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It was not her day to open the store, thinks Janet as she turns the key in the lock and walks into large woman's boutique she owned. It was part of the local "downtown" re-vitalization, which meant it was corner building with small windows practically hidden from the street. In other words: cheap rent.

In spite of the poor location, Janet's business did well because she catered to BBW ladies like herself. With a pretty face and dark hair Janet stood 5'5" tall and wore a size 16. She worked hard at finding nice clothes for her customers and prided herself in her own appearance wearing a nice knee length skirt, nylons and blouse.

She was dressed like this even though it was not her day to do the morning inventory. That should be Michele's job, the twenty-year-old she had hired a year ago. A good kid, big and pretty (like herself she thought) and dependable. That is why she was here this morning because Michele had called and asked her to cover the first part of the morning (the inventory) promising she'd be there by nine.

Janet, ever the pushover, agreed. She liked Michele and SHE was the owner and a little extra work was expected.

What was not expected was the hand that clamped over her mouth and the knife to her throat. Her attacker pushed her into the store and turned her back toward the door.

"Lock the door, bitch."

With a trembling hand, Janet put the key in the lock and turned it. She was now locked in with the Big Girl Rapist…

The Big Girl Rapist had been tracking blond Michele for the last three weeks. Curvy with large breasts and a bubble ass (those asses always drove him crazy), he had found her on one of his exploring trips through Big Girl clothing stores. They were perfect hunting grounds for victims.

Since the shop she worked in was somewhat secluded, he decided to take her in there. Besides, there was bound to be some sexy clothing he could force her to wear for him.

He knew this was the day she came in earlier. This was the day she became his rape victim.

But the other fatty--the owner Janet-- showed up. Not that she was not bad looking, but he WANTED the blonde one. He started to back off to return next week, but the combination of anticipation and anger of his missing prey made him move forward and grab Janet.

The Big Girl Rapist dragged Janet to the rear of the store. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, knife still pressed against her throat.

"Where is the blonde fatty?" He growled in her ear.

"…I don't know, " said Janet her eyes wide with fear from the knife at her throat and the hardness she felt pressing against her bottom.

" I am the only one…OWWW!" Janet screamed in pain as the Big Girl Rapist yanked her hair.

"You are pissing me off, Fat Janet. " He smiled. "Surprised I know your name? I have been watching you and that blonde Michele. Now, WHERE IS SHE?"

"What are you going to do to her?" Janet was scared, but she was not going to give up Michele…yet.

The Big Girl Rapist pushed his hips forward so Janet could really feel his hardness. Janet cried out in fear.

"That should answer your question. Now, if you don't tell me where Michele is I am going to rape and kill you right now."

The Big Girl Rapist scraped his knife across Janet's neck. She closed her eyes.

"She'll be here in an hour." Tears leaked from her eyes.

The Big Girl Rapist kissed her neck. "Good Fat Janet. Now I am going to make you comfortable and, if you are a good girl, you can watch me rape your employee."

The Big Girl Rapist's idea of "comfortable" was binding Janet's hands behind your back with duct tape, a gag consisting of a pair of panties off one of her shelves secured with duct tape, and being pushed face down on the floor. Tears flowed freely as she prayed Michele would forgive her for betraying her.

Another part of her was glad that this rapist wanted Michele and not her. The idea of being raped was one of her greatest fears. It was the "trooper next to you getting the bullet" principal. That principle was now Janet's reality, as she lay helpless on the floor.

The Big Girl Rapist spent the next five minutes picking out a nice outfit for Michele to wear for him. Counting the ten it took to tie Fat Janet, he still had forty-five minutes to wait.

The Big Girl Rapist walked over to Fat Janet and looked down at her. He admired her nylon-covered legs and the bulge that was her ass under her skirt.

He kneeled at her feet and pulled off her heels. Janet thrashed at his touch. He slapped her hard across her ass.

"Stay still Fat Janet. I have time to kill and you are going to help me."

Janet screamed into her gag as she felt his hands rub her legs and move toward her crotch. She was about to get the bullet, before Michele did.

"God, I love big women," said the Big Girl Rapist as his hands lifted up her dress. He took a sharp intake of breath as he saw her bubble ass.

For Janet, it was her worst nightmare. She felt her legs pulled apart and her hose pulled down. She felt the weight of his body as he mounted her and spread her ass cheeks apart. She screamed, try to fight, but when she felt the stabbing pain as his cock entered her anus, she just lay there and wept.

The Big Girl Rapist sodomized Fat Janet with hard strokes taking out his pent up frustration out on her. Her ass was big, sexy and tight.

"Bet you never had it in the ass, Fat Janet," he said as he raped her. "So good…."

He thrust forward and came inside Fat Janet's ass. He lay on top of his newest rape victim enjoying the muffled sounds of her weeping. He looked at his watch. Fifteen more minutes until Michele arrived, time to get ready…

As the Big Girl Rapist was finishing with Janet, Michele was just leaving her home. Just enough time to make it, but not enough to change into the dress and hose Janet preferred her to wear at work. But she had nice slacks and a blouse that would placate her.

She hated the idea of being late, but they dropped that early test on her at school. Janet was so cool about that stuff.

And Janet made her feel good. She insisted that Michele dress nice. Look good despite her size. Be proud she wore a size 16.

She was smiling as she unlocked the door of the shop. She stopped smiling as she saw Janet in a chair, gagged, with a man standing behind her with a knife at her throat.

"Lock the door, Michele or Fat Janet dies," said the man with the knife.

Michele obeyed.

"Good Fatty. Now, move forward and stand in front of Fat Janet."

"Don't hurt her," said Michele as she slowly moves forward.

The Big Girl Rapist laughed. " I already hurt her. Worry about me slicing her open."

Michele could see Janet's eyes: full of fear and shame. What had that bastard done to her?

She got her answer right away.

"Strip naked, Michele," ordered the Big Girl Rapist.

Michele hesitated. The Big Girl Rapist put the point of the knife under Janet's chin.

"Do it or she dies. That should be simple even for a dumb blonde like you. NOW STRIP!"

Tears flowed down Michele's face as she began to take off her clothes.

"Everything off My Fatty Michele. Let me see the body I have wanted for a month." The Big Girl Rapist licked his lips as Michele took off her clothes.

When her bra came off, and she was totally naked, the Big Girl Rapist tossed Michele a package. It was tan pantyhose.

"Put those on. "

The Big Girl Rapist moaned with pleasure as he felt his cock grow watching Michele wiggle into the pantyhose. With her big hanging tits, belly, and bubble ass, Michele was his image of his dream girl, an image of the perfect rape victim.

One more item to make his Dream Girl complete. He tossed her a short red nightie. With out orders, Michele put it on.

"Let us go, please, Mister. Don't hurt us," begged Michele as she finished putting on the nightie.

The Big Girl Rapist stepped from behind Janet, grabbed the back of Michel's head, and forced her to kiss him. His hands moved over her body, touching, grabbing, and squeezing her body. He pulled her close from behind and ground his crotch against her sexy bubble ass.

"You are mine now, Michele. All mine."

He kneeled in front of Michele and buried his face into her crotch. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her to his lips to her clit. He sucked her clit through the pantyhose.

Michele cried, begged and moaned. Moaned with pleasure. Shame filled her and she looked over at Janet. Janet her friend. Looked to Janet for some kind of solace through this living nightmare.

All Michele saw were eyes filled with hate. Hate of her…

Janet watch with malicious pleasure as the bastard began his rape of Michele. The burning in her ass blunted any sympathy for what Michele was going through. The blood she felt seeping out of her anus and into her panties made her hate Michele. It was her fault she had been raped. Her fault her worst nightmare had come true.

So when Michele came for their rapist Janet was pleased to hear the cry of shame from her. Happy as their rapist pulled her to the floor ripped open her hose and raped her. Michele let out a scream of agony as their rapist rammed into her.

The Big Girl Rapist pounding Michele's pussy hard and fast. It was tight and all that he had hoped for. But it was time for one more thing…

If Janet was happy when their rapist rammed his hard cock into Michele's pussy, she was ESTATIC when he rolled her on her face, pulled down her hose, and slowly pushed his cock into anus. Yes, she thought as Michele howled in pain, feel what that bastard did to me.

Michele's ass was tight and The Big Girl Rapist took his time entering her. He clamped his hand over her mouth and stroked in and out of her ass until her sprayed into her. He enjoyed the moan of pain and humiliation as Michele felt his cum fill her ass.

The Big Girl Rapist pulled off Michele's nightie and 'hose, gathered up the rest of Michele's clothes and put them into a shopping bag. He tied her hands behind her back and gagged her like he did Fat Janet.

The Big Girl Rapist went to Fat Janet and removed her gag. Fat Janet took in a welcome fresh breath of air.

"Did you enjoy the show, Fat Janet?" His hands gripped Janet's breasts.

Janet did not answer. The Big Girl Rapist slapped her.


"YES I DID. I AM GLAD YOU HURT HER. IT IS HER FAULT YOU RAPED ME…" Janet screamed. She began to sob.

"I thought so." With that, The Big Girl Rapist pushes Janet to the floor, rips open her dress and pantyhose and rapes her.

Janet screams, but The Big Girl Rapist clamps a hand over her mouth as he enters her.

"Enjoy, this Fat Janet," he whispers as he strokes in and out of her pussy.

Janet goes limp. Whatever sense of mind she had ended when he entered her. She was an empty shell and barely felt the his spray of cum into her abused pussy…

The Big Girl Rapist left his two victims on the floor of the shop. One is sobbing while the other is catatonic. He locks the door with Michele's keys and tosses them down the next sewer drain he sees as he walks away.

It had been a good morning, now to find a little lunch….

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