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Forced DB

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Forced DB

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Next to BBW ladies in dresses and pantyhose, there is nothing like one who likes to wear black leggings. Tight, showing every sexy curve and the shape of her large ass. The women I took in her apartment was like that...

She was a pretty brunette about 5'3" and two hundred pounds. She would walk by my favourite lunch hangout wearing her sexy leggings with a blouse that was stretched tight across her large breasts.

I followed her to the apartment house she lived in and got her name off the mailbox. She lived alone and came home at the quiet time of the afternoon where everyone was still at work. Prefect!

I purchased a dozen roses and put her name on the card. I went to her apartment and knocked. She open the door. She was wearing her leggings with a white blouse and was barefoot. She smiled as I presented her with the roses telling her it was a delivery from the local florist.

I asked her to use her phone to check on another delivery. She let me in, taking the flowers, too giddy to be smart.

As soon as the door closed, I made my move. Hand over her mouth, knife to her throat. The flowers spilled on the floor as she briefly struggled, but the sharp blade on her throat controlled her quickly.

I dragged her into her bedroom and forced her to take off her blouse and bra. She begged and cried, but a slap and the knife made her comply. Her giant breasts fell out. I pinched her nipples and told her i was going to enjoy raping her. Her moan of fear was priceless.

I handcuff her hands behind her and forced her on the bed. I made her spread her legs and I molested her sexy legs and ass.

I rolled her on her belly and pulled down her leggings to her knees. What a great ass! Big round mounds and all mine.

I pushed my hard member into her ass. I raped her ass hard enjoying her cries of pain and pleading. I made her beg me to rape her pussy. What a rush!

I pulled out and pulled her leggings up. She thought I was done. You should have seen the look of surprise as I rolled her over, sliced open the crotch of her leggings and panties and rammed myself into her.

I pounded her hard and fast. She cried and cried and screamed when I shot my load in her. She belonged to me now.

I stripped off her leggings and took them for my trophy. I tied her ankles tight and gagged her with her torn panties and tape.

As I left, I picked up the flowers and threw them on her naked raped body.

I had bought them for her...

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