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Forced Fuckers

FORCED FUCKERS features the best of the best! The most extreme forced sex movies and images collected from web sites all over the world, available now under one roof. Never surf through crappy images or waste time downloading a lame movie again… at FORCED FUCKERS, you know every second you spend is going to be worth it!
Forced Fuckers

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Driving down a road. seeing a woman beside a steaming one pull over and ask if you can help. It's very hot and her blouse is stuck to her skin from her sweat .. you can see she has no bra as her nipples are pressed against the silk and unknown to her, the sweat dampened blouse has become semi transparent.

She is so grateful that SOMEONE has finally come up this road .. she got lost and has no idea where she is. In fact .. she broke down on the private road into your cabin. As you stare at her tits you get an instant hardon .. but she notices you staring and suddenly becomes aware of how much you can see. Backing off now the woman crosses her arms over her breasts and asks if you would please call a tow truck when you get to a phone.

You just laugh as you get out of your truck .. reaching for her blouse, you grab a handful and pull her towards you. As she screams and tries to break free you yank hard and rip the cloth off her body exposing her luscious tits to your grasping hands. Spinning her around you push her against your truck and press up against her. At once she feels your cock .. feels it's hard solid throbbing against her belly and she screams for help. Struggling and pushing against you to no avail she feels your hand lifting her short skirt as you rip off her panties and shove a finger into her cunt. You tell her how you plan to fuck her: tit fuck .. throat fuck .. ram your cock up her cunt and ass ..and her screaming and struggling excite you even more. No one will be by .. no one will hear .. there will be no interruption or escape for this beauty. She is yours to ravish at will.

You have always had a fantasy of raping a woman tied to your truck and here is the perfect opportunity. Lifting her struggling half naked body you sling her across your hood and tie her wrists to your outside mirrors. Leaving enough play in the rope so she can slid on the metal you step out of your jeans freeing your mammoth 9 inches of cunt hungry muscle. Gripping her thighs you pull her down over the hood till her wide spread cunt nestles over the tip of your pulsing cock. Your blood is pumping hard ... your cock swelling bigger than it has ever been from the excitement of hearing this helpless woman scream and beg for help as she writhes and squirms in a vain attempt to break free. Her incoherent sobbing pleas suddenly register on your ears.

" Please please..don't do this to me. Im to be married in two wee weeks and I have been saving myself for my husband! Ooohhh nooo please let mego!!!!"

You stand still .. totally amazed that you have a beautiful, helplessly naked VIRGIN about to be plundered by your stiffly throbbing cock!!!! Now you laugh with evil glee and tell this captive beauty how you are going to enjoy her cunt even more as you slowly, inevitably pull her down farther onto your cock .. her gyrations impaling her more firmly onto your raping shaft. Suddenly you THRUST...ripping into her helpless body ...pushing up on her hips .. sliding her across the hood then yanking her back down onto her pole of torment. Her tortured screams fill the air as she feels her precious virginity ripped from her body as your thickening raping tool continues it plunge into her wet tight softness. Over and over you reputedly thrust in and out of her soft virgin cunt. Her hot tunnel grips your cock, squeezing it like a tight glove. Your mouth adds to her torment as you suck her tits and bite her nipples while pounding in and out of her violated body.

Pulled harder down onto your ridged rod she now hangs on it=92s drilling length, denied the leverage to get off it as your hands reach for those firm jiggling tits. Squeezing and pinching her breasts, twisting her nipples viciously you force her tormented body to jerk and squirm against your prick. Her broken sobs growing hoarse as you continue to slide her back and forth across the truck hood and down onto your massively swollen rod, grinding harder and deeper with every raping thrust into her ravished cunt again and again and again. Now you stop, your cock hard and straining for it's warm pussy as you untie your captive and pull her, sobbing and stumbling, onto the tail gate.

Forcing her to her hands and knees on the edge of the tail gate you pull her thighs apart exposing her bruised and battered cunt lips. Taking aim at her glistening cunt lips you once again hurl your solid cock deep into her warm depths. Her screams again ring out into the forest air as you unmercifully fuck in and out of her struggling body, grabbing and squeezing her swinging tits. Grunting with the effort of every thrust because her hot hole is sooo tight you pound into her harder...faster..over and over ... a yell of victory erupting from your throat as your hot cumm explodes into your captive cunt.

Spent now, you drape your body over hers as you continue to pinch and twist her nipples while your softening cock remains embedded in her wetness. Her shuddering sobs and occasional squeals of pain from your mauling hands on her breasts keeps your excitement rising as you rest before the next attack on this luscious helpless captive.

You tell her how you will fill every hole she has before the afternoon is done and then take her to your cabin where the fun will start all over. For now though you will just enjoy the feel of her shudders and whimpers of pain as you continue to pinch, squeeze and torment her soft flesh.

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