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Cruel Planet

Did you ever think, why is you friend so brutal and aggressive from time to time. Why he considers a woman to be that low, so that he beat her, jeer at her, humiliate, rape her… Check out this brand new site, maybe you can find the likes of your friend here among this freaks. It will definitely do you a lot of good to realize the truth that surrounds you. Splitting to the very depths of your soul scenes of rape and brutal fuck. Feel sorry for poor victims of male genus fiends` here on this site.
Cruel planet
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Short story:
Sharon and her date had parked off a dark road in the woods to fool around. He had spread out a blanket on the ground and they were now in the middle of a heavy petting session.

Her date rolled on top of Sharon and she was about to push him off ( Sharon wanted a little fun, but not that much) when her date stiffened and fell next to her. Looking down at Sharon was a man in a ski mask holding a wooden baton in one hand and a knife in another. The man whacked her date once more with the baton, then turned his attention to a stunned Sharon.

Sharon tried to get to her feet, but the man whacked her on the knee with baton. Sharon screamed and fell over, hands clutching her throbbing knee. The man grabbed Sharon by the hair and dragged her across the ground to a nearby tree.

Sharon felt hancuffs slapped onto her wrists and the man lifted her wrists up to a hook imbedded in the tree. Sharon was now standing on the tips of her toes arms stretched above her head.

The man took a rag from the ground and crammed into Sharon's mouth. Tears flowed down her face as the man secured the gag with duct tape.

The man used his knife to slice open the front of Sharon's dress. He smiled at her as he ran the blade over her exposed body, using the knife tip to slice open the middle of her bra. Cold night air made Sharon's nipples hard as breasts tumbled out.

The man ran the knife over Sharon's nipples and then began to suck and bite them.

The man slit off her panties and kneeled in front of Sharon. He ran the knife over her exposed clit. Sharon froze in fear. The man leaned forward and began to suck and bite her clit. He rammed a finger inside Sharon's vagania.

Sharon body began get warm. She her pussy getting wet. Her body was responding to the man's abuse. Helpless, Sharon fought off her body for as long as she could before cumming; her scream of pleasure muffled by the gag. Tears of shame accompanied the scream.

The man stood, grabbed Sharon's legs, spread and lifted them, and rammed his hard cock into Sharon. Sharon felt the bark of the tree dig into her back as the man raped her with hard quick strokes. It was a almost a relief for Sharon when the man grunted and filled her with his semen. At least it was over.

The man pulled out, and lifted Sharon's wrists off the hook. Sharon fell to the ground in a heap. The man grabbed her hair again and dragged Sharon back to the blanket where her prone date lay. The man secured Sharon's legs together with duct tape and rolled her on her side.

Sharon felt the man molest her butt, then he spread her cheeks and rammed his hard cock into her anus. Sharon screamed into her gag as the man sodmized her brutally . He came quickly.

The man rolled Sharon over on her back. Sharon could see that ski masked face as he smiled at her, raised his baton, and swung. Sharon felt brief intense pain, then nothing....

She awoke in the hospital to the company of a police detective. From him she learned her date was fine, but she had been the third victim of the Dark Road Rapist.

With pen in hand, he asked a tearful Sharon to re-count all that had happen....

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