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When I was a teenager in California our neighbor was a cop and his wife. Annie was a very beautiful woman. She was about 5'-1" and maybe 110 pounds. What was great about her was she liked sunbathing topless in her backyard. She had what looked like 36C+ tits with nipples that stood erect about three quarters of an inch each! She always laid out the corner of her backyard closest to our side of the fence. Of course there were knotholes that I knocked out so I could sneak a peek at her.

Her skin was a golden brown and it was so cool to just look through the hole at her because she always put these little eye protectors on to shade her eyes from the sun. She always sunbathed around 1pm so I was always home.

I the bad thing was that she never took off her bottoms. How I longed to see her sweet pussy. Now I don't know if she knew I was looking at her but one day she laid out in a different position so her pussy was facing my way. She did her usual routine and took off her top, put her eye protectors on and lay down.

After about 15 minutes she started to play with her tits. She started to caress them and started to pinch her nipples. She let out soft moans and I was getting as hard a rock!!

You see I was still a virgin and wanted nothing more than this "older" woman to be my first. Then she started to run her finger up and down along the slit of her pussy from the outside of her bottoms. As she picked up the pace, she put her hand inside and started to play with herself.

All I wanted her to do was take off those bottoms and show me that pussy! After about 5 minutes of fingering herself, she pulled off the bottoms and there it was the most beautiful pussy in the world! She was kind of hairy down there but I didn't care. She was so wet from fingering herself. She started to put her finger inside and then two and finally three! She was getting close to an orgasm when her husband the cop came home! When she saw him, she got up and went into the house and I was crushed!

But my luck hadn't run out because their bedroom window in perfect view of my peephole. They were in the bedroom and didn't bother to close the curtains. He took her right there! The bastard! All he did was get on top, pump for about five minutes and then it was over. Annie seemed disappointed as well.

All I could think about for the next three days was Annie. I had never jerked off so many times! About a week later I was coming home from a movie around 10pm and saw Annie outside putting her daughter's toys in the garage. She was wearing this short robe that looked pretty sexy on her.

I said "hi" and offered to help and took some of the toys into the garage.

Annie needed to move some things so her husband Bob could get his car in later. When she bent over to move a box she was not wearing any panties!! I got a real good look at her pussy from behind. I just wanted to touch it right there and now. I guess I stared too long because Annie asked "if I liked what I saw."

I was so embarrassed I couldn't answer. She seemed mad and said "that she could finish putting everything away so I could leave".

But right before I walked out of the garage she said "You wouldn't know what to do and you couldn't handle me in your wildest dreams".

That made me very angry! I didn't talk to her for a week. At that point I decided that she would be my first whether she liked it or not. Now Bob did a lot of fishing with his dad on weekends. They would leave Friday night and not return until late Sunday evening. He was planning a trip this weekend and I decided that this weekend Annie would be mine.

Bob and his dad left around 7pm. At eight I saw Annie's bathroom light go on so I snuck into her yard and went to the bedroom window. A small corner was drawn back so I could see in. I couldn't see her in the shower but when she got out I got a perfect view of her naked body. She dried off and put on a bra and that sexy little robe. No panties! She then left the bedroom and went into the front room to watch TV.

I had to make my move now. The bulge in my pants gave me no choice. I grabbed my bag that had duct tape and a knife in it along with a camera and camcorder and went to the front yard a noticed that her daughter had toys around the yard again.

I knocked on the door and she answered and I told her that I just pulled up and some kids trying to steal some of the toys. She said "thanks and asked if I would help her put them away."

I said "yes" and she came outside and opened the side door to the garage and we started to put the toys inside.

Again she bent over and showed me her pussy. This time it was on purpose. I started at it again and she said "Look and dream".

I said, "Better be careful, some dreams come true!" and I grabbed her and covered her mouth.

She started to struggle until she saw the knife.

I told her to cooperate or I would do something bad.

We went into the house and she pleaded with me to not hurt her. I told her to shut up and taped her mouth with the duct tape. I was in control now! I told her that she needed to assume the position so I could frisk her for any weapons. I made her take off the robe and told her to put her hands up against the wall, feet back and spread em'!

She did and I started to "frisk" her back and then moved my hands around to those beautiful tits. I frisked her tits and removed her bra just to make sure there was nothing else hidden in there! I squeezed and caressed those tits and felt her nipples getting had and erect so I played with them for a while. I moved my hands down her waist, over her ass and down the out of her right leg. I then moved my hand up the inside of her leg. She started to shake and I passed over her pussy without touching it and felt down her left leg. Then I ran my hands up her legs again this time stopping to feel her sweet pussy! I rubbed it soft and slow and commented on how beautiful it was.

She tried to push me away and I slammed her head against the wall and told her that if she didn't want to play with me that maybe her 7-year-old daughter would.

She looked at me in horror and when I asked her if she was gong to play she nodded her head yes. We went to her bedroom and I closed the door. She had a brass rail headboard so I taped her hands to the rails. I left her feet untied. I started to kiss her on the cheek and neck telling her how I had dreamed of this moment.

I tasted my first tit as I licked her nipple and started to suck on it, and bite it softly. I told her that I didn't want to forget this moment and took the camera and camcorder out and set the up.

I took some pictures of her and started recording. I took off my clothes and my 8-inch cock popped out fully erect and ready! I started to caress her tits some more and rubbed her pussy at the same time. She was getting wet! I put a finger in and explored her pussy. I told her she was getting wet so I better "lick up" the excess juices.

She shook her head no and tried to close her legs. I got mad and punched her in the stomach and told her that was strike two. One more strike and she would have to watch me do her daughter.

She opened her legs to me inviting me to heaven. I started to kiss her pussy first and slowly started to lick up her juices. I started to get some of her hairs in my mouth and stopped. I told her that she was just too hairy and I needed to do something about it.

I untied her and led her to the shower. We got in and I told her to shave her pussy until it was smooth and bald. Of course I kept the camera rolling as she shaved. When she finished I dried her off, taped her hands behind her back a pushed her back down on the bed.

I lay down next to Annie and told her sit on my face so I could eat her. She climbed on top of my face and lowered her sweet bald pussy down and I started to eat her. I licked her, nibbled on her clit and stuck my tongue inside her. She was getting real wet and she was close to an orgasm. I decided to give her that pleasure and lick her clit harder and faster. She started to breathe harder and started to move her hips. When she started to cum I reached up and started to pinch her nipples. She had what seemed like an intense orgasm. I held on to her and kept licking her sensitive clit. She even squirted a little love juice out during that orgasm.

I told her to get off and she lay next to me. I took the tape off her mouth and kissed her on the lips.

She asked me if it was over and I just smiled and shook my head no. I told her that I had to take the tape off her mouth so she could please me.

She said that she never sucked a guys cock before, even her husbands.

I told her that I had never had my cock sucked so it was to be a first for both of us. I warned her that if I felt any teeth that she would pay dearly.

I helped Annie to her knees and held my cock in front of her mouth. She started to lick it and opened up and started to suck it. I told her to relax and take it all. She started to choke at first but soon took all 8 inches down her throat. She was doing and incredible job!

I pulled out and had her lick and suck my balls. I felt close to orgasm so I put it back in her mouth and started to face fuck Annie. I told her that I wanted her to swallow my load. I pumped faster and faster and started to cum in her mouth. She swallowed it all and I collapsed onto the bed next to her.

I took her to the bathroom for a drink of water. I laid her back down on the bed and told her that I was still a virgin and that she was going to be my first. I taped her mouth over again and told her to get up on her knees. I bent over and started to lick her pussy from behind.

She was getting wet and I was getting hard. When I was fully erect I pressed the head of my cock up against her slit and slowly pushed it in. She was tight but her wetness made it easy and I was in! I started slowly but picked up the pace. I reached around and grabbed her tits and was fucking her like a dog in heat! I pulled out and rolled her on her back and started to fuck her again. Again grabbing some tit. I pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit while fucking her.

I rolled her on her tummy and asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass. She shook her head no.

I said "That was great! Another first for both of us".

I took my finger and started to rub some of her pussy juice on her ass hole. I then got into position and slowly started to push it in. Now this was tight! She was screaming and I decided to make it quick and easy and made one hard shove and got in! She was crying now as I fucked her in the ass. I was in heaven! I fucked her a while until I came in her ass.

We were both exhausted. We laid there for a while and I told her "to go take a shower with me."

I untied her and took the tape off her mouth. We washed each other and I fucked her in the shower and she swallowed my load again. I fucked her three or four more times that night before packing up and leaving.

I warned her that if she said anything to anyone that copies of the tape would get to people she didn't want to see it. She never said anything to anyone.

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