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Brutal Love

He wants to fuck her and so he does. He doesn’t do it gently, and that’s the way they both like it! No need for kind words and pleasantries when the object of the game is to literally fuck the hell out of someone! This love is brutal and filled with pain, but the end result is a kind of savage pleasure that’s hard to describe! He wants to fuck her this way and that way, but without feeling guilt for the pain he’s caused. She likes to get fucked rough, so the two are a perfect match! These two get together and have the kind of fun that others can only dream about and imagine.
Brutal love - banned rape site! This bitch is ready to be treated like the lowdown skank that she is! She is dirt and expects to be treated like dirt! She doesn’t want to be treated kindly or gently, she wants to be roughed up like a grade-A whore who has cheated her pimp out of a portion of her daily prostitute income! In other words; she wants brutal love!

Sample rape photos:

Rape photo - She’s captured by a cunt hunter! Rape photo - Forced to suck a slime-ball’s shaft! Rape photo - Blowing on the bad guy! Rape photo - Sucking the masked stud’s stick! Rape photo - Brutal bang session!
About rape site:
- She wants it up the ass, hard and by force. He wants to take her like a savage thief in the night. These two get together and have a sex session to end all sex sessions. A carnal cornucopia of savage sensual delights designed to make even the most passive observer teeter on the edge of becoming a hardcore sexual maniac!

- Getting fucked by him was like drowning in a sea of both pleasure and pain! There was no way to describe the multitude of diverse feelings rushing through her body as he brutally fucked her in every conceivable position! She didn’t know who he was or why he was so rough with her, but she DID know that she liked it!

- He has to have it, and she’s desperate to give it! These two want to fuck until the walls cave in. but they don’t want to fuck in an ordinary manner, they want it hard, rough and tough. Gentle, sweet lovemaking wasn’t for them, and they screwed each other so brutally that screams of pleasure often
mixed with howls of agony!

- She wants it down her throat, so how does she get it? By seducing the most brutal man she could find. After getting him to lie with her, she soon got more than she ever bargained for. Not only did she get his tool rammed down her throat, she got it rammed way up her ass in addition of having her pussy probed by his harsh, curious fingers!

- Fuck it, if he wants to have sex that causes pain, that’s what he’ll have! All he needs is a woman who is willing to be in on the fun of true blue brutal love! When he finds her, he gives her all he has … and still more besides. With a lust that borders on bloodlust he fucks her with a savagery that would make the most ferocious animals jealous!

- There is nothing in the world like brutal love. It’s the kind of love rarely spoken of, but widely longed for since the beginning of time! It’s a kind of savage, sensual love that causes pain without guilt. It’s the kind of love that supposedly “good” people never ever engaged in! It’s the kind of love everyone wants at SOME point in their lives!

- Whether it’s up the ass, in her snatch or down her throat, she wants it rough! She doesn’t want him to ASK her to make love, she wants him to take her! She wants him to give into his instincts and do whatever he wants with her! This is the kind of love she desires and is delighted to know that there
are men out there willing to give it to her!


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