They resumed kissing, but in almost no time his hand was back on her breast.

" Please, Carl, don't do that." she said as she pushed his hand down off of her breast. His hand kept moving down as he began kissing across her cheek to the right side of her neck, pressing her back against the seat. His hand moved down along her side, along her hip to the outside of her right thigh.

" Carl, stop it."

Down the nylon clad leg and up onto the knee.

" Carl, please, that's enough."

Then she felt his hand move to the inside of her left thigh, squeezing and rubbing as he continued kissing and licking her neck, pinning her to the seat with his body.

" Carl, please! Please stop it!"

And then his hand was up under her skirt, grabbing and rubbing her crotch. She tried to push his hand away with her one free arm, but he was too strong. She twisted her body, pushing against him at the same time.

" Don't! Quit it! I don't want to do this!" Janet pleaded to no avail.

Somehow, she managed to pull away from him. Grabbing her by the shoulders, Carl slammed her back against the seat, again pinning her with his body. With Janet's left arm pinned between him and the seat, and his right arm behind her, Carl twisted Janet's right arm up behind her back and grabbed her wrist with his right hand. With both of Janet's arms immobilized, Carl crushed his mouth to hers as his free hand grabbed her breast, squeezing and twisting.

Janet managed to twist her mouth free of Carl's as the pain he was causing registered in her mind.

" Oh God! Stop it! Please stop it! You're hurting me!"

She felt his hands working the buttons of her blouse, felt him pulling it open. He pulled the blouse down off her shoulder. Pulling the bra strap off her shoulder, he pushed the cup of her bra down exposing her breast to his hand. Roughly he grabbed and squeezed her nipple, sending another surge of pain through her.

" Don't! Please stop it! You're hurting me! Please STOP!" she begged through her tears as she began crying in both pain and frustration. She twisted and squirmed, but she couldn't get away form him. He was all over her.

Carl pulled her away from the back of the seat, turned her and threw her backwards. Janet found herself flat on her back with Carl on top of her. He pulled her blouse and bra down to her waist, completely exposing her upper chest. His mouth went to her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples. Her arms free now, she grabbed his head and tried to force it away, but she couldn't get any leverage. While he kept sucking and chewing on her nipples, she felt Carl's hands pulling her skirt up around her waist.

" Carl, please! I don't want to do this! Please! Leave me alone! Dear God PLEASE STOP!"

His weight crushing her to the seat, Janet twisted her body trying to get away from him. She dug her high heels into the car seat, trying to get enough leverage to push him away, but he was too strong, too heavy. She felt his hands grabbing the waist band of her pantyhose and panties, forcing them down over her hips to the middle of her thighs as Carl crushed her mouth under his.

" Please" Janet was crying " please st-st-stop. I've n-n-never done this! Please d-don't h-h-hurt me!"

" Don't worry, babe." She heard Carl say. " You're going to love this."

Carl's hand was between her legs, his fingers forcing themselves up inside her.

" Stop!" Janet pleaded as she felt his fingers moving inside her. " It hurts! P-p-please s-s-top!"

Suddenly, before Janet realized what was happening, Carl was off of her. He was kneeling on the floor next to the seat, his hands grasping the waist band of her pantyhose and panties. Janet tried to grab for her pantyhose and panties, but before she could, Carl jerked them down over her knees and around her ankles. As she tried to sit up, Carl slammed back into her, forcing her onto her back as he once more was on top of her. She felt him using his knees to force her legs apart, felt him move between her legs, felt him reach down to undo his pants.

She was completely exposed to him. Her blouse, bra and skirt bunched around her waist, her pantyhose and panties around her ankles. She was helpless and terrified. Why was this happening to her? What had she done to deserve this? She felt him open his pants and push them down, exposing himself as he continued kissing and licking her breasts, neck and face.

" Please, please stop. I don't want this. Please!" Janet begged through her tears.

Then she felt him pressing his penis against her vagina, trying to force himself inside her. Janet fought harder, with a strength born of desperation. She pushed against him, she twisted her body, she kicked with her legs. Janet did everything she could, but it wasn't enough. She felt the head of his dick enter her.

" No! Carl, please no! I don't want it to be like this! Not like this! PLEASE STOP IT!"

Carl continued pushing against her, moving farther into her.

" Oh God please don't! Please don't! GET OFF OF ME!" Janet begged as she felt him move deeper into her with every thrust.

Janet was a small girl inside as well as outside, and as Carl forced himself deeper into her, she felt as if she were being torn in half. Then Janet felt him hit up against her hymen, felt him pull back and hit it again.

Janet was sobbing and crying as she begged " G-g-get o-out of me-e-e! P-p-please, PLEASE don't! You're hur-hur-hurting me! P-P-PLEASE D-DON" T! AAHIIIIEEENNOOoooo!!"

Janet screamed and arched her back in pain as Carl tore through her hymen, ripping it apart without any thought of even trying to be gentle. He slammed himself completely into her, forcing himself as deep into her as he could. Janet felt him withdraw from her, then slam into her again, over and over. She had never felt such intense pain in her life. She knew there was nothing that she could do. She collapsed and quit fighting. It was useless. She closed her eyes and prayed that it would be over soon.

" Please" she whimpered through her tears " please stop. No more. Please, please stop."

Carl ignored her. He continued pumping in and out of Janet, enjoying the feeling of her tiny body under his. His hands continued rubbing over every part of her body. He wrapped his hand into her hair, twisting it to hold her head still while he kissed her. Her pain, terror and frustration were his pleasure. He lifted up so he could see her face, her eyes squeezed shut, her teeth clenched, tears rolling down her cheeks.

" God, Janet, you feel so good!" he groaned as he stroked slowly in and out of her.

" Please. P-please h-hurry. Please j-j-just h-hurry." Janet whimpered softly, just wanting it to be over as quickly as possible.

" Hurry?" Carl spoke into her ear. " Why, I can't hurry. Didn't you hear me tell your father that I'd take good care of his daughter? That's what I'm going to do, Janet. I'm going to take good care of you!"

Janet couldn't believe this was happening. Why her? What did she do wrong? Why was she being punished so terribly? She felt Carl pulling all most all the way out of her, then pushing slowly back into her, over and over. Moaning and sweating on top of her, moving inside of her. He wasn't lying, she thought. He was going to drag this out, keep using her for God only knew how long. Please, God, she prayed silently, please let it end. Please help me. But there was no help for Janet this night.

Janet had been watching the clock on the dash board to try and take her mind off what was happening to her. The minutes crawled slowly by while Carl continued stroking in and out of her, his hands roaming over her body. Ten minutes. Fifteen. Twenty. Would it never end? In addition to the pain she felt from being torn open, Janet was now growing sore from the extended use of her body. Twenty-five minutes. Dear God enough! Almost thirty minutes, and she felt Carl begin to move quicker, heard his breathing become more pronounced.

" Oh God!" Janet thought " He's going to come! He's going to come inside me!" For the first time, the realization hit her that she could become pregnant this night.

" Carl! Carl, p-p-please, don't co-come inside me-e-e! P-please just d-don't c-come in m-me!" Janet pleaded desperately through her tears.

" Why Janet, of course I'm going to come inside you! You don't think I'm going to waste my load, do you? Besides, you want it! You want to feel me blow my rocks deep in your pussy!"

Terror filled Janet as she felt Carl moving faster, stroking deep inside her with every thrust. She twisted and pushed at him, pushing with her legs. She got her hands on his hips and tried to push him out of her. Still he kept driving into her, faster and faster, deeper with every thrust.

" Nnnuhh-nnuhh-nnuhh-nnuhh" Janet moaned with every thrust Carl made into her body. She squeezed her eyes as tightly shut as she could, gritting her teeth against the pain and frustration.

Carl was moaning now, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Janet felt him swelling inside her, felt him ferociously driving into her.

" Nnuhh-nnuhh-nnuhh!" Janet continued moaning with the pain of each violent thrust. " N-n-ooo! P-p-please C-Carl-l! D-d-don't! P-p-please Oh God p-please d-d-don't! Nnuhh-nnuhh-nnuhh!"

Carl lifted up so he could see Janet's face. He was driving himself into her at a terrific rate, over and over. He felt himself approaching orgasm.

" Oh, Janet! Oh, Janet! Ohhhhh!" Carl moaned as he felt the load building within him.

Janet opened her eyes now. Opened them wide with terror. Carl stared into her eyes, the fear he saw there adding to his frenzy. He was driving into her now like a machine, faster and harder with each thrust. She felt what was going to happen, felt him swelling inside her. She began crying uncontrollably, her tears exciting him even more.

" Carl! P-please, p-please don't c-c-come in-inside of me-e-e! Please! I'm b-b-beg-ging y-you, p-please d-don't! Oh god! Nnuhh-nnuhh OH GOD! Nnuhh-nnuhh Don't! DON'T! PLEASE DON" T!"

" YES! AAAHHHHRRRRR! GOD YES!" Carl yelled out his pleasure as he drove himself deeply into Janet's tiny body.

" OOHHHHNNOOOOGODNOOOOOooooohhhhhh-oh-oh-oh!!" Janet screamed.

Janet could feel Carl spray his come deep inside her body, felt him coming heavily, again and again with each thrust into her. She pushed against his hips, trying to get him out of her, but it was no use. Carl blew his entire load deep inside her. She felt it's sickening warmth as it mixed with her bodily fluids and the blood from her shattered virginity. Janet felt sick to her stomach. She wanted to vomit. She wanted to die. Carl collapsed on top of her, breathing deeply as he softened inside her. Janet lay there sobbing quietly while Carl's dead weight on top of her crushed her into the seat. Finally, Carl lifted himself off her, moving behind the steering wheel.

Janet lay there for a moment in shock. Then, as Carl lit a cigarette, Janet slowly pulled herself to a sitting position as close to the passenger door and as far away from Carl as possible. Her blouse hung open and her skirt was still bunched around her waist. Her pantyhose and panties were down around her ankles. She felt the mixture of semen, blood and her own fluids coating the inside of her thighs, felt it seeping out of her vagina and draining onto the seat. How did this happen to her? How could this have possibly happened to her?

Slowly, crying quietly, Janet pulled her bra back into position and buttoned her blouse. Reaching down, she straightened out her pantyhose and panties and slowly pulled them up into their proper position. Finally, she pulled her skirt back down. She felt so dirty! All she wanted was a hot shower. An incredibly hot shower!

" Take me home." Janet almost whispered.

" What's your hurry, babe? The nights still young."

" I SAID TAKE ME HOME!" Janet screamed in near hysteria.

" Okay, bitch. That's what you want, that's what you'll fucking get!" Carl grumbled as he pitched his cigarette out the window. " Stupid little cunt. You weren't that good anyway. It would have been better if you had co-operated a little. Who the fuck do you think you are, anyway?"

Janet couldn't believe her ears! Carl had raped her. Raped her!! Raped her and stolen her virginity!! And he was mad at her because she had fought him! He was mad at her!! What kind of sick animal was he?

" How could I have not seen it?" Janet wondered to herself. " How could I have not seen what he was like? This was my fault. All my fault because I didn't see what he was like! How could I have been so stupid?"

When Carl got her home, Janet got out of the car without a word. Still angry, Carl slammed the car into gear and burned rubber down the street.

" Thank God my parents are in bed." thought Janet as she noticed the house was dark. She took several showers that night, yet she still felt dirty. Going to bed, she spent a sleepless night with her own personal demons.

Janet would keep the nightmare to herself, blaming herself, for nearly thirty years. She had never realized that there were people like Carl, chameleons who could appear to be anyone or anything that others wanted to see, people with no real shred of decency about them. And so she continued to blame herself for not seeing Carl for what he was. Janet would finally, after twenty years of marriage, tell her husband what happened that night. With his love and support, Janet finally came to the realization that what happened had not been her fault. Carl was the guilty party, not her. She was a victim. A rape survivor. Finally, after so many years, she began to find peace.

NOTE: Everybody has fantasies of one kind or another. Some fantasize about movie stars. Some fantasize about having sex in strange places. Some people fantasize about rape. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, so long as they stay fantasies. Read these stories. Write your own. Enjoy. But if you ever start to contemplate moving beyond the fantasy stage to reality, do the world a favour. Before destroying an innocent life, before condemning another human being to years of agony, stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Trust me, it will be better for everyone concerned, yourself included.


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