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Gay rape site

The warden was a sick fuck. The billy-club he carried along was notorious, other prisoners said, and it was time Scott’s asshole was introduced to it! He had never fucked another guy let alone suck him off, but the hard thrusts made him stop caring. His cock got tense and stiff, and that’s when he knew he’d get back for more…
prison gay rape site

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About rape site:
- The new guy looked like a nice piece of ass and it was only a question of time when an older inmate’s steaming cock would get close to his brown hole. His two neighbors said he’d get all the privileges if he agreed to gobble on their shiny knobs and let them take over his tight asshole once in a while. Well, the man needed his privileges ya know…

- Two older prisoners enjoyed playing hide-the-meat game in the new guy’s sexy mouth. The cocks slid in and out of his throat making him choke, but he kept asking for more. They had all the time in the world, but the tension made all of them jizz like crazy pretty soon! Ted’s face got a nice cream mask for tender skin!

- Doug got locked up for the first time, but he knew what guys usually did to cute gay lads. He’d seen it on TV, he’d heard it from other people before, and now that he was a prisoner, the prospect of having his ass ripped with cock sounded…exciting! In fact, he loved it when they pulled his hair, stuck dicks into his throat and fucked him silly!

- Ted didn’t know what turning someone out meant in jail lingo, but he found that out pretty soon! His poor ass hurt and his full mouth got stretched out wide, but the weird thing was that he seemed to enjoy having man meat slide down his hershey highway, not to mention the jizz he got all over his happy face!

- The mouth stuffing was rough, but strangely enough, Al loved every minute of it! The oldtimers had tricked him into sucking their throbbing dicks and letting them slam fuck his asshole, but it didn’t matter much now… All he wanted was to feel the warm sticky jizz flowing down his cheeks!



Gay rape stories

These slim and sexy studs do anything and everything to
create a fantastic fetish-minded fantasy for your adult
entertainment. Their bodies are for your pleasure and your
pleasure alone as they take their role-playing to the maximum and drive home the fact that no one does it better than horny boys in desperate situations! If fucking him is wrong, his partner doesn't want to be right! In this dark world of erotic and exotic fantasy, sultry studs display a wide range of carnal-minded talents designed to stimulate and titillate the senses of anyone and everyone ...
Gay crime - real rape site! With sphincters on fire, pussyboys bent on gleaning pleasure take every ounce of pleasure and pain their powerhouse partners deliver to them. Getting their assess pounded in a fantasy free-for-all was what they desired, but even they couldn't have imagined the storm of sex they'd endure!

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About rape site:
- Lust is in the air, and the producers of it are willing ready and able to give into it. With steel-hard cocks and accepting sphincters, these boys know what must be done and have the stamina and the libidos to do it! It's wild and wet fun that takes sex to a higher level!

- A hard cock and a tight ass go together like a hand in a glove! And that's what's on display here in this raunchy world of raucous role-play! These studs like to suck, swallow and stick their way to pleasure, and they won't stop until their time together is capped off with numerous explosive orgasms!

- What time is it? It's time to enjoy a sultry show of studly, sweaty sex courtesy of boys who have what it takes to make certain that their good time is EVERYONE'S good time. With randy cocks and electrified asses, these fellows give the last full measure of carnal joy!

- No one has fun like these boys. Getting fucked like a woman is exactly what they want and it's exactly what they get at the hands of their virile partners! Watch as they take it up the ass or swallow like men dying of thirst in the desert. It an intense exhibition like no other!

- Fun is what they want, but what they get exceeds their wildest expectations. These sexy fit-and-trim studs learn the true meaning of pleasure at the hands and dicks of boys who know how to squeeze the most fun out of any amount of time allotted to them!

- A dick op the ass? A dick down the throat? These fellows take it any way and every way in their wild pursuit of amorous adventure. Any time is the right time for these hot and horny pussyboys to show what they're made of! And what they're made of is pure erotic pleasure!

- In the heat of the night, these horny hunks do it right! They fuck on and on until the crack of dawn, intent on screwing their pussyboys until they fairly drop from exhaustion! No one bearing witness to their daring debauchery could believe in the amount of energy these lusty lads possess!



Forced Boys

He didn't know what to do but surrender to the power of this maniac who has invaded his home. And this maniac isn't intent on pilfering material things either. No, he's after this poor guy's manhood and he's going to get it! With savage brutal strength, this thug forces a gayboy to take his dick up his ass. The pitiful boy's pleading and crying means nothing to a robbing rapist hellbent with lust!

He sucks this savage brute's dick more out of pleasure than

He's got it in his mind that he wants a nice bubble-butt to fuck! He spots his victim and immediately decides to take him by force. The victim just so happens to be hot for a good fucking, so when the time came that he was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint, he couldn't have been happier! Sure this victim couldn't be sure that his rapist wasn't going to kill him afterwards, but while he was being fucked he didn't care!

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Gay boy gets attacked from the back! Amorous stud who wants him to scream! Masked marauder rides him like a pony! Neighbor forces him to suck and get fucked! Fucked professionally and PHYSICALLY!
About rape site:
- This savage brute is forcing this gayboy into a position he never thought he'd be in against his will! He's bent over and having a fat, pulsating dick rammed up his rectum and there's nothing he can do about it except scream! And even those who hear his screams won't help, for they can hear, mixed in with the agony, the distinct sound of pleasure!

- What's it like to be taken against your will and forced to suck and be fucked? This boy finds out the hard way when a depraved, perverted thug invades his home and forces him to suck his cock or pay the price! This masked malevolent marauder wants to have this boy every which-way and he gets
him. The poor victim begs and screams as he is dually assaulted by blissful pleasure and the most agonizing pain!

- This rapist wants to fuck the brains out of a defenseless gayboy : and he takes steps to do just that! He stalks his pray : follows him home : then pounces on him. Holding a knife to his throat he demands that the young man give up his ass or get a bloody new smile! Of course the gayboy complies. Not
because he's frightened. But rather because he thinks his rapist is so damn hot!

- Attacked in his home and fucked by a rape-minded masked stranger!

- He could escape if he wanted to, but he actually ENJOYS having the fiend forcing himself on him!

- Ben didn't like being forced to suck someone off, but today he didn't have a choice. A sex-hungry rapist stormed into his home and forced him a knifepoint to take his dick down his throat and give a blowjob. Ben had no doubt in his mind that a weak blowjob might mean the end of his life, but he wasn't worried. He knew how to suck a dick GOOD, and he gave this rapist stranger the best head of his misspent life!

- When this savage scumbag is done raping Paul, the victim begs the thug to ravage him all over again!



Gay Violence

Subterranean sex is the agenda with these hard-dicked hunks, and all can bear witness as their larcenous lovemaking take all kinds of violent twists and turns in the name of fun and fantasy! Fetish-minded fantasy is here for everyone to take a bite out of as these ribald ravagers take sex and fun to an entirely new level for the sake of lascivious lust alone! No where will you find robbery of this sort : where both the criminal and the victim have the time of their lives!
Gay violence - real rape site! Frightening fantasies are featured here in this dark world of bawdy balling and shameless sucking and sticking! Your mind will whirl as these pussyboys' cocks and asses do things you never dreamed of!

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About rape site:
- Want to see studs venture into places you wouldn't dare? Just take a gander at the exotic and erotic role-play of pussyboys who have nothing to do but to pass the time away by taking it up the ass or taking it down their throats for fun of it! There's nothing on Earth like it!

- Extreme penetration gets a standing ovation from the witnesses who stare jealously at the anal action presented to them by studs so deep into the life of sultry sweaty sex that they can't imagine life doing or being anything other than what they are!

- It's a Fucking free-for-all in the name of fantasy. If callous carnality is on the agenda, these studs have what it takes to get the job done not only once, but two, three and four times! They love their jobs and they certainly make the most of the perks that go along with them!

- If you're faint of heart, you might not want to take a gander at these dastardly displays of wanton tawdriness. Hot sphincters and hard cocks are the name of this game : and it's a game where there are no losers!

- Subjugation, penetration, emasculation! They're all a part of this storm of sex and fetish-minded fantasy! Slim, sultry young studs take the place of women in these mind-blowing sexcapades steeped in violent role-play and the overall desire to have as much fun as humanly possible!

- Swallowing, sucking and sticking down in the dirt is what these pussyboys want. It's the base desire to be fucked like a woman at the hands of a violent virile stud who has no regard for the laws of man or even simple, common decency!

- Sinister simmering sex is what you're after, so bear witness as the ribald role-play of pussyboys with the simple goal of having their brains fucked out of their heads takes you to a new plateau of carnal delight and erotic exploration. It's not for the meek or the weak!



Violated Gay Movies
Dreams that make you cream! That's what's in store for anyone lucky enough to peek in on the amorous adventures of pussyboys who suck and like getting fucked for the pleasure of studs hell-bent on blowing their minds! Fantastic fucking on film for fetish-minded freaks in need of
some gritty realistic role-play. Role-play designed to take
observers to a higher level of carnality and debauchery! It's
the adventure of a lifetime for those who have the heart and libido to experience it!
Violent gay movies

Sample rape photos:

Bang! You’re fucked! Gun to the head, dick in the mouth! Wants to live to fuck again! Sucking off his captor! Raped by a robber!
About rape site:

- These man-whores display a wide range of talents in these films. The least of which is the ability to take a hard huge dick into their tight tiny sphincters! Pleasure and pain come together to form an experience for the ages!

- Fucking and sucking to the extreme is what you'll find here in this world of bawdy balling barbarism! Pussyboys do it all for the pleasure of their brutal partners. They're slaves to the studs and wouldn't have it any other way!

- Fantasy trumps reality when studs are able to do things beyond the scope of human ability. This is the kind of fucking you'll find here for your viewing pleasure!

- Gay role-play for those with exotic tastes and an erotic nature. Nothing like this has been seen before of since : savage studs sticking it to the sphincters of peon pussyboys! Lots of screams were heard, and a lot of lust was unabashedly satisfied!

- A dream CUM true? No doubt about it. The fucking and sucking these lads have to endure are precisely the types of things they want to endure : what they HAVE to endure! These pussyboys weren't careful with what they wished for, and they don't care!

- These are fantasies for the carnal adventurer. The faint of heart and the easily mystified should be advised not to observe as cock-hungry pussyboys submit to the will studs with steel-hard dicks! The mere site of this action is enough to elevate an observers sex level to unprecedented heights.


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