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Brutal Games

This is a place where rules are thrown completely out the
window. Depravity and lust go hand-in-hand with sex here, and that’s the way it should be! is for those who like to play hard and rough! Those who don’t have what it takes should stay away, but who doesn’t have what it takes to have a good time? Take the tour to ends all tours and experience the kind of fun you’ve only heard about in the red light districts of nefarious places! This kind of brutal fun is something new for those who enjoy adult entertainment … something new and EXTREMELY intense!
Brutal games - banned rape site! Blood and screams, terror and sexual mayhem … they all abound here and you can bear witness to it all. is here for you to express what’s hidden deep within the depths of your depraved soul. Here you can give into your base desires and do things you never thought you would or even could!

Sample rape photos:

Rape photo - Blonde bitch is hunting for excitement Rape photo - Surprised by the sex-crazed stranger Rape photo -  Molester in a mask wants her! Rape photo - Sucking a faceless fiend’s fuckstick! Rape photo - Cock in her mouth, terror in her heart!
About rape site:
- No one likes to have fun more than these savage studs and these sensuous sluts! And their fun is the ferocious kind where roleplay takes on entirely new dimensions and a common fuck fest transforms into a horrific session of debauchery that no one ever could have expected. is NOT for the faint of heart!

- He wants to fuck her up the ass and down her throat. If she doesn’t want this … WHO CARES!? He’s going to take her anyway! She can scream and plead and BLEED, but he won’t be derailed from getting exactly what he wants. And what he wants is to fuck the brains out of this slutty whore and leave her lying in a pool of cum and blood!

- She screams to be released but is already well aware that this act is useless. She won’t be freed until she’s had the shit fucked out of her by this brutal thug who is actually turned on by the sounds of her cries for mercy and her screams of pain! He’s going to have her way with her, so things are
sure to get worse before they get better!

- You want to see sluts and studs having the kind of fun you wish you could have? Fun where there are no rules and where brutality and frenzied ferocious fucking is the norm? This is the place for you and it’s only a click away. is here to give you an outlet for all of your darkest and
vilest fantasies!

- Some people have hearts that are as black as midnight and they do things that show just how dark their hearts are! Well this is the place where you can see them doing these things, and you’re sure to love it because we all know that your heart is as black as theirs. It’s just that here you’ll have a
chance to put that heart to good use!

- He wants to fuck her up the ass so hard she screams until the sound of her voice reaches other planets. Then he wants to choke her and make her scream some more! Finally he wants to fuck her in every position imaginable before beginning the process all over again! is no joke!

- This is what you want so why don’t you click here and get into it? Don’t be shy … shy is for the victims of this savage land of lusty ladies and lascivious lads! This is the place where you can scream all you want, before eventually discovering that screams are what turns these studs on! It’s music to their ears!


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