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Extreme Castings

They cry, they sob, their makeup runs. This is the harsh reality of shobiz castings. All kinds of hot brainless babes come hoping to become stars. All they get is the most extreme fuck of their life!

Depraved showbiz castings unveiled! Finally you can see what really happens with all these stupid sexy sluts striving for stardom. All they do is cry getting all their holes fucked raw!

Extreme castings - fresh rape sites! Often they burst into tears, but it never helps. If you come to this casting, you better be prepared, slut! Relax your holes and the producer will do the rest. Awesome casting videos in high quality!

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Short rape story:
Growing up there was a science geek we all new but few talked to, luckily for me I was one he called a friend. As we grew he started to work on a project that would have a great effect on my life. He had been working on a cure for some odd form of disease, can’t recall what it was called nor did I care to find out, in the course of test he happened upon a neat serum that turn the mice he was testing it on totally invisible. When he told me about it I almost died I had been fantasizing about a woman I worked with and what it would be like to rape her while invisible.

“Man O’ Man” I thought, “I wonder if it will work on a man?”

So I made a plan to sneak into his lab and try it for myself, instead of the boring details of how I got in past the security and all I’ll skip to the fun part. I injected myself with the stuff and as I sat in front of a mirror and waited. I started to feel a little sick, then bonk, just like a light I was out I have no idea how long I was out for but when I finally came to there was nothing but an empty chair in front of the mirror

“Oh this is perfect!” I yelled “I totally invisible” My cock began to harden “Now it’s off to Cathy’s”

Now let me tell you about Cath, she was a tall leggy blonde 5’10 with a face that could stop a clock or should I say Cock (My Cock) Her blonde main flowed to her shoulders, her long sexy legs grew up to make quite an ass of themselves, in tight pants she look like she had a perfect cunt for RAPING, but it was her tits I wanted most she had a tiny waist top off with prefect 36DD and at work they made us wear white shirts that not only showed her tits off but after a while you could actually see her bra through them.

You see a walking hard on maker, and now that I was invisible I was going to let her feel what she did to me. I ran out to my car which I’m quite happy to say has really dark tinted windows so no one noticed an unmanned car driving by. I parked in the woods by her house walked up to the door and waited it wasn’t long and her truck pulled in the laneway. “Finally I’m going to fuck her tits off , then that pussy is mine, after which her mouth followed by that tight ass” I couldn’t remember ever having such a hard on.

She stepped out of her truck and I thought I was going to cum on the spot she had a work shirt on and even from 10 feet away I could see her bra showing it was a sexy satin number with lace across the top of her cups “Man I’m going to love those” I said out loud

“Who’s there?” she asked

O’ my I had said that out loud and she had heard me I’d better watch what I was doing

She looked around and saw nothing so she reached into her truck and grabbed a couple bags, as she came near I decided to try out my new state so I put my hand on her tit a gave it a little feel. She jumped out of shock but again couldn’t see any one so she walked into her house.

“She’s Mine!” I said to myself “I’m going to love this. I followed her in and as she set down her bags I grabbed her 36DD’s and gave them a good feel. I could feel her nipples harden in my hands as she tried to break the hold I had on her. I released her tits and stepped back my hand immediately grabbed hold of my cock. They were the best tits I had ever felt, but I’ve got to get her out of those pants. Her pants were almost skin tight and I could tell I was going to have a fight on my hands to rip them off her so I backed off for a bit. After looking around for awhile Cathy started to put away the bags of stuff then as luck would have it she poured herself a drink and as she put the bottle away I took her glass and poured it on her pants and quickly returned the glass to the counter

“Dam !” she yelled looking at the stain on her pants and the glass laying on it’s side on the counter,

“Shit now I got to change these” with that she started down the hall to her bedroom.

Could this get better, I thought, and followed her to the rape scene of my dreams Cathy’s bedroom I’ve always wanted to do her here. She stopped at a mirror beside her bed and looked at the spot on her pants, she started to wipe it off (which was pissing me off) then she huffed and undid the snap. I got set right in front of her to watch the show I Had only dreamed of a thousand times. She unzipped her pants and I could see her silk French cut panties, my cock leaped. Easy buddy I thought let her take them off before we do her, as she pulled her pants down I walked over and cupped my dream tits, when she bent over to remove her pants my cock rubbed against the side of her cheek.

“It’s my time now Cath!” I said as I pushed her down onto her bed I ripped her pants the rest of the way off


“Why, I’m going to do you ever way possible”

“Who are you, and Where the fuck are you?”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that” and with that I tore her top open and dove my face into the tits I waked off because of more times than I could count.

“They’re prefect” I said as I started to suck one of her hardening nipples and my cock slide between her legs to rest on her prized Cunt “This is great” before she could react I tugged her panties to the side and buried my cock up to my balls in her pussy. She screamed and started to buck wildly. It drove me almost crazy as I squeezed those perfect tits and hammered her cunt mercilessly. I had never been so deep in a woman as I was in Cathy and what a ride, I knew raping a babe like her would be awesome but I never imagined it to be this great. I think she was trying to get me off her by bouncing like a bronco but instead she managed to get me off like a racehorse.

My cock exploded deep in her it was the best cum I had ever had, I thought I had drained everything from inside me into her and then came the greatest discovery of the night. My cock was still as hard as a rock.

“This is awesome!” I yelled and climbed her chest to those DD’s. Her bra was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen “Gawd I love these Tits!” I yelled and lifted the base of her bra up to open it’s glory to my waiting cock and for the first time I looked into her tear soaked eyes, it was sad to see her with tears in her eyes but…who am I trying to kid I loved it. I slid my cock between her perfect tits and started to slide it in and out “Perfect, just perfect” I groaned

“Who are you?” she pleaded

“Why I’m your fair God father come to fuck you silly now shut up so I can fuck you tits like I’ve dreamed of” I squeezed her mountains around my cock and started hammering again. Her tits were so big that I could get all of my 9”s buried “Man I love your tits Cathy”

She was wailing by this time but I couldn’t give a fuck I needed her tits. From all the squeezing her nipples had gotten quite hard and I decided to see how they felt so I pulled out of one heaven, lifted her bra cup and slid into another. My foreskin was rubbing her left nipple while my balls were rubbing her right one. One of the all time great feelings, to have a gorgeous babe pinned to the bed with my cock in her bra and her not even knowing who I was. Well, it didn’t take long before those mounds rubbing against my cock cause a massive stir and sure enough I came, and came and came. I think there was more cum in her bra than tits and once again my cock stayed hard.

“Gawd, I love this stuff!” I yelped as I placed one knee on either side of her face and lowered my Rock hard 9”er to her mouth. She couldn’t see it coming so when I pinched her nose she opened her sweet mouth and in I went

“WOW, I’M ACTUALLY FUCKING CATHY’S FACE!” I pumped and pumped in and out of her beautiful face slapping my balls on her chin and kept reaching back to twist and grope her cum soaked tits

“You know, you’ve got the nicest rack I’ve ever fucked, your one of the best rapes of all time and now I get to fill your face with my sperm!” She gagged and tried to buck me off but there was no way I was planning to let her go. She knew I was going to cum in her mouth and there was nothing she could do to stop me. I squished my hand a good 2”s into her left tit, groaned and open the flood gates. I shot for what seemed like 2 full minutes all the time she was trying to get free but I kept pounding making her drink all my sperm. Once again as I pulled out my cock was rock hard

“Baby, oh baby that sure was awesome” I climbed off of her making her think I was done and as I did she rolled into a ball, which of course was what I wanted, you see I’ve had her tits, pussy, and mouth so all that was left was to bang her sweet sexy ass. I slowly moved into position behind her ass and in one motion ripped her cum soaked panties to the side and slammed home. The scream was deafening and awesome at the same time.

I could tell right away she had never been fuck up the ass before you could hear the pain in her screams and the joy in my grunts as I rape the last cherry she had away from her. Both of her tits became handles I could hold her by I squeezed them as hard as I could as I banged that ass for all it was worth. After about 10 minutes “Kaboom” I gave her a cum enema. My cock stayed hard all night but after about 2 more hours of rapping her I decided to stop and head home. I stayed invisible for about ten hours and now knowing how good Cathy was I made my plans to keep visiting her and enjoying the perfect body for rapping.

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