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Sleeping rape sex

Have you ever dreamt about fucking a girl that is drugged? You can do whatever you want and not care about her - just fuck her EXACTLY LIKE YOU WANT TO and WHAT YOU WANT! - will show you how guys gets to fuck girls when they really don't want to...

Sleeping rape sex

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- Kimmy is a virgin… as pure as the arctic snow. At least, she WAS until James slipped her a roofie-colada and got his filthy hands on her tight body. She was so doped up he could have driven a dump truck up her snatch, and it practically felt like he had when he was done fucking her tight little holes. Kimmy was so passed out she didn’t even stir while be plowed her in every orifice, and finally blew his sticky load all over her stomach, leaving her there, covered in his man juice.

- Kevin always wanted to fuck his best friend’s younger sister, but wouldn’t have dared to do so… unless she didn’t know it happened. Kev showed up at Alicia’s house one day to see if his best friend, Tim, was home. When Alicia told him Tim would be home in an hour from work and asked if he would like to come in and wait, Kevin saw his chance and took it, slipping some drugs into Alicia’s drink. She soon got tired… then completely unconscious! Kevin opened her up wide, fucking her face, her cunt, her ass… spraying his load all over her face, and then cleaning her up just in time for Tim to come home and find his poor tired sister, exhausted and asleep on the couch...

- Lanny thought she had met the sweetest guy out dancing. Rob seemed perfect… funny, sweet, and smart… and apparently a little TOO smart for her. Rob was a predator and Lanny was the perfect victim. She was so drunk, it was easy enough to get her to have that LAST drink back at his place, and soon she was dead asleep, making only the slightest movements and moaning lightly as he fingered and fondled her, feeling his erection grow at the thought of what was to come… her supple body at his fingertips, the dumb bitch so drugged up she had no idea of the fucking she was about to receive!

- Carl had been dating Tina for a few months. Tina was a “good girl,” and didn’t want to have sex until they had known each other longer. Well, Carl isn’t a very patient fellow, so he invited Tina out for ice cream and when she went to the bathroom, gave her ice cream an extra special topping… one that made her so tired, she didn’t hesitate when Carl offered to drive her back home to rest. She was so drugged up that she passed out by the time they reached her house. Willing or not, he had his way. Her cunt was tight, her ass was tighter, her mouth wet… Carl fucked her until he had his fill, and she was full of cum…



Extreme Castings
Watch tears run down their faces as they gag on the fat throbbing member! Watch sweet cuties coming to casting that ends up going totally wrong. Mean, brutal fucking on hi-quality video. They think they’ll become stars – but they become nothing but cheap whores. Huge monster of a producer welcomes hot silly babes and make them crawl out with holes sore. Watch the vids!
Extreme rape acts
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 Extreme Castings Episode 1 Extreme Castings Episode 2 Extreme Castings Episode 3 Extreme Castings Episode 4 Extreme Castings Episode 5
About rape  site:

- Acting, pop singing? How about fierce facefucking and gaping holes? Bold at first, soon the girls realize the shit they’re in and start crying. But who cares as long as they’re so fuckable!

- Poor brainless beauties look for stardom but all they get is a huge rod splitting their holes in two. All kinds of young sluts tricked into showing off their talent in taking huge sticky loads!

- Are they stupid enough to believe this huge stud will really help them to become stars? Surprisingly enough, they do! Poor things, they’re only about to get fucked harder than hell.

- Wanna appear on TV? You’ll have to earn this first! In fact, all these hot sluts get is a mean member making them unable to walk after getting drilled everywhere. Awesome casting videos!

- First they show their talent, and then the almighty producer takes control. Guess what the monster does to them? Listens and watches? Hell no! He fuckes them senseless and throws out!



Maniac Diaries
Deeply hidden sexual instinct has found its way out! There’s
nothing he has to conceal any longer! Follow brutal maniac’s savage adventures! Watch him tear up his humble victims here! Be free with your choice! Forget about sweet babes with artificial tits and smiles! Come on and see common girls living next door caught by a horny maniac here!
Maniac's rape scenes
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- Horny maniac vs. feeble victims! The whole truth about maniac’s feelings! Meet the only uncaptured maniac! Antsy maniac prefers cute females! Beware of virtual sex maniac! Obsessive maniacal desires here! Ready to find a maniac inside? Search for babes with our maniac! He seeks for his next victim! All maniacal fantasies in one place! Feeling some brutal desires grow inside? Experience them together with our horny maniac! You think you’ve a chance? Wrong, nobody can escape this crazy sex maniac!



Maniac Prison
Have you ever thought of dominating over a weaker creature? Then compare your impressions from what you see here! Wild maniac and his disobedient victims will show you the way! Ardent sex ruining all the boundaries. Pain melted with enjoyment and satisfaction. Pleasure through resistance. Share sick maniac’s secret fantasies! Find out even more by becoming a member! Sometimes it looks more like getting the same message everywhere. Wanna
try something new? Then visit Maniac’s Prison, and step into the unfamiliar world of sex, violence and pain!
Maniac prison rape
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- Sometimes it’s the quality of the material that matters. Start with opening up Maniac Prison! It is one of the most qualitative sites with amazing content for a very low price! Hit it now! Unforgettable
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- Tired of usual hardcore action? Ready to see something that will wake up sleeping instincts? Then become a member of Maniac Prison and get 24/7 access to all its wonders and revelations!

- Welcome to the place where weak and humble girls are getting their experience! They learn to get pleasure from being beaten up and screwed by a crazy maniac. Interested? Then join us here!

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