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Sharon had just gotten off work when the Electrician knocked at the door of her apartment. Still dressed in her short skirt, blouse and heels, she answered the door.

The man said he had been sent by the manager to check on some electrical connections that might be faulty.

"Won't be long. Just have to check a couple of your outlets in your bedroom," he said.

Sharon hesitated, but the Electrician smiled at her. She smiled back, let him in and led him to her bedroom.

The Electrician put his tool box on the floor, pulled a utility knife off his belt, and grabbed Sharon:hand over her mouth, the knife at her throat. Sharon froze in fear.

"Be a good slut," the Electrician growled in her ear.

The Electrician bound Sharon's wrists in front of her with a plastic band. He gagged her with piece of duct tape. Sharon never fought or made a sound, the sight of the knife had her numb with fear.

The Electrician pushed her on to the bed, and tied her bound wrists above her with a piece of extension cord to the headboard. He pulled off Sharon's heels, and used more extension cord pieces to tie her ankles to the bottom of the bed so Sharon was helpless and spread eagle before him.

The Electrician used his knife to slice off Sharon's blouse and bra. Next came the skirt. She was now clad in just beige pantyhose. He slit open the crotch of the hose to expose Sharon's pussy.

The Electrician pulled a long frayed electrical cord from his tool box. He whipped the cord across Sharon's breasts and bare body leaving red welts. Sharon screamed into her gag from the pain. The Electrician enjoyed her muffled sounds of pain.

He plugged the frayed cord into an outlet next to the bed. He touched the now live wires of the frayed cord against Sharon's right nipple. Her body wrenched from the shock. The Electrician smiled and touched the wires to her other nipple, her torso, her legs, and finally her clit. Sharon try to struggle, but the electrical shocks had spent her. She was at the mercy of the Electrician.

The Electrician unplugged the cord, stripped off his coveralls, and climbed on top of Sharon. He buried his face into Sharon's crotch and began to bite and suck her clit. Sharon felt herself becoming wet. The Electrician pushed a finger into her pussy and, against her will, Sharon came for the man torturing her.

She barely felt the Electrician's cock ram into her. She was to filled with shame and humiliation as the Electrician called her his slut, his whore. He told her he had been stalking her for days and now she was nothing but a raped bitch. Tears flowed down Sharon's face as the Electrician cried out and came inside her.

The Electrician put his coveralls back on, plugged the frayed cord and waved the wires in front of Sharon's face. Her eyes went wide.

"Goodnight, Slut," whispered the Electrician as he laid the wires between Sharon's breasts and gave her a long prolonged shock. Sharon's body flopped on the bed like a gaffed fish on a boat. The Electrician pulled the wires away and unplugged the frayed cord. He put his fingers on Sharon's neck. Her pulse was still going strong.

The Electrician untied Sharon, wrapped up the cords,stepped her of her pantyhose, gathered all her clothes and put it all in his tool box.

Before he left, he left a rose on the bed next to Sharon's sleeping body and kissed her on the forehead.

"Goodbye and thank you, slut."

The Electrician left, making sure to turn off all lights as he left.

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