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Bride Abuse
The ultimate perversion! A new bride, innocent and beautiful, is forced to suck cock and fuck just minutes before she is to marry the man of her dreams! How will she ever face her husband-to-be at the altar? There is nothing more precious than a sexy bride on her wedding day…
except when she has a huge cock buried in her tight ass and one in her cunt at the same time while she screams and cries for mercy! At BRIDEABUSE.COM, the hottest girls are forced into the nastiest, wet sex against their wills!! SEE FOR YOURSELF!
The most beautiful brides forced to fuck and suck!

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About rape site:
- You will see the new bride’s tears… hear her cries… practically smell the juices flowing out of her cunt as she is pounded like a piece of meat by the best man, who decided to finally fuck this slut before she married the man of her dreams! She may look like an innocent angel, but beneath it all she is nothing but a cheap WHORE!

- Brutal violation of innocent brides on their wedding day in full sound and color.

- Sexy young bride forced to fuck by the best man!

- The bride to be promised herself only to her husband, bud was forced to break that promise when a stranger force fucked her hard!



Brutal Teen Movies
We deliver exactly what the darker side of your
sexuality wants! Forcing young women to become objects of blind carnal passion, that is what it's all about. We got
hundreds of movies where innocent teen girls face their worst sex-related nightmares. You'll see what happens
when men lose control and don't give a fuck whether she says yes or no. Damn, in fact, the guys enjoy a "no" more!
The holiest things are violated, ravished, and raped raw. Anal rape, gang rapes, teens raped, forced throat fucking andbondage rapes, we got it all. Enjoy!
More than 100 brutal teen movies
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About rape  site:
- Lillian met Peter when leaving her dad's car at the repair shop. Peter, a huge muscular guy, had a peculiar charm rolling off his bulging body in waves. After a week of phone talks Lillian got an unbearable need down her panties. She knew her parents would be away for at least 4 hours that day. Though, she did not know these would be the worst 4 hours of her entire life. The girl invited Mr. Nice Guy home, not having any ideas of what they could do. Peter, however, had plans of his own.

- This is the kind of a sick fuck that you would not want to mess with! Jackson does not really care if a girl says yes or no. Actually, he does not give a toss whether she says anything at all as long as she got a tight fresh hole to be filled with his heavy veiny sausage. Jackson gets what he wants anyway... However, this time he had to do a lot of preliminary talking (more like shouting, in fact) before he could have his way with this tight little teen. But it was all worth it... First he urged her to go to his place, door closed, fun started.

- Alison was hitchhiking down a remote road when she was picked up by two young people. It appeared so that their destination was Alison's home town, so she relaxed in the back seat, enjoying some friendly talk. The two suggested having a rest in a shabby-looking motel. The careless chick had no suspicion - only until she was forced to the hotel's back room. They disrobed her violently, leaving huge holes in her black pantyhose. Then a cock was whipped out, and things which followed are too painful even to remember...

- Our high-speed servers ensure smooth and fast downloading. You'll love our helpful customer service. Nothing prevents you from indulging in your wildest dreams!



Bi Domination
Finally!! The only BISEXUAL domination site on the web! See women forcing women to eat their pussies. Cramming their fingers in each other's asses and cunts. Men forcing other men to suck their cocks and fuck up the ass. Tied up, forced down and fucked! 100% exclusive ALL BISEXUAL domination and rape! More content than you can possibly imagine. 100% anonymous signup... this will not show on your credit card as an adult site. JOIN NOW!
Bi rape porn
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About rape  site:

- What happens when a woman or man is curious about the same sex, about a gay or lesbian experience, but suppresses it for too long? The inevitable happens... they explode with desire, and often that desire manifests itself violently towards another. See what happens when a woman unleashes that desire on another woman. When friend turns on friend, forcing her to lick pussy and have her pussy licked. When smiles turn to tears... laughter to cries. When the ultimate trust of friendship is destroyed for sexual lust. Watch as one man forces himself on another. See couples have their way forcibly with a third, man or woman. See two women abusing a third, beating her as they take turns grinding their cunts into her face. Every sick bisexual domination fantasy you can imagine awaits you inside. See the tears, hear the screams... watch the most brutal collection of bisexual rape videos in the world, all at BIDOMINATION.COM!!

- When sexual curiosity gets the best of someone, violent things can happen. At BIDOMINATION you will see hours upon hours of video of women forcing themselves on other women. Men forcing themselves on other men. Couples force fucking a man or woman as they scream and fight... powerless to do anything but take the abuse. BIDOMINATION is the largest collection of bisexual rape content anywhere on the web. Join now for instant access!

- Two perversions combined! The folks at BIDOMINATION.COM have amassed a huge collection of videos and images of same-sex domination! That is women making other women eat their pussies against their wills! Forcing themselves on others of the same sex, raping them, humiliating them, violating them and more. You thought regular domination sites were extreme? Wait until you see how nuts they can get when men are dominating other men! Women making other women submit to their sexual whims! There are also group dominations involving both men and women, but in each scenario, there is always a person of the same sex involved. The lead-ins to the videos on BIDOMINATION are great! They really enhance the sex, having a set series of events in mind that lead to the sick, depraved scene you are seeing in front of you. A lot of time and money was spent producing these videos as they are not just crappy camcorder scenes that jump straight to the dirty deeds… there is a story, there is acting, and they are all pro-shot with great lighting.
The videos are easy to access. You can download them to watch at any time, or stream them so there are no rape videos on your computer. There is also a big collection of forced sex images all featuring bisexuality. These galleries are a breeze to surf through, with optimized thumbnail images that load quickly. In addition, there are loads of bisexual forced sex stories, live chats, a message board and more. At BIDOMINATION you get a tried and true formula: sexual domination, with a new twist. If you are a jaded forced sex fantasy fan and think you have seen it all, think again and then check out BIDOMINATION.COM.

- There are few things hotter than seeing two women going at it… caressing each others’ bodies, sucking their tits, licking twat… a tangle of limbs and hair and juices, lost in passion and arousal. There is only one thing that can make that even more enticing… And that is when one woman has another pinned down by the shoulders, her hands forced behind her back as she straddles her face, grinding her cunt down into her mouth, making her suck and lick her clit while she chokes and begs for mercy! At BIDOMINATION you get that and more! This is the FIRST all-bisexual forced sex fantasy site on the web. Each and every scene, every fantasy, involves some same-sex violation action, and the stuff is SICK. These guys and gals show NO mercy when it comes to getting their fantasies fulfilled, and it makes the scenes OH SO HOT. There are hours and hours of videos, all DVD-quality. Thousands of crystal-clear, fast-loading images that you can view or download to your computer. Hundreds of bisexual rape stories, both in their archive and on the members-only message board that you can read, and post your own to. This is a HUGE resource of a new niche. Updates are done weekly, so you will never get bored. The content is all produced by a professional team, so quality is top of the line. At BIDOMINATION.COM you will see things that are guaranteed to make your head spin in amazement and shock! Enjoy this one… I sure did…



Forced Witness
Imagine being made to watch as your loved ones are raped and tortured! You are bound and gagged, powerless to help as they are force-fucked in every conceivable way. At FORCED WITNESS, this new and horrifying fantasy comes to life in hundreds of DVD-quality movies, tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of stories! You will be shocked by what you see and hear at FORCED WITNESS!
Forced Witness sex
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About rape site:
-With the large array of forced sex and rape sites on the web, you'd think every fantasy had been explored. Well, you would be wrong! FORCED WITNESS is an entirely new approach to the rape niche. Yes, there is torture. Yes, there is brutality. YES, there are victims begging and screaming as they are force-fucked, but there is something very different, new and perverse at FORCED WITNESS. Someone is forced to WATCH, powerless to do anything! Watch as a man and his wife are home alone, when two strangers break in, forcing the husband down, beating him to submission and tying him up, forcing him to watch as they violate the woman he loves most in the world. He is bound and gagged as she is forced to fuck and suck. He is punched repeatedly any time he makes a sound of protest, and she is raped over and over, without mercy, kicking and screaming for him to help, but there is nothing he can do... but watch. This is just one of the countless fantasies and cruel scenarios that await you inside FORCED FUCKERS! Once you see what is inside, you will never be able to forget it. JOIN NOW!

-The forced sex niche is, if you can pardon the pun, being fucked in every hole these days. It hit, and it hit big and suddenly sites popped up everywhere. It takes a lot for a site to stand out against the masses, and few do, but I can safely say that FORCED WITNESS does so and more.
This is a new approach to the rape niche. Yes, people are forced to have sex against their will. Women are abused, humiliated and pounded (men too!) but there is something else that happens… an even deeper humiliation. The victim’s partner, be it husband, wife, or lover… is made to WATCH THE WHOLE THING! Imagine being powerless to do anything while a loved one is raped right before your eyes! Tied up, gagged, you can do nothing but watch as her innocence is spoiled. Each and every exclusive video on this site features that special aspect, though the scenarios vary greatly, so it NEVER gets old. There are also thousands of images in addition to those hours and hours of videos, and new content is added EVERY WEEK. If you think you have seen it all, FORCED WITNESS is a guaranteed pleaser. It is refreshing to see a new approach to the niche. Both new fans and the seasoned vet will love this site.

-Sexual domination is all about humiliation, pain and abuse. The individual is made to submit to the aggressor’s every whims, no matter how painful or perverse. It is hard to imagine something more disturbing or extreme… until now. FORCED WITNESS takes forced sex not only a step further, but picks it up in a black van with tinted windows, ties it up, rapes it, and dumps it in a back alley a few towns away! The hundreds of videos and thousands of images on this site all feature something I have never seen before: the victim’s lover is tied up by the assailant, or assailants, and made to watch while his woman is raped! Bound, gagged, powerless to fight, he can only watch as her beauty is spoiled… her cunt spread wide and fucked, her face pounded with cocks and her body covered in cum as she begs him to help. The ULTIMATE in sexual abuse! You can see it all in full color, full sound, DVD-quality videos as well as thousands of crystal-clear images. There are stories of this depravity by the dozen. The content is so extreme, you will not believe your eyes! If you are a seasoned fan of the extreme porn niche, or a new comer, you will be hard pressed to find a site more satisfying and extreme than FORCED WITNESS!



From rape to bondage, spanking to gangbangs, Russian videos to domination... this site has the most extreme movies, pictures, and stories available ANYWHERE. Thousands of raw, shocking photos available for download in the galleries. Streaming and downloadable movie clips. Sexy girls tortured, tied up and forced to fuck. You think you have seen it all?? You haven't seen ANYTHING like this! If you have a sick fetish, you will find it at PORNOCRUTO.
Pornocruto - exclusive rape site!
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About rape site:
- Pornocruto is one of the longest-running and biggest and most EXTREME underground sex sites on the web. You will not believe your eyes when you see what is inside... the most shocking, outrageous and most hardcore sexual fetish content EVER. They have over 30,000 pics in 32 extreme categories plus thousands and thousands of videos, all created exclusively for the site in their Russian studio. Why Russia, you ask? Because it is the only place where you can get away with making content like this... rape, torture, fisting, bondage, bloodletting, and more. Plus the Pornocruto team works around the clock creating new content and updating the site every week. The darkest fantasies come to life inside Pornocruto. YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN CONTENT THIS EXTREME. PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED!

- Pornocruto is the most extreme underground sex site on the web. The darkest fantasies come to life here, from rape and torture to bondage, spanking, fisting and more. Over 30,000 photos and thousands of movies of rare content that is far beyond SICK. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE YOUR EYES!

- PORNOCRUTO is a true porn mega-site. It features a massive archive of content from multiple niches. Regular vanilla sex, forced sex, bondage, domination, scat, pissing, incest… you name it, and it is here all under one roof for your enjoyment. The days of having to play $40 to join a BDSM site, $40 for a teen site, $40 for a spanking site, $40 for a scat site, and so on are behind you! Now PORNOCRUTO offers it all! I was blown away by the huge variety of stuff they had, and it wasn’t just a few movies of this and a few pictures of that. PORNOCRUTO really is like 4 or 5 sites in one. If you are a fan of many, and a fanatic of none, you really can’t pick a better site to join. Even if you are a huge fan of one niche, PORNOCRUTO gives you the opportunity to check out many many others without having to spend more money. The movies are top of the line, DVD-quality with full sound and color. The pictures are neatly organized, clear, and easy to view. There are stories, a message board, chat and more. PORNOCRUTO is a great value when it comes to regular and extreme porn. You won’t be disappointed.

- This is a new approach to the online porn market. PORNOCRUTO bills itself as an “underground porno” site. What does that mean? Well, what you get at PORNOCRUTO isn’t the same content you get at the average porn site. It is darker… more extreme… in a word, more “underground.” We’re talking rape fantasy, humiliation, spanking, role playing, bondage, torture, and more. The selection is HUGE. Group sex, fetish sex, weird insertions, spanking… the list goes on and, on top of that, you get a huge archive of “softer” sex as well, like teen fucking, blowjobs, anal, cheating wives, and more.
Their collection is enormous. Well over 30,000 images in 32 categories. Yes, you read right. 32 CATEGORIES! There is THAT MUCH variety at PORNOCRUTO and the site is priced no higher than the average porn site! The video collection is what really blew me away though. They have everything from extreme videos to XXX porn classics from the 70s and 80s that you just can’t find on video or DVD these days. The team produces their own fresh content as well, updating weekly, and as most of it is made in Russia, you KNOW it is some hardcore, extreme stuff! PORNOCRUTO is a great “one-stop” porn site that will keep you happy for a LONG time!


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