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Sweet, ample Diana is the kind of a young chick that you often see in hard rock clubs and local bars. She had this
fuck-off attitude and used to change boys often, but once she got a lot more than she could handle. This tall, muscular, tattoo-clad, rum-guzzling stud turned out to be a real monster! Diana did not expect anything beyond a casual one night stand, but this beast of a man kept going for hours. When her cunt started aching, she tried to protest but the pervert kept fucking and smacking and cussing her into the bed, then settling for her virgin anus...
Brutal teen movies
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My name is Alan. I'm a fairly successful man in my late-thirties. I live in the suburbs just outside of Los Angeles, California with my wife Michelle, and our daughter Nicole. I keep myself in good physical shape by working out regularly at the gym, and I take good care of himself. I'm 6 feet tall, and weigh 180 pounds. I have brown hair, and am clean shaven. I've been told that I look like I am in my late twenties, and it wasn't long ago that I was asked for my ID when I was buying beer at the liquor store. Our daughter Nicole is a pretty girl with lots of friends at school. During the summer months our backyard pool is usually a busy place on the weekends because Nicole is always having her friends over for swim parties, and barbecues.

My wife Michelle had given our daughter permission to have a weekend long sleepover, pool party and beach trip with two of her friends from school, and a relative of one of the girls. Two days before the weekend arrived, Michelle found out that she had to go out of town on business, and would be gone until the following Monday afternoon. I didn't want to disappoint Nicole by making her cancel the party, so agreed to let her have it. The parents dropped off the girls on Friday evening, and the party started. Typical of teenage girls, they stayed up half the night talking and giggling in Nicole's bedroom.

The next morning my daughter and her girlfriends woke up around 10:00 a.m., and I made breakfast for them. After they ate, they decided to go out into the backyard and lay out by the pool. I knew Nicole's two friends from school, Katie and Annalie, but had never met Katie's cousin Amanda. Amanda was the same age as the other girls, but she looked a little more mature than Nicole and her friends. When the girls came out of Nicole's bedroom, I couldn't help but stare at Amanda. Her young body was budding, and her skimpy bathing suit didn't hide much either. Amanda is about 5'4" tall, and weighs around 100 pounds. Her shoulder length blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and her hot pink bikini and lightly tanned body really showed off her beautiful figure.

I had never looked at a young girl like this before, especially not a friend of my own daughter. But there was something about this girl made me really want her. As they oiled down their bodies and laid out on their towels in the backyard, I went into the master bedroom and peeked out at her through the window blinds. I soon found myself jacking off, while staring at Amanda's young tanned body glistening in the sun just 10 feet from where I stood watching her. Her pussy mound stuck up prominently below her flat stomach, and her small tight bathing suit made a nice camel toe effect. Lying down her 32B cup tits were flat, except her pointy nipples that pushed up nicely under her bathing suit top. It didn't take long before my cock spat a load of warm cum into my waiting hand.

After pleasing myself, I decided to grab a bite to eat and watch a TV for awhile. I tried not to think about her, but it was very hard. A couple hours later, I brought sandwiches and sodas out for the girls, and decided to join them for a while. After lunch they all jumped in the pool, and started playing. Surprisingly, Nicole invited me to join them for a game of pool volleyball. I ended up being Amanda's team-mate, and we played against the other three girls. That was fine with me, besides I hoped to get a chance to get a quick " innocent" feel of her tight young body. What I didn't expect was that she had the same idea as I did. During one play, we both dove for the ball, and while we were reaching for it, she grabbed my cock. After the play was over, she just smiled at me and acted like nothing had happened.

After playing two more games, the girls wanted to play something different, and Amanda quickly came up with Marco Polo. In case you don't know, this is a pool version of hide-n-seek where one person tries to find the other players while swimming around the pool with their eyes closed. To locate the other players, the person yells out " Marco" , then the other players respond with " Polo" . Using only their voices, they attempt to catch the other players and tag them.

Amanda volunteered to start the game. As everyone scattered, Amanda began calling out " Marco" , and everyone responded. I knew quickly that she was cheating, because almost immediately she swam right towards me while under the water. " She must have been opening her eyes" I thought to myself. But, I played along, and didn't make a strong attempt to get away. After all, if she was really closing her eyes like she was supposed to, she wouldn't be able to find me. As she swam by, she reached out and grabbed my cock for the second time today. When she came up, she didn't say a word about tagging me. With the girls all screaming and playing they wouldn't have noticed what she had done to me. After doing this at least three more times, she finally called out to the girls that I was tagged. Now it was my turn. I knew what she was expecting, so not wanting to disappoint her, I played along. To make it look good, I played fair for a while, chasing all the girls around the pool. But to pick out Amanda, I had to cheat also. I dove under the water, and quickly spotted Amanda's bright pink bikini, and swam towards her. She was in the deep end of the pool, so I pretended I didn't know she was there and swam directly under her. As I did, I reached up and grabbed her cunt, digging my thumb into her slit as I did. I wanted no confusion as to what my intentions were.

When I came up, the girls were all screaming.

" Did he get you?" they all asked Amanda.

" No, he missed me" she replied, as she swam away laughing.

Now I knew that I was totally safe to go forward with my plan. I yelled out " Marco" , and as the girls replied with " Polo" , I swam towards them as they attempted to get away. I grabbed Amanda around the shoulders and pulled her underwater with me. As I did, I grabbed her ass with one hand, and her tit with the other, giving her a nice squeeze as I did. When I pulled my hand away I " accidentally" pulled her top up, exposing her breasts. In all of the confusion, Amanda didn't notice at first, but as soon as the other girls saw what had happened, they all laughed and pointed at her. Of course I acted like I didn't see a thing. Not missing a beat, she pulled up her top back down, and swam away laughing with them. Being only two feet away, gave me a really close-up look at her teenage breasts. Amanda's puffy pink nipples stood up nicely on her small cone shaped breasts. Now my cock was stirring in my pants. We played for a while longer, then I decided to sit one out. As I sat on the steps watching, Amanda came over and sat next to me. She made some small talk at first, then looking at me, she smiled.

" That was pretty sneaky of you pulling off my bathing suit like that." She remarked, with a smile on her face.

" What!, I didn't mean for that to happen" I said with an innocent look on my face.

" You liar." She said, " I bet you'd like to see more, huh?" She then got out of the pool, and walked over to the deep end. Her tight little ass looked so fucking nice as she walked away. Then she turned and stood facing me. As soon as the other girls were looking away, Amanda pulled the front of her bikini bottom down, flashing me her young bush. Then stepping off the side of the pool, she splashed feet first into the water.

My heart was pounding, and I knew then that this little bitch was going to get fucked before the weekend was over.

After playing in the pool for a couple hours, the girls got out and went back into the house for a while. About 3:00 p.m., Sara came into the living room where I sat watching a ballgame, and sipping on a glass of ice water.

" Can we go to the beach now?" she asked.

" I figured that with all the swimming, you girls wouldn't want to go to the beach still" I replied.

" No, we still want to go. Is that okay?" she asked.

" Sure, get your stuff packed in the car, and I'll take you in a half hour." I said.

Amanda sat in the front seat with me, while the others climbed in the back. Since we live only 20 minutes from the beach, it was a short drive. During that trip, Amanda kept looking over at me, and smiling. Her pretty young face beaming with joy and innocence.

As the girls ran down to play in the surf, I sat on the blanket and read a magazine. It wasn't long before I noticed Amanda hobbling up the beach towards me.

" What's wrong?" I asked.

" I think I stepped on something" she replied. " I hurts" she whined.

" Come over here and sit down" I said, " Let me take a look"

Amanda sat down on the blanket facing me, with her legs slightly spread. As she raised her foot for me to look at it, I got a view that quickly had my cock getting hard. Her skimpy bathing suit bottom was pulled tight against her cunt. It was digging into her slit, and I could see the skin on either side of her pussy crack, with wisps of blond hair sticking out on either side.

Because I was wearing loose fitting swim trunks, it didn't take long for Amanda to notice my erection.

" My goodness" she remarked as she looked at my crotch. " What are you thinking about?" she said smiling.

" You know what I'm thinking about Amanda" I replied, and pulled her foot closer to my face to get a better look, and it didn't hurt that this also gave me a better view of her crotch.

" Here, is this what you want?" she asked, as she reached out and stuck her hand up the loose leg opening of my shorts, and grabbed my cock firmly.

Dropping her foot, I moaned " Oh boy" , with a huge smile on my face.

Amanda grabbed a beach towel and placed it over my lap, then pulled my cock out of my shorts and started slowly jacking me off. Just as I was starting to get into it, I noticed the girls running up the beach towards us, and calling out for Amanda.

" Shit, you better stop" I said, pushing her hand away.

Amanda jumped up and started to run towards the girls. " Hey, what about your foot?" I called out.

" Oh, it's okay now" she said, with a nasty smile on her face.

As I watched her running towards the surf, I imagined what it would be like to fuck such a young beauty. I wondered just how tight her cunt would be - could I even get my cock in her without hurting her. Could I make her cum, I thought to myself. All these erotic thoughts made my cock so hard, I had to jack-off right then and there. Looking around, I saw that I was alone. I reached under the towel, and finished the job that Amanda started. I came just as she stepped out of the water, and was bending over picking up something, just fifty-feet away.

That evening I ordered Pizza for the girls, and we all watched a movie together. Several times I caught Amanda looking over at me, and giving me that dirty smile again. " Boy, this little slut really wants it" , I thought to myself. After the movie, the girls decided to call it a night, so they all went to Nicole's bedroom, to sleep on the floor in their sleeping bags.

About an hour later, I heard footsteps coming down the hall. Looking up, I saw Amanda walking into the den where I sat watching the news on the Television.

" What's up Amanda, can't you sleep?" I asked.

" No, I guess I'm not that tired" she replied. Then she walked over to the sofa where I was sitting, and sat down next to me.

I figured this was my hint to make a move on this little slut, so I put my arm around her, and pulled her closer. She didn't attempt to push me away one bit. I then slid my hand down under her pyjama top, and lightly grabbed her breast. She still didn't resist, so I reached over and started to kiss her, and put my hand between her legs.

" Ummmm" she moaned, as I started rubbing my hand over her pussy. She then grabbed my cock, and started stroking its length through the material of my shorts. I could feel her cunt getting moist, and her breathing was becoming deeper and faster. I then slid my hand under her pyjama bottoms, and into her panties, sticking my finger in her pussy crack.

" Stop it" she said, as she started to move away from me on the couch.

" What's the matter?" I asked. I was really confused now. This little slut had grabbed my cock several times, flashed me her beaver, and jacked me off at the beach, and now she didn't want me to touch her. " No fucking way" , I said to my self. " This little whore is getting fucked, and now!" I thought.

I put my hand over her mouth, and told her not to scream. Then I pushed her to the floor. Holding her down, I pulled her pyjama top down over her shoulders, pinning her arms tight against her sides. I grabbed her pyjama bottoms from around the ankles, and jerked them off in one swift motion. Under them, Amanda was wearing little yellow cotton panties. I reached down, and cupped my hand over her cunt mound. It felt warm and soft, I wanted her now. Slipping my shorts off, my cock sprang up straight and pre-cum glistened on the tip.

Amanda stayed quite as I had told her to do, and just stared wide-eyed at my seven-inch cock. Even though she had touched it earlier, this was the first time she had actually seen it. Climbing on top of her, I pushed my cock head up tight against her panty covered mound.

" I'm going to fuck you now Amanda" I said quietly.

Please don't, I don't want to do this" she pleaded.

" After the way you teased me today, I don't give a fuck what you say now you little whore" I whispered in her ear.

I reached down, and pulled her panties to one side, and pushed my cock up against her slit. Guiding it with one hand, I rubbed the tip up and down her crack trying to get her wet enough to fuck, without hurting her too much.

My pre-cum and her juices were enough to get her ready. I slowly started pushing my cock into her teenage cunt. It was hot, and very tight.

" Are you a virgin?" I asked.

" No, I did it with my last boyfriend" she answered, with tears running down her cheeks.

" Ugh" I grunted quietly, as I continued pushing my cock into her steamy hot box.

" Oh god" she moaned as my cock pushed further up into her tight cunt.

Soon my rock hard cock was buried in her young pussy. Looking down, I almost came at the sight of my erection stuffed into this girls pussy. The way her cunt stretched tight to accommodate my fat cock was amazing. Reaching up I started to fondle her small breasts, and rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I soon had them sticking up proudly. As I started pumping my cock into her tight pussy, she was quickly getting wetter and wetter. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, so I placed my hands tight on her waist, and started pounding my cock into her faster and faster.

" Oooohhhhh ooohhhhh" she moaned, as I started fucking her like a whore.

Suddenly it hit me. " What if I get her pregnant?" I thought to myself. " Oh shit, what am I doing?" But it was too late for that now, I knew pulling out was useless, so I figured I would just enjoy the moment, and worry about that possibility afterwards.

" I'm gonna cum in you Amanda" I said. I'm going to shoot my sperm in your cunt."

My balls were tight, and I could feel my cock twitching and pulsing. " Oooohhhhh yeaaaaa" I groaned, as my first load of cum came shooting from my cock, and into her hot teen cunt. My cock pulsed again, and another load gushed into Amanda's pussy. Wave after wave of intense orgasm swept threw me as my cock unloaded its seed into Amanda's fresh young twat.

I stopped pumping, and held her tight around the waist, holding my cock deep in her blond bush. As I caught my breath, I looked down at Amanda. She was looking up at me with a blank look on her face.

" What's the matter Amanda, I thought you said you weren't a virgin?" I asked.

" I'm not, but no boy has ever ejaculated in me before" she said, with a look of shame on her face.

" It's okay Amanda, it won't be the last time" I assured her. " Have you had your period?" I asked.

" I finished yesterday" she replied.

" Good, then you don't need to worry about getting pregnant" I explained. " Come on, you're going to sleep with me tonight" I said, as I took her arm and led her down the hall, and into the master bedroom.

" Please, I just want to go to bed now" she pleaded with a tear in her eye.

" Shut up, and get into bed" I ordered her.

I set the alarm for 5:30 a.m. so that I could get another piece of this little slut before the other girls woke up in the morning.

Before the sun rose, the alarm sounded, and I quickly shut it off. Seeing Amanda laying there next to me naked, had my cock hard in no time. Without saying a word, I rolled her over onto her stomach, and climbed over her and straddled her thighs. With my erection at full tilt, I placed it between her small butt cheeks, and pumped it up and down her ass crack while rubbing her smooth young back. Bending over, I kissed her on the back of the neck, and said " You're really pretty Amanda. I would love to fuck you again" .

Amanda didn't say a word. I then moved down near the foot of the bed, and bent over and licked her ass cheeks. Still, she didn't say a word, so I continued licking her until my tongue made its way down to her slit.

" Huhhhh" she breathed as I licked her pussy for the first time.

" Do you like that?" I asked.

Amanda was still silent, but had slightly raised her ass, giving me easier access to her cunt. I knew she wasn't resisting, but she didn't want to give me her body willingly either. After licking her pussy for a couple minutes, I placed my hands around the tops of her thighs, and pulled her up into a doggy position, with her ass high in the air and her face still on the bed. Leaning back slightly I wanted to see what her pussy looked like in this position.

" Oh my" I moaned, as I could see it sticking out from between her legs. It looked like a little butt, almost hairless and puffy. Grabbing my cock shaft, I guided it towards her opening. Once it was pressing tight against her slit, I pushed it in slowly, watching it disappear into her.

" Uuuuhhhh" she moaned.

Holding her steady, I began pumping my erect cock into her tight young cunt. It felt even better than it did last night. In this position I could get better penetration, and had more control.

" Ugh, ugh, ugh" she grunted, as I fucked her pussy.

Watching my veined organ pumping into her young cunt was bringing me closer to orgasm with each stroke. Amanda's breathing was faster and deeper than before, and I sensed she was enjoying this as well as I was, but she still acted as though she wasn't there at all.

" Okay bitch" I grunted, " I'm gonna fuck you good, you little cock teaser. How's this?" I said, as I held her hips and pulled her against me hard, driving my erection deep into her. I was now pulling her back and forth against me, basically using her body to jack myself off.

" Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh" she moaned, as her ass slammed against my crotch.

" Here it comes Amanda" I said as my hot cum once again flooded her young cunt. Pulling it out, my cock twitched again as a rope-like string of pearl white sperm shot from my cock, landing on her ass and up her back, nearly hitting her in the back of the head. A third shot leapt from my dick head and landed on her ass cheek. As I watched my cum dripping from her pussy and down the backs of her legs, I reached up between them and scooped some up into my fingers.

" Turn around Amanda" I said.

Looking at me with that innocent expression on her face, I stuck my cum covered fingers in her mouth.

" That's what my cum tastes like Amanda" I said. " You better get used to it, because next time you'll be sucking it right from my cock"

" You raped me!" said Amanda.

" Oh no Amanda, that's not what happened at all. You asked for it" I said. And I've got it all on video, the cock grabbing in the pool, and everything else you did today.

" No way!" she replied.

" Well, if you don't believe me, I can show you the tapes" I said, pointing to the security camera in the corner of the room. " You see, I've got these all over the house, and in the backyard. Everything you did is on tape." What she didn't know was that the security system hadn't worked in over a year. But that will always be my little secret.

" Now go back to Sara's room, and get in bed" I said. " I don't want them to notice you're gone"

Amanda picked up her pajamas and dressed before sneaking back into Sara's bedroom.

Later that morning the girls got up, and I made breakfast for them again. Amanda acted like nothing had ever happened, and she never said a word about it.

Two months later my daughter Nicole asked her mom and I if the same three girls could sleep over again the following weekend.

My wife reminded me that she had to go out of town again that weekend, and that maybe the next week would be better. " That's okay honey" I said. " I don't mind spending the weekend with Nicole and her girlfriends. We all had a great time, and I'm sure we'll find something fun to do" .

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