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Forced Sex

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Forced sex

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Sometimes opportunity presents itself. I was looking for an apartment and answering the Managers door was this sexy BBW Lady.

5' 5" about 210 with a huge rack, curvy hips and a bubble ass encased in a sexy pair of tight bike pants. Her blonde hair was tied in a severe pony tail and I nearly threw her down in her door way when she smiled at me. I stammered I want to see an apartment. She hesitated, saying her husband was sleeping. I smiled and said I had taken off from work, but I could come back. I turned away, but she told me to stop and she'd take me to the empty apartment. She got the keys, slid on a pair of flip flops on her feet and led the way to the apartment.

As I watched her sexy ass in front of me I took stock of what I had. I didn't have my normal bag of tricks, but I had my knife, and a couple of plastic ties the ones electricians use to bind wires. Perfect.

She let me into the apartment and stood by the open door as I made a pretext of looking around I closed the front door behind her, locking the bolt. She looked at me as I did it, nervous.

"You're very pretty", I said moving closer. I undid the latch on my knife holster.

She backed off.

"Thanks. Do you want the apartment?"

"I want You!"

I grabbed her by the throat and drove her against a wall. I put the knife to her throat.

"Be good and do what I say. Understand Big Bitch?"

She stared at the knife. "Please don't hurt me"

"Then OBEY ME," I whispered.

I grabbed her pony tail and turned her around. Using my knife I slit open the back of her blouse and pulled it off. She moaned in fear.

I cut off the straps of her bra. "Take it off, Big Bitch."

She reached around and undid the bra clasp. I pulled on her pony tail and got a nice yelp of pain as her bra fell off. Her giant tits fell out. I yanked her close and ran my knife across her breasts.

"What size are your tits, Big Bitch?"

" F-f-forty-four D," she stammered.

I put the point of my knife on her right nipple. "Good. Now take off your pants. NOW!"

Still holding her pony tail, she pulled off her pants. She wasn't wearing panties. I slapped her big bare ass.

"No panties, you are a nasty Big Bitch. Put your hands on your head and don't move."

She obeyed. I ran my knife down her back and her ass. I walked in front of her and sucked on her nipples. Tears were running down her face. I moved behind her and pulled off my pants. I spread her ass cheeks and slid my hard cock between them, pulling her close. She cried out, but became silent as my knife touched her throat.

"So nice," I whispered in her ear. "This is just the beginning, Big Bitch"

I grabbed her pony tail and pulled her to the floor. I forced her on her back, grabbed her right wrist and, using a plastic tie, bound her right wrist to her right ankle. I did the same with the left. She was now spread wide for me.

I ran my knife over her body, then leaned down to suck on her nipples. She moaned and sobbed as I rubbed the tip of my cock on her clit then slowly drove it inside her sweet pussy.

I pumped her slow, using my thumb to rub her clit as I raped her. She tried to lay still, but my thumb rubbing her clit was enough to make her wet. I stopped pumping and concentrated on rubbing her clit till she came for me. I loved it.

I pulled out of her sweet pussy and put my knife at her throat. "Don't scream," I said as I drove my cock into her bung hole. I loved watching her face as she struggled not to scream as I raped her ass. I pumped her hard.

"You belong to me now, Big Bitch," I said as I let loose a long stream of cum into her ass.

I pulled out and dressed. I collected all her clothes and then leaned down and put the knife to the chest of my whimpering victim.

"Stay still and quiet until your husband comes for you. If I hear you, I will come back and kill you."

She nodded. I left, locking the door behind me. I went back to the Managers Apartment and hung my victim's bra on the doorknob. I taped a note to the front door which read

Dear Asshole, Your wife showed me #130. I didn't take the apartment, took her instead. She is naked, spread wide waiting for you with my cum leaking out of her ass. Next time, do your job.


Your Wife's Rapist

PS Her pussy was tight and she came for me. How do you like those apples?

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