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Raped Russians

Russia is not the safest place for women since the revolution, and this site will show you why. Violent Russians has exclusive, frightening, violent footage of women being forced into sex. You will see and hear them scream as they are fucked, molested and abused. They are pretty, but it is not a pretty sight! Thousands of photos and movies available for streaming or download. This will not show on your credit card statement as an adult site!
Raped Russians
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About rape  site:

- Russia is not the safest place since the revolution, especially for young women. The police force is almost non-existent, and the police that are "on the job" are sometimes worse than the criminals! See these poor Russian girls force-fucked in every hole! Watch as they are pushed down to their knees, tortured and beaten, and cocks are crammed deep down their throats as they choke and cry. These sick fuckers don't care! Women are objects to them, to be used and abused. Russian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. Even covered in bruises, spit, cum and blood... even when they are screaming and crying, begging for mercy. See for yourself at VIOLENT RUSSIANS.

- Russia is a country that is laden with crime. The government and police forces aren’t want they used to be, and there is poverty everywhere. Crime is rampant, especially rape, and VIOLENT RUSSIANS documents this trend in graphic color. These are some of the most violent, sick videos of gorgeous Russian women being sexually violated! Whether by total strangers, family members, co-workers, or, even, the very police and military who are supposed to protect them, these hot Russian babes are too much for the men to resist! You will see hot girls being fucked in every hole against their wills, forced to suck cock and take it up the ass… bathed in cum and humiliated beyond belief. Their attackers treat them like animals, using them however they please to satisfy every sexual whim, no matter how dark or twisted. There are thousands of images, hundreds of movies, hundreds of stories, all documenting the abuse and sexual humiliation that these poor girls are subjected to on a regular basis. At VIOLENT RUSSIANS, you are guaranteed to be shocked by what you see, and it will leave a lasting mark on you that you will never forget!

- Russian women are some of the most beautiful and exotic in the world. Dark hair, tight bodies, creamy skin, dark eyes… it is no wonder they are victims of so much sexual abuse. In the slums of Russia, anything goes. There is little law, and crime is everywhere. The poor, underprivileged Russian women that live in these areas are constantly falling victim to sex crimes. Attacks happen every day, and at VIOLENT RUSSIANS there are hours and hours of explicit videos of the most violent Russian rapes! From young women, fresh from their college classes, accosted in back alleys and forced to fuck and suck, to women going to the police for help with a robbery and having the POLICE turn on them, force fucking them without mercy… all of these fantasies and more are depicted in full color and full sound at VIOLENT RUSSIANS. The fantasies go even darker… deeper into depravity. Too sick to repeat here, but rest assured, you will be SHOCKED. There are hundreds of hours of DVD-quality video, thousands of images, hundreds of stories and more, all of the most insane Russian forced sex imaginable, all exclusive to this site, the ORIGINATOR of the entire genre. If you crave the disturbing, the dark, the twisted, then VIOLENT RUSSIANS is the site for you.



Rape Teen Movies
Forced Teen Movies is a site where the fantasy about teens getting forced to sex becomes a reality. ! We got the most insane and real movies filmed. See hot sexy teen girls getting assulted and forced to sex. See how these men find the girls and gets violent and assult them against their will while they fuck them hard and rough.. See how these teen girls gets brutaly forced to sex against their will, see how they beg for mercy and the guys just keep fucking them hard and brutaly. only at Forced Teen Movies
Teen rape movies
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About rape site:
- Britney was sitting at home waiting for her best friend to come visit her!
Suddenly she hear a knock on the door, and when she opens the door a man pushes her inside and starts to drag her into the living room saying " im gonna fuck you bitch " See how this violent guy forces this teen into raw violent sex while she cryes and begs him to stop! but no good! this slut really gets her pussy fucked hard by this guy!!!

- He wants to fuck her up the ass and down her throat. If she doesn’t want this … WHO CARES!? He’s going to take her anyway! She can scream and plead and BLEED, but he won’t be derailed from getting exactly what he wants. And what he wants is to fuck the brains out of this slutty whore and leave her lying in a pool of cum and blood!

- She screams to be released but is already well aware that this act is useless. She won’t be freed until she’s had the shit fucked out of her by this brutal thug who is actually turned on by the sounds of her cries for mercy and her screams of pain! He’s going to have her way with her, so things are
sure to get worse before they get better!

- You want to see sluts and studs having the kind of fun you wish you could have? Fun where there are no rules and where brutality and frenzied ferocious fucking is the norm? This is the place for you and it’s only a click away. is here to give you an outlet for all of your darkest and vilest fantasies!

- Some people have hearts that are as black as midnight and they do things that show just how dark their hearts are! Well this is the place where you can see them doing these things, and you’re sure to love it because we all know that your heart is as black as theirs. It’s just that here you’ll have a
chance to put that heart to good use!

- He wants to fuck her up the ass so hard she screams until the sound of her voice reaches other planets. Then he wants to choke her and make her scream some more! Finally he wants to fuck her in every position imaginable before beginning the process all over again! is no joke!

- This is what you want so why don’t you click here and get into it? Don’t be shy … shy is for the victims of this savage land of lusty ladies and lascivious lads! This is the place where you can scream all you want, before eventually discovering that screams are what turns these studs on! It’s music to their ears!



Menstrual Porn
We called the local escort agency and asked them if they had any girls that were having their period, they said they had one but she was not working for that very reason. We got them to call her up and see if she wanted to make some extra bucks, she did and we found out she was a hot Arabic slapper. She told us she had always wanted to get fucked on her period but never imagined a man would want to do that
Menstrual porn
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About rape site:
- We'd scheduled a hardcore shoot with our lates model Olivia but she got the time wrong and showed up an hour late. In the meanwhile our guy had fallen asleep while waiting, he had a nice surprise when he woke up and Olivia was sucking his cock. Our guy was a bit hesitant, he'd never had sex with a girl on her period, but in the end we convinced him and he earned his red wings ;-)

- Stacy is a kinky little slapper. She loves sex and preffers it to be as messy as possible. She's one of the few models we can get to do anything, Menstrual, BDSM, Pissing you name it she'll do it. If you'd meet her on the street you'd just think she's a normal young girl, but under the sweet surface is a perverted little nympho

- Annie and her boyfriend had agreed to model for us, we decided to make it cozy and shoot it at their place one evening. They started to get comfy, had some red wine that was to be followed by a different red liquid later on :) Annie really get's horny on her period, it was very obvious that the whole idea of the blood and the messieness combined with us filming them fucking turned them both on



Teenage Assault
This young woman is having a drink with her new friend whom she just got to know a couple of days earlier, when she goes to the bathroom, the new " friend " makes his move and slips a little something in her drink! now she is getting dizzy and the guy is getting horny! See how this young woman is getting duped into having unwanted sex with her brutal new friend!
Teenage raped sex
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About rape site:
- This girl was on her way to visit a friend when she decides to hitchhike a ride along the way, a car with a couple pulls up and takes her with them, Suddenly they forces the girl out of the car, and with brute forces smacks her around and tearing of her cloths, see this movie where this young innocent girl is the victim of a violent couple!

- A couple is having a nice picnic in the forest, when 2 masked men suddenly assault them, knocking out the boyfriend, and the violently starts to tear of the girls cloths! she screams and cries for help! but these guys wont stop fucking her! see this violent and brutal movie now!

- This chick was out for a walk when she passes a strange man on a bridge, he was just standing there looking at her, as she walks by he whispers something she can't hear, as she reaches the edge of a forest, the man suddenly jumps out and grabs her by her throat, screaming that she is a fucking bitch and he is gonna fuck her tiny ass and pussy six weeks from Sunday!


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