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Rape comics
Like violent sex comics with a storyline? Violent Comix shows you exactly how it happened, from the moment they meet to when the rapist has his cock deep in her ass while she screams for mercy! These are amazingly drawn, realistic, raw and violent forced sex comics, the likes of which you have NEVER seen before. THESE ACTS CANNOT BE CARRIED OUT IN REAL LIFE without someone going to prison!! JOIN NOW and find out why. You will see things that you will NEVER forget. SICK!!
Rape comics

Sample rape photos:

Woman raped by maniac Shocking rape fantasy Hard raped by machine Little girl forced to fuck Cruel fuck
About rape site:
- If you don’t already know who Gary Roberts is, be prepared to become a devout fan! VIOLENT COMIX is a sexual domination site that features just his content. Drawings and animations of violent forced sex and humiliation from the GREATEST artist of all time! Gary is a legend, and with good reason. Not only is he an incredible illustrator, but he is also a very SICK mind, that comes up with scenarios and fantasies so twisted that even I, a jaded fan who thinks he has seen it all, have been shocked by his creations. Forget the Japanese… forget Anime and Hentai. Gary is the SICKEST of them all, and you will see why once you are inside. From the darkest rape scenarios to women being abused and tortured at the whims of their captors, Gary has cooked up some of the most extreme fantasies ever and illustrated them in lavish color, and created animations that are full-length features with full sound. All domination and rape niches are included: man on woman, woman on man, gang rapes, beast rapes, fucking with foreign objects, uniform domination, incest rape and more. Every fantasy, every taboo is brought to life in a way that it never could in reality. If you think you have seen it all, think again. Gary Roberts has made a massive collection of sick porn animation and drawings, and the folks at VIOLENT COMIX have spent an insane amount of money getting exclusive rights to it all. You will not see this content anywhere else, and you will NEVER forget what you have seen inside VIOLENTCOMIX.COM!


Bad Rape Tales
The best fantasy is in the mind. Bad Tales brings you stories of rape, torture, abduction, forced sex fantasy and you can play it out in your mind with the faces and bodies of anyone you would like. Why let someone else determine what the ULTIMATE RAPE FANTASY will look like? Join BAD TALES now and read the thousands of sick stories within and make them as NASTY and VIOLENT as your mind will allow. Don't want just the story? We also have comics, drawings and pictures... you are in control of the sluts at BAD TALES.
Bad rape Tales

Sample rape photos:

Sailors rape a local sea-port slut Drunk boy rapes his mother Raped virginal schoolgirl Dentist rapes his patient Brutal raped virginal daughter
About rape site:
- The darkest fantasies can form in the mind, and sometimes that is the only place they can exist. Some desires are so twisted, so frightening, to share them with the world would be to doom oneself to being an outsider... an individual that others fear. Well, that need be the case no longer! BAD TALES features the most frightening, extreme, sick and insane sexual fantasies ever imagined, written in full detail, and illustrated beautifully. If you like stories... if the fantasies in your mind are never matched by the videos and photos you see, BAD TALES is the place for you to share those fantasies and read the fantasies of others. Every perversion, every cruelty you can think of is brought to life. The Marqis DeSade's writings pale in comparison to the viciousness that awaits you within. Rape, torture, gay sex, gang bangs, bestiality, violence, pain, pleasure... every vice in every form is laid out in detail at BAD TALES.

- BAD TALES features the largest and most extreme collection of sexual stories in the world. Years were spent scouring the earth for the sickest fantasies described in lurid detail, and the BAD TALES team of writers is always churning out new material, making your darkest dreams come to life in full detail. You will not believe the depths of depravity that await you inside BAD TALES!

- The story niche is one that is often overlooked. Fantasy is fine, but there is nothing more personal and arousing than when you place your own faces, your own preferences, within someone else’s sick mind. That is what you get at BAD TALES. It is a massive collection of extreme porn stories, the MOST extreme anywhere. Many sites feature a story section, but how many focus primarily on it?
It isn’t all text, however. BAD TALES also features a lot of illustrated stories, with graphic depictions of what is going on. What I loved about these stories is the realism. Yes, of course, they are extreme and, in some cases, BEYOND extreme, but the fantasies are based in reality. These are scenarios that could really happen, so you don’t have to swallow a boulder to believe them. In my opinion, the best fantasies are the realistic ones, that you can actually place yourself in.
There is a nice variety of niches within, but most stories focus on forced sex and domination. There is also a wide variety of the type of art going with the stories, from completely realistic drawings to computer-generated artwork that stretches the limits of reality to new, perverse levels. If you have an active imagination, and love the twisted and dark side of sex, BAD TALES is a site that will keep you coming, and cumming!



Medieval Rape Artwork
History of humankind conceals lots of mysteries. Join us in unveiling the most stirring secrets of the medieval times! Everything you wanted to know about witches and sexual exploitation takes place here! Are you eager to reveal the most thrilling of medieval enigmas? Hold on! Find out the whole truth about young sexy witches tortured and humiliated by pitiless monks here! The most ruthless torments at close sight!
Medieval rape artwork
Sample rape photos:
Medieval Artwork Episode 1 Medieval Artwork Episode 2 Medieval Artwork Episode 3 Medieval Artwork Episode 4 Medieval Artwork Episode 5
About rape site:
- Young warm female bodies undergo unbelievable sufferings. Innocent ladies called witches become legal victims of brutal monks. Unique archive of shocking pictures showing severe medieval tortures here!

- Do you have the nerve to see violent torments of medieval times? Then come on in! Humble girls caught and abused by barbaric monks in the name of God! The greatest and unrivalled collection of medieval tortures available here!

- Enjoy the witches’ tortures! Find out more about medieval times! Antsy monks vs. helpless witches.
The most shocking medieval tortures! Feel poor weak witches’ sufferings! Pitiless tormentors from medieval times!



Anime Rape
Some fantasies are so bizarre they can never actually happen in real life. So sick, that no human or animal could ever take part... that is where Violent Anime comes in. See women fucked by machines, animals, demons... everything under the sun. Raped, beaten, tortured... acts that would send the participants to prison! Every fantasy, no matter how evil, can be lived out at VIOLENT ANIME!
Animated rape porn
Sample rape photos:
A husband rapes his wife with a knife in his hand Brutal sex with virginal girl Three guys rape a girl in the anus Drunk boy rapes his mother Brutal raped woman
About rape site:
- Some fantasies are so extreme, so EVIL, that they cannot be carried out. At least, without someone going to prison. That is where VIOLENT ANIME comes in... what do you do when you have a fantasy so dark that you dare not carry it out? Turn to the Asians! The VIOLENT ANIME team features the best Anime artists in the world creating the sickest, most frightening and extreme sexual Anime in the WORLD. See women tortured, sliced up, raped by men, fucked by machines, animals, DEMONS. Every darkest desire comes to life at VIOLENT ANIME. Thousands of animated clips, many full-length. A massive archive of artwork depicting the most shocking scenarios imaginable. Nothing is too taboo... updates are done every week. 100% anonymous signup. JOIN NOW.

- Some fantasies are too dark, too extreme for reality. Even on the internet, where almost anything goes, there are some acts that are too sick to be depicted without someone going to jail… or hell!

- At VIOLENT ANIME, all bets are off! This site features the most insane, shocking, and over-the-top animation of ALL TIME. Imagine a world where there are no laws, no boundaries, no limit to how far any sexual encounter can go. Where no one is actually hurt… where your darkest desires can pour out and be realized. The VIOLENT ANIME team has hired the most talented Japanese artists to make the most violent fantasies come to full motion, sound and color. The Japanese call it “Hentai,” but what you will see at VIOLENT ANIME goes beyond even that. The usual dark scenarios are here: rape, violation, sodomy, torture, bondage, humiliation and more, but everything is taken further into the fantasy, approaching certain things we can’t even say here for fear of what might happen… but, rest assured, no matter how sick your desires may be, they come to life and are taken further than you ever imagined at VIOLENT ANIME!

- Hentai is a big thing in the porn world right now. Japanese animation where girls are involved in deviant sexual activities with men, beasts, and everything you can imagine. At VIOLENT ANIME, they have taken the concept of Hentai even further down the dark well of sexual deviance. Women are violated so unmercifully that they don’t recover… there is no turning back once they cross the line, and that line is not just crossed at VIOLENT ANIME, it is WIPED AWAY. See petite Geisha girls raped by beasts of every shape and form! Gang fucked by men with cocks so big, they bleed and tear! In full color and sound, you will see events that could never happen in real life occur, all expertly and realistically drawn in full color and sound. The animations are full-length and available to download or stream. In addition to the movie archive, there are thousands of images created exclusively for the site, again with every freaky fantasy explored. They update on a weekly basis with new stuff, and it just gets more and more insane. If it is THIS nuts, now I can’t imagine what it will be like in a few months! VIOLENT ANIME is the perfect site for those of you with REALLY deviant desires as nothing is taboo!


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