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“When Nestle’ first heard that babies in the third world are dying from their baby food, they wouldn’t do anything about it. They continued selling it there even though it was handled with carelessly by the consumers. The third world is not like the first world. The water added to the food was filthy, and the powder, which is expensive in third world countries, was thinned out and mixed with other shit so that the babies were not getting enough nutrition. And fucking Nestle’, they didn’t care.”

Dawn Baker, a 35-year-old blue eyed blond in her mid thirties, was listening with interest to the arguments made by the man sitting beside her, who was kind enough to give her a ride. She was a pretty lady, about 5’5, a little bit full, but nevertheless very cute. There was just something likeable about her that you couldn’t put your finger on, but everyone who met her just fell in love with her within minutes.
David was about her age, and seemed to know all about the world. At first she just listened out of politeness. The man was kind enough to give her a ride when her car got stuck in the middle of the road. The least she could do was listen. Quickly she got into the spirit of things, and showed genuine interest in what this man had to say, and even presented her own arguments.

“Wait, the food in itself was okay?”
“Yeah, the food itself was fine.”
“So what did Nestle’ do wrong? How are they responsible if some merchant gives a bad powder? They can’t watch everybody.”
“Dawn, you have a baby, right? Suppose I was to sell a product, knowing you will misuse it, and wouldn’t stop you although I know you’re about to accidentally hurt your baby?”
“Well… if you tell me exactly how to use it…”
“I can’t tell you. What if your entire county, your entire STATE is filled with women who misuse food I sell? Nestle’, in my opinion, is guilty in criminally negligent homicide, just like if you would let your baby play with a gun. If you do so, the baby is not at fault, you are. If mothers are misinformed on a product it’s the company’s fault, not theirs.”

Dawn could completely understand where he’s coming from. She had an 18-month-old baby and would never let anything happen to him. She loved him more than anything in the world. Not seeing him for a day was making her crazy. And with her car breaking down and all the weirdoes out there, she was lucky getting a ride from this guy.

“I really want to thank you for giving me this lift, Eric. Most people don’t pick up hitchhikers. And those who do… Well…”
“Sickos, I know. Oh, by the way, speaking of Nestle’, I got some chocolates here. You want some?”

David pulled out a pack of chocolate and gave some to Dawn.

“Hmm… Nestle’.” Dawn said puzzlingly.
“They’re good.” David smiled.
“But you just said…”
“Hey, I’m just saying, you gotta know where your bread comes from. I didn’t say you shouldn’t eat it. What, you think I’m one of these tree huggers and vegans who ban fucking grapes and stuff?”
“Banning grapes? What? Look, it’s people, okay? How can you preach me about how big corporations kill people and then sponsor those companies?”

David laughed. “Give me a break! You can’t escape it! Look at the world. You can escape it. Do you drink coffee? What about your husband, did he buy you a wedding ring? A diamond ring? Patrol? In the end it all adds up. Telephone companies start revolutions. Oil companies start wars. Some of YOUR money goes to the hands of people who sponsor wars and slavery just to get more money. Someone’s hand was chopped off so that some Jewel store could offer your hubby the widest options possible for jewelry. Besides, won’t your coffee taste better now, knowing they’re forbidden fruit?”
“I don’t drink coffee.”
“Well, you still go to fancy-shmansy hotels now and then, don’t you? You know how many of those the mob built?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it right now.”

Dawn was relieved as her cellular started ringing. She was practically saved by the bell. She could see it was a call from her house.

“Hi, Stan. No, sorry, I forgot. Listen, I sort of got the car broken but there’s a nice man giving me a lift, okay? Tell the kids I love them and I’ll be home soon, okay? Okay, love you too. Bye!”

To her relief, David changed the subject as soon as she got off the phone.
“So, was that your husband?”
“Yeah. He’s so understanding. That’s amazing.”
“What’s to understand?”
“You know…” She said shyly.
David looked at Dawn briefly. He could see she was embarrassed. “How many kids you have again? Two?”
“Well, Samantha is going to be 6 next month, and Daniel is 18 months old now.”
“Daniel. That’s a pretty name.” David said monotonically.

He hasn’t heard that name in days, which was weird since it was identical to his own. Danny. Dan Whitman. Good Ole Danny Whitman. Well, he couldn’t use that now when he was a criminal at large.

He bumped into this woman by accident and thought she would be a great diversion if anyone were looking for him. A couple riding together is not as suspicious as a man on his own. Then again, he did not alter his looks or his car, so what the fuck difference did it make?

As he was talking to this woman his urge was rising again. She was not as young as the others, which was good. He did not want to rape only teens for too long now when he’s on the run. Did not want the trail to be that obvious. If it were up to him there wouldn’t even be a trail, but it was stronger than him. The bitch didn’t even notice where they were going. He wondered how long it would take her to grasp what was going on.

“Oh, crap!”
“What?” Dan asked.
“My battery.”

Dawn started dialing again. “Stan? Listen, my battery is weak. I’m turning the phone off. No… Stan… Don’t worry. I’ll be home in a couple of hours. Okay, love you, baby.”

Dawn hung off the phone. “So, where are we going?”
“Don’t worry.” Dan said. “I know what I’m doing.”

Dawn was getting stressed out, but kept telling herself it’s nothing. So far this man has been nothing but a perfect gentleman.

“So, Dan. Do you have any kids of your own?”
“I had one girl. She died.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.”
“That’s okay. Hey, Dawn, you wanna see a photo? I got one right here.”
He leaned to the glove compartment, opened it up, and before Dawn knew it, he lifted a stun gun and zapped her.


When she came to, it took Dawn a few seconds to recall what has happened. She remembered David zapping her. Then there were some punches that made her pass out completely. Maybe, she wasn’t sure. She tried to move her hands but they were tied behind her back. At the same time she realized she was still in the car. All the thoughts and recollections entered her brain all at once as she laid in the seat without moving. Then she turned to her left in panic and looked at David.

“Good morning, Dawn!”
He was sitting next to her in the driver’s seat, looking outside. She looked around and realized they were parked in an orchard. There were Orange and Lemon trees to their right and left, all around them.

“I haven’t been her since I was a boy. This place hasn’t changed much.”
“Please, David, please let me go.”
“Sure. Right after I’m done with you.”

She felt fingers entering her pussy, and then realized she had no pants and panties on.
“Oh, god, please!” She cried helplessly, “David, let me go!”
“My name is not David. And you’re not as pretty as I would like. But you’ll do.”

Dan took his fingers out of her, moved down the back of her seat so she would lie down, and climbed on top of her. As he started kissing her she did not move, didn’t struggle back. She just let him do it. She was terrified, praying silently for god to let her live through this. She closed her eyes. She felt Dan taking off his underpants, felt his cock getting hard, rubbing against her cunt, felt his hands move on her hips, rubbing them.

He broke the kiss and looked at her. “Just be a good g irl.”
“NOOO!!!” She cried and begged as she felt his cock slowly slipping between her cunt walls. “Oh, god, please, not in there. Not there!” Dawn was devastated. It was one thing making her do things, like kiss him, even suck him, or even letting him finger her, but this, taking her most private of parts, this was the most horrible thing he could do. She looked at the ceiling of the car and started crying, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Dan found her attractive, but for some reason he had trouble getting a hardon. He tried thinking of the other girls, but it didn’t work. Then he thought of a blond girl he once knew. Early twenties, short blond hair, blue eyes. He imagined himself on a boat in the middle of the ocean, bending this girl on the rail, fucking her ass. Then he slammed into Dawn’s cunt.

Dawn cried louder, begging again for mercy: “No, please! I can’t! You can’t do this to me!”
The screams just made Dan hotter and he continued to ram into her.

He opened her blouse and cupped her breasts through her bra. He leaned her up and moved the blouse backwards, revealing Dawn’s shoulders. He kissed her neck and shoulders passionately as he moved his hands down her back, tearing the blouse, feeling the warmth of her bare back.

Dawn’s thoughts drifted. She thought of her little boy, and knew she had to do anything possible in order to come back home to him. She could not let him live without a mother.
She tried to think of her life and her family as this man pounded into her. She tried to stay focused but the pain was too much. She lost all track of time as he kept abusing her, twisting her nipples through the bra, and then tearing it with his teeth, nibbling on her sensitive defenseless nipples. She was not even sure she was conscious when it happened. She was not sure she was conscious throughout the rape. After about 30 minutes, or maybe an hour of rape, she felt hot cum inside of her. She did not even notice he was about to cum. She just closed her eyes and thanked god for it.

Soon enough she realized how wrong she was, when Dan grabbed her by the hair and dragged out of the vehicle. He kicked her in the stomach, and as she fell, he kicked her again and again.

Dan started walking back to his car, leaving her on the ground. As he headed back she spotted a glistening object in his hand. It was a knife.

“No!” Dawn begged. “Please, oh, god, don’t kill me!”

She saw his sadistic smile as he approached her. He raised the knife, got behind her, and then, just as she stared straight ahead in terror, he started cutting the duct tape he previously put on her arms. He then got in front of her, his limp organ right in front of her tear-filled eyes. He grabbed her head and put the knife right on her throat. “Okay, now, I need to be hard again.”

She wanted to say something, she wanted to ask him if he hadn’t had enough. She wanted to address his humane side, but the cold blade on her neck made the situation clear to her.
“Okay.” She said. “I’ll do whatever you want.”
“You know what I want.”
“I will do it.”
“Say it.”
“I said I’ll do it.”
“You know what I want to hear, cunt!”
She felt him pushing the knife just a little under her throat, felt the stinging sensation as the cold metal broke the skin. “Okay. I will suck your cock. I will suck it hard, and I will not stop until you tell me to.”
“That’s a good girl.”

Dan grabbed her hair and pushed her head to his crouch. He smiled as he felt her tongue running up and down his vein. He saw her opening up her lips and taking his cock in as she shut her eyes tight with disgust. Nevertheless, it was obvious she’s done it before. Hell, she was even better than Linda. He was surprised by that thought. He felt almost as if he was cheating on her. Raping those little girls is one thing, but admitting that anyone gives a blowjob better than Linda was something he felt uncomfortable with.

Dan let himself drown in thoughts of the past few days as she wrapped her lips around his cock and started moving them. He thought of his wife and little girl who have probably reported to the police of his disappearance. He thought about the hot little pussies he had, especially little Jamie who drove him over the edge. Maybe this is why this bitch didn’t feel as hot. He gave everything he had to Jamie. Thinking of Jamie was enough to get him hot and hard again. Once again he felt his cock on the verge of exploding. And then something funny happened. The two worlds he’s been living in, the two masks, collided. Suddenly it was not Jamie or Dawn sucking on his cock. In his mind, it was Jenny. He got even more aroused now, thinking of his little girl giving him a head. He tried to block it for years but knew it was in him.

Oh, hell, forget about it. It’s all gone now. He ran away so he won’t have to think of Jenny, so he won’t have to lead his family down that pit he was heading towards. He was here in order to fuck Dawn, not Jen.

He grabbed Dawn’s hair once again and pulled her face away from him, ordering her to get up. He kept his hand in her hair and his knife on her neck as he led her to the front of her car, forcing her to bend over on the engine.

“Do you know what I’m about to do now, cunt?” He asked as he slowly moved the knife down Dawn’s back.
“No! Please!”

Dan smiled and threw the knife away and opened up her ass cheeks. I know you got a dry ass but I’ll get it wet soon.

She cried out in pain and agony as Dan got into her ass with one thrust. He was laughing like a maniac as she kept on weeping.

“Please, why are you doing this to me?”
“Because I’m an addict. And I will do it again.” He said in a rare moment of honesty.
He started thrusting his cock inside of her, leaning his body on hers, resting himself. He liked that woman. She truly had a mother’s personality. Her hubby must have been feeling lucky. Dan sure felt comfortable laying on her. It made him feel safe knowing she was all his. He felt fulfillment with each moan and gasp he got out of that woman. Eventually, despite of the pain, she settled down. She didn’t put any fight, but endured what was coming to her.

Dawn laid there in silence, like a piece of meat, waiting for the excruciating pain to end. She slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

After more than fifteen minutes of ass fucking, Dan laughed as he realized she passed out. He had no idea how long she’s been that way, and he didn’t care. He thrust harder and came. She wasn’t exactly “there” to feel it but that was okay. It’s more fun to abuse younger women anyway. He just picked her because she was what’s available now when he did not have a steady hunting ground, and besides, he needed to break the pattern a little if he wanted to conceal where he was going. He threw the piece of meat known as Dawn on to the ground and got on top of her, kissing and licking her, trying to get hard again for one last pussy fucking before leaving her.


When Dawn got up she noticed the car was gone. Her clothes were thrown next to her. Her luggage, just small things she took from the car, was nowhere to be found. She grabbed her clothes and started putting them on. The shirt was completely torn, and it was hard covering her body with it. Her pants were intact since they were taken off during the first time she was passed out. Her panties though were nowhere to be found. Dawn remained seated on the ground, holding her pants, her bare ass touching the cold ground, her blouse partially covering her torso and breasts as the cool wind tickled her nipples.
She was just sitting there, looking at the sunset, when she suddenly came. She did not know why, and she didn’t care. She was ashamed, but it did not matter. She was alive, and soon she’ll see the face of her beloved Daniel.


Daniel Whitman was driving his car, sniffing the panties, and threw them aside. He looked at the sunset and once again thought about the events he’s been through, and what’s to come. He knew he should get the plates changed, and maybe get a new travel companion, just to conceal his identity better. Hell, maybe one he won’t rape, if that’s even possible.
He wondered if the cops knew who to go after, if they connected all the dots. He came as he thought of the excitement of the chase, of being the hunted instead of the hunter. He felt like Dr. Kimble from “The Fugitive”, running around all throughout this great country with the authorities on his tail.
As he continued to travel throughout Monroe county, he wondered who his “Gerard” would be.


Lee Watson was sitting on his desk, throwing a ping-pong ball in the air and catching it, going in his mind over the case of the serial rapist from North Grant.
Jake Felder, a rookie in the Sex Crime Unit, passed by him.

“Hey, Jakey, how’s it hanging?”
“Got my first case as a primary.”
“Oh, yeah?”
“Yeah. Some woman was found on the side of the road near an orchard, trying to get a ride, saying she was raped. This old couple picked her up and brought her here. The fucker raped her till she was unconscious and left her to rot.”
“Scumbag.” Watson mumbled.
“Well,” Felder said. “I’ll nail him. So, Lee, how about that case in North Grant?”
“Oh, there hasn’t been a rape for days. If he’s smart, I’m counting on him to change crime scene. Guess I have to wait till he acts again.”
Felder smiled. “I have a feeling this fucker won’t disappoint you. But when he does it again you’ll be there to nail his ass. Nothing gets past you.”
“Damn straight.” Lee said, as the rookie went out to investigate Dawn’s rape.

Lee was frustrated that the rapist of Jamie Ralston did not strike again. All he could do is wait. He grabbed the ping-pong ball, and threw it once again in the air.

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