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Kelly and Brenda had another fight and Donna took Brenda's side. Kelly never felt so alone in her whole life. Her alcoholic mom was hitting the bottle again and Dylan was back on the pipe. What else could go wrong?

She resolved herself to finding Brenda to apologize. But right after she did some shopping first.

Kelly hit Rodeo Drive and saw a perfect black mini dress. And at two grand, it was a bargain! She tried it on and loved it. It accentuated her perfect ass and perky chest. Yeah, she might have looked like a slut but hey, it made her feel better about herself. And Brenda would love it! She decided to wear it out of the store and pop by Brenda's to show it off and apologize for being such a bitch.

Kelly pulled up at the Walsh residence and scurried out of the car in her skintight one-piece and fuck me pumps. She didn't see Brenda's car but decided to ring the doorbell anyway.

Mr. Walsh answered and told Kelly that Brenda wasn't home. Buying the dress made Kelly feel temporarily better but she still was really down. Those Quaaludes she popped earlier in the afternoon weren't helping. Brenda hated her still and Kelly was lonely as all hell.

Meanwhile, Mr. Walsh was sizing up Kelly. He was alone in the house for a few days. His wife was visiting her mother and the kids were gone for the night. He'd just finished smoking a nice bowl of good weed when a hot little blonde rings his doorbell. Too good to be true.

Kelly was Brenda's friend and yeah it was wrong, but this would be too easy. Hell, Kelly knew he was all alone in the house. She showed up for him that little slut, she wants it.

Mr. Walsh drooled over Kelly many times before when she ran around his backyard in skimpy bathing suits. And he'd heard the stories too. Blowing Steve behind the Peach Pit, the time when Brandon and Dylan double teamed her, hell, even David Silver poked her once. These were well known tales. Now he saw his chance and if he had to rape her then so be it.

As Mr. Walsh salivated and leered, Kelly was on the verge of a nervous breakdown right on the front steps.

She couldn't take it and had to let it all out. Mr. Walsh was someone she could trust, a pillar of the community. She dropped her head on him and sobbed on his shoulder.

Mr. Walsh was getting turned on. She's all over me, he thought.

"Me and Brenda had a huge fight," Kelly blurted out. "I'm so down and am so lonely."

"It's OK Kelly, don't worry. I heard Brenda was upset but it's OK. C'mon in."

She leaned against him and Mr. Walsh slipped his hands down her tight fitting miniskirt, past her zero waist and all over her nice big ass.

Kelly was stunned. Mr. Walsh is molesting me!, she thought.

"I better go," she said.

"No, no" Mr. Walsh said. "I'm sorry. I thought it would make you feel better."

"Well it was just weird."

"I'm sorry, c'mon sit down."

Kelly knew she should leave but she couldn't be alone, not now.

He lured her in and offered her a drink. She didn't want Mr. Walsh to think she was an alcoholic or anything but she sure could use a stiff drink.

"Vodka is fine," she meekly said.

"Wow," Mr. Walsh thought. "She was playing hard to get at first but she really wants it."

He handed her the drink and she sipped and sobbed on the couch. Having sex with Mr. Walsh was the last thing on her mind. It was beyond her wildest imagination. Sure she was a bit of a slut with the high school crowd, but this was Brenda's Dad.

Mr. Walsh slid next to her on the couch and ran his hand up her thigh and up toward her chest, cupping her breast.

Now Kelly was ready to go, this was getting out of hand.

"Um, uh, Mr. Walsh, you're making me feel weird."

"Relax Kel, I'll make things better."

Kelly tried to make a dash to the door but he roped her in with his strong arms.

"You ain't going nowhere!" Mr. Walsh said with a laugh.

He had her on the couch and threw his weight on her, groping at her perky tits poking through the dress.

"C'mon Kelly, everyone knows you're a slut." Mr. Walsh whispered in her ear. "Just give me a piece and I'll leave you alone."

Kelly squirmed and struggled but Mr. Walsh had her pinned. He shoved his tongue down her throat and mauled her breasts. Mr. Walsh now slid his hands up her dress and massaged her ass.

He ripped down her top and sucked on her torpedoed tits. They were bigger and perkier than he thought. They stood upright like NASA rockets waiting to be fondled and sucked. He sucked away mercilessly on her C-cup flesh.

He forced her head down to his crotch and face fucked her hard. Kelly gagged. She started to cry and almost puked.

Mr. Walsh picked her up and turned her around, slithering the dress up to her waist, exposing a thong.

"Oh yeah," he thought. "I'm gonna enjoy this."

Kelly shrieked but he bent her over the couch, ripped the thing off and rammed his dick in to her pussy. She was dry as hell but it felt great. He reached around and cupped her jiggling tits as she made shrieks of pain.

"What the hell is going on," Kelly thought. This was worse than any nightmare she could imagine.

"Yeah, yeah," Mr. Walsh moaned as he pounded away. "My wife was never this good" he whispered in her ear. "This is what you get for walking around like a slut. You deserve this you cocktease."

"I want to fuck you on Brenda's bed." Mr. Walsh carried her upstairs with his arms tightly wrapped around her so she couldn't break free.

Once upstairs he threw Kelly, breasts exposed and her dress hiked up to her waist, on Brenda's bed and locked the door. She quickly leapt off the bed and tried to lock herself in the closet.

She thought she had done it. She locked herself in! Now all she had to do was wait till Brenda came home.

But Mr. Walsh was wily.

"OK OK Kelly, I'll let you go and I'm sorry. I really don't know what got in to me."

Kelly straightened out her dress and told him there was no way she was opening the door.

"OK OK," Mr. Walsh said, still dying to fuck her some more. He took a seat on Brenda's bed and pulled out his pipe to take a few hits of weed. "I'm going downstairs. I guess we'll straighten this thing out when Brenda gets home."

She heard him leave but she was having trouble breathing in the closet. Suddenly she felt something moving at her feet. It was a mouse!

Scared, she leapt out of the closet but Mr. Walsh was waiting and before she could get out he pinned her to the back wall of the closet and rammed his dick up her pussy.

"Oh yeah, I love a fighter," he moaned as he trusted her over and over. "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah. Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

Mr. Walsh tossed her on Brenda's bed and forcefully spread her legs and started pumping away faster and faster. Kelly was in pain and finally just gave up and went limp.

Mr. Walsh was prolific. He fucked her in the ass, made her suck him off and came about four times in all.

When it was all over he realized he was in some deep shit. How could he get her to keep quiet.

"Listen, if you say a word about this you Mom will know all about your little qualuude habit. Now you wouldn't want that would you."

Kelly, flushed and still teary eyed, agreed. "OK Mr. Walsh, I won't say a thing."

Kelly stayed shut up too. But she would never forget her night alone with Mr. Walsh.

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