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Bi Domination

When sexual curiosity gets the best of someone, violent things can happen. At BIDOMINATION you will see hours upon hours of video of women forcing themselves on other women. Men forcing themselves on other men. Couples force fucking a man or woman as they scream and fight... powerless to do anything but take the abuse. BIDOMINATION is the largest collection of bisexual rape content anywhere on the web. Join now for instant access!
Bi Domination
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The girl was a busty, big ass 19 year old who fell for my flower delivery trick and let me in the door.

I grabbed her and dragged her to her bedroom. I loved the way she begged me not to hurt her as I tied her hands behind her and used my knife to cut off her shorts and shirt. I bent her over at the waist, and was going to rape her ass as I heard the front door open.

I put my hand over the girl's mouth and slowly moved toward the bedroom door and peered out. A big blond woman in a skirt and blouse was moving around the house calling out her daughter's name. Mommy was home and she was hot. Big tits. Big ass. It was my lucky day.

I moved out so she could see me. The look on her face was great as she saw her daughter naked and at my mercy. I forced them both back into the living room.

Using her daughter as my weapon, I forced her to strip down to her pantyhose. She was gorgeous. I forced her on her back on the floor and threw her daughter next to her. I tied her daughter's legs and then mounted her Mommy.

I sucked and bit her big nipples and tore open her hose and forced my hard self into her. I started to pump her. It was like screwing a a dead fish.

I slapped Mommy's face and told her she better move that big ass of hers, or her daughter was going to get it in the ass. She nodded, closed her eyes and pushed her hips up to me. It was great. I put her legs over my shoulders and raped her as hard as I could. Mommy started to respond, pushing back, whispering a man's name.

Mommy came quick.

She opened her eyes and saw me pumping her and started to cry as I shot my load into her. She had cum for her rapist and the humiliation was too much for her. Great for me though.

I rolled Mommy over and hogtied her. I then turned my attention to her daughter. I rolled her over and pushed Daughter's bound legs back on her chest exposing her pussy and ass.

With Mommy begging me not to, I rammed into her sweet daughter's ass and raped her.Daughter screamed. Mommy screamed. It was fantastic. I pumped her hard and shot one of the best loads I ever had into Daughter.

Exhausted and satisfied, I gagged both of them. Took daughter' shorts and cut off Mommy's panthose as a second trophy and left.

At least they will always have something in common now.

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