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Maniac Diaries

Sea of pleasure is what he gets. Ocean of excitement is what you’ll get if you follow the most frenzied maniac’s ways. Keep an eye on that crazy guy to get another vision on the hardcore stuff!

Do you feel animal instincts grow inside? Can’t hide them any longer? Don’t suppress them – satisfy them! And do it together with the most violent maniac on the net!

Maniac diaries

Sample rape photos:

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Short rape story:
Michelle sat at her desk and stretched. One more hour and this Saturday would be over. She’d get home and get a chance to get some decent sleep for the first time in a day and a half.

She had been out of town on Friday when work called with an emergency. She had enough time to change into a pair of sweats and run out the door.

What stank was that she was alone in the office now. Her boss had dropped in, given her instructions, and flew out the door. He insisted he called and told her about he leaving her alone. Appointment he could not miss. Michelle grunted in disgust, heaven forbids that his Saturday was ruined. Bloody bastard, she thought.

Michelle felt her eyes getting heavy. She was not going to make it this way. Maybe a thirty-minute nap would make her feel better.

She sat back in her chair and closed her eyes.

She awoke to a hand clamped over her mouth and a knife at her throat…

The hand belonged to the Man that had been stalking Michelle for three weeks now.

He had seen her coming out of her office and his desire for her made him follow her home. Michelle was a small brunette with curves and a fantastic round behind. She always dressed in immaculate dresses and hose and the thought of raping her obsessed him.

Saturday was going to be the day. Michelle always stayed home every other Saturday and the Man had already laid out the plans for the day. In his gear bag he had his digital camera, and assorted other “goodies” he was going to try out on Michelle. He would make it a day she would never forget.

He had broken into her small house early that Saturday morning to find her gone. He saw the hastily tossed suitcase in the bedroom, but no Michelle.

The Man was pissed. He was about to toss the bedroom in anger when the phone rang and the answer machine picked it up:

“Michelle, I forgot to tell you I have an appointment this morning so when you get to the office, I will have to leave. Sorry I have to leave you alone. Hope you get this message before you leave…”

The Man smiled. Yes, catch her at the office. But she probably did not get a chance to dress properly. He quickly went through her drawers and closet, collected what he needed, and left to catch Michelle at the office.

Michelle’s eyes went wide with fear as she stared down at the knife. This was not happening. This was a bad dream.

The voice in her ear confirmed that she was about to live through a nightmare.

“Do what I say, Michelle and I won’t kill you. Now stand up and do not do any thing stupid.”

Michelle stood. The Man wrapped his hands around her waist from behind. The knife lay on her chest.

“You better leave,” said Michelle in a shaky voice. “ My boss will be back any minute.”

The Man kissed Michelle’s neck. “Your boss left you alone for the day, My Dear Michelle. It is just you and me.”

“How…please don’t hurt me.” Tears started to flow down her cheeks.

“I won’t hurt you unless you do something stupid.” The Man ran the knife across Michelle’s cheek and neck. “You are going to behave? Aren’t you, Michelle.”

“Yes…yes. Just don’t hurt me.” Michelle could feel the knife on her neck.

The Man kissed Michelle cheek and pushed her away from him. “ Good girl. Now strip. I want you naked.”

Michelle hesitated. The Man slapped Michelle across her face.


Sobbing, Michelle took off her clothes. The Man felt his breathing quicken at the sight of her body being exposed to him. Felt his manhood grow stiff. Must control myself, he thought.

Once naked, Michelle tried to cover herself with her hands. The Man slapped them away.

“Put your hands on top of your head.”

Michelle obeyed. The Man stepped forward and ran his hands over her body. Michelle cried and moaned as the Man molested her. He sucked and pinched her nipples. Stood behind her and spread her ass cheeks then spanked her.

Michelle stepped away from the Man’s abusing hand and was instantly yanked back by her hair.

“Stay still, cunt. You move when I tell you.”

Michelle stood still as the Man took pictures of her from the front and then from behind.

“God, you are sexy. Bend over at the waist, Michelle.”

A humiliated Michelle obeyed and she saw the flash of the camera from the corner of her eye. This was it now. Her Rape was coming. She tensed her body for her violation.

The Man kneeled behind her, spread her legs, and put his mouth on Michelle’s clit.

Michelle gasped. She loved when this was done to her. But she was being raped, she could not like this.

“Please...stop. Please don’t do this,” begged Michelle as she felt her body reacting to her rapist tongue.

The Man pushed his finger inside Michelle as his mouth worked her clit. Michelle gasped, moaned, and cried out.


Michelle came, her vagina walls tighten around her rapist finger. She had come for her rapist. Shame overwhelmed her.

The Man stood and took a deep breath. He so wanted to take her sweet pussy right now. She’s not ready, he thought. Calm yourself.

“Stand up and put your hands on your hand again.”

Michelle obeyed. “Please leave me. I won’t say anything.”

The Man reached into his gear bag and tossed Michelle a pair of tan pantyhose.

“Put these on, then put your hands back on your head.”

Michelle took the hose and looked at them. The Man smiled.

“The will fit, Michelle. I took them for your house this morning. Now dress for me.”

Michelle pulled the pantyhose on chilled to the bone with the fear that this Man knew everything about her. That he had gone to her home to rape her. That he had taken her clothes and brought them here. It was overwhelming, and terrorizing.

After she had slid on the hose and returned her hands to her head, the Man took pictures of her front and back.

He handed her a bra from the bag and had her put that on. Followed by pictures.

Next was her short blue summer dress. Michelle wiggled into it and endured the pictures. She felt like a helpless Barbie doll.

The Man walked behind Michelle and bound her wrists with a scarf. Michelle cried off from pain.

“Don’t kill me. Please. I’ll be good. Don’t…MMMMMF!”

The Man shoved Michelle’s panties in her mouth and secured them with another scarf.

“Stay still, Michelle,” ordered the Man as he took more pictures of her. He put his camera away, pulled Michelle to her desk and lifted her on it. He spread her legs, lifted her skirt, ripped open the crotch of her pantyhose and drove his cock into her.

Michelle screamed into her gag as the Man pounded her pussy with hard fast strokes.

“I love you, Michelle,” whispered the Man in Michelle’s ear. “You are so sexy. You are all mine.”

Michelle cried and moaned. The Man violated her hard and fast, then came inside her.

Michelle sobbed. She felt her rapist semen fill her. The thoughts of pregnancy filled her head. Oh God let this be over.

The Man pulled out, pulled Michelle off the desk and turned her around. Her bent Michelle face down on the desk, lifted her skirt, and took more pictures of her.

His hands touched and caressed her ass. He felt his cock stiffen again. “You have a fantastic ass, Michelle. I bet a lot of men have wanted to touch you ass.”

The Man tore open Michelle’s pantyhose more, spread her ass cheeks, and shoved his stiff cock into her anus.

Michelle screamed from the pain. He raped her ass with slow strokes this time. Enjoying her tight ass and her cries of pain. Michelle was the entire woman he though she would be and more.

He came inside Michelle’s ass with a loud scream of triumphant and pain. He had taken Michelle.

He untied Michelle and had her strip off her clothes and returns them to his gear bag. He took pictures of her stripping.

A naked Michelle sat in her chair sobbing. The Man kneeled in front of her, turned his face to him, and kissed her. He put his knife on her throat.

“I want you to remember how I loved you today, Michelle, but remember that it must be our secret.”

The Man ran the knife across her throat. Michelle froze in fear.

“I know where you live. I can find you and dispose of you if you share our secret. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes. Please don’t kill me.”

“Then keep our love secret and I won’t.” The Man kissed Michelle gathered his gear bag and left.

When Michelle was sure he was gone, she dressed and rushed home. She was going to call the cops and have this Man arrested for violating her.

She arrived home to a house in shambles. Her bedroom was thrown to the floor. Kitchen smashed. Living room full of glass. On the dining room table was a single red rose with a note. Shaking, Michelle picked up the note and read it:

My Love Michelle,

A little warning about keeping secrets. I could have been waiting for you when you got home. Loving you on the bed appeals to me, but I do not want to mar our special time together.

Keep our secret and you keep your life.


Your Rapist Lover.

Michelle fell to the floor and cried.

She kept her secret.

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