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Forced Girls

FORCED GIRLS is the ultimate extreme sex mega-site! The best content from the best sites, all collected under one roof.  If you want it ALL, you will get it here. The best of the best! The most extreme of the extreme! The ultimate collection of forced sex, torture and domination awaits you at FORCED GIRLS!
Forced Girls - real rape site! FORCED GIRLS is the ultimate extreme sex mega-site! The best content from the best sites, all collected under one roof.  If you want it ALL, you will get it here. The best of the best! The most extreme of the extreme! The ultimate collection of forced sex, torture and domination awaits you at FORCED GIRLS!

Sample rape photos:

Rape photo - Voluptuous virgin becomes a vexed victim! Rape photo - Surprised by a savage gun-toting, rape-minded stranger! Rape photo - Vicious veiled vermin vandalizes a virgin's pussy! Rape photo - Battered and bloody, this babe can do nothing but submit! Rape photo - Producing enough pain to fuck her insane!
About rape site:
- This is it. The best of the best, or the worst of the worst if that is how you want to look at it. The most extreme videos and photos from the most extreme sites on the web, all under one roof! Think of FORCED GIRLS as the "greatest hits" of rape! The most violent scenes from sites like VIOLENT RUSSIANS, SCREAM AND CREAM, UNIFORM DOMINATION and more are collected here in one mega-site. Man on woman, gang bang rapes, brides being beaten and fucked, policemen fucking innocent young women, men forcing women to fuck animals, anal poundings, bondage, torture... every sick fantasy, every dark desire, every cruel violation is on display at FORCED GIRLS. If you want the absolute sickest... the most extreme, look no further. If you like it all... if you want to see every rape niche in one site, this is the place to go. Over 30 hours of movies... a massive collection of images and stories await you inside. 100% anonymous signup and instant access. JOIN FORCED GIRLS NOW!

- With the large number of forced sex sites on the web, it is not an easy task to keep things interesting. Some sites use new gimmicks to mix things up. Some just go with the flow, plugging out the same old content… and then there is a site like FORCED GIRLS. No, this is not a new approach to an old game. What you get at FORCED GIRLS is the tried and true approach to forced sex, but imagine it pumped up on steroids. All of the content… the movies, the images, the stories, are pushed to the extreme. More VIOLENT. More EXTREME. More ABUSE is heaped upon the victims. Anal rape, cunt pounding, face fucking, choking, spanking, humiliation, bondage, domination… it is all there, but jacked up to the tenth power! And how did they do it, you ask? By scouring the web, and paying a massive amount of money, to get the best content from the top forced sex sites all under one roof. You don’t need to belong to any other site if you join FORCED GIRLS. This is the absolute best of the best! The cream of the crop! There are hundreds of full-length downloadable or streaming videos. Thousands of photos in their massive archive. Hundreds of stories… all primo content, plus a massive archive of content EXCLUSIVE to this site. Think of FORCED GIRLS as the extreme porn mega-mall! If you want it, they have it, and it is better than it is anywhere else!

- If you are a jaded fan of extreme porn, sexual domination and rape content, FORCED GIRLS is the last site you will ever need to join. The FORCED GIRLS team has picked the best content on the web and collected it all within this one gigantic site! The most extreme rape and humiliation videos and photos await you inside. A huge archive, with endless amounts of content, all updated on a weekly basis. If you are concerned about having such extreme porn on your computer, you don’t need to worry. All the movies can be streamed or downloaded, so if you just want to watch them, no need to have them on your hard drive. They are available in multiple formats, so you never have to download some bizarre viewer software laden with spyware and pop-ups. The site is billed discreetly and will not show up on your statement as an adult site, so no one has to know but you.
I have seen it all, people, but I have never seen a site with content that is this good from the first picture to the last. Video clips so crystal clear and clean that you’ll think you are watching a DVD on a high-def TV. The servers are lightning fast, so you don’t have to wait forever for movies to load. For those of you on a slower connection, smaller clips are available for you to access.
There is also a message board where you can share fantasies and movie reviews, which is a real nice, interactive touch. FORCED GIRLS is a great purchase, well worth the money.


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